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Professional iPhone repair at your doorstep in just 20 minutes!

Is your iPhone damaged? Have you found yourself asking, Is there any quick and affordable iPhone repair in Dubai? Who can repair my iPhone in no time?
Your answer is right here because you're at the right spot. We provide a wide range of chip-level iPhone repairs.
We diagnose and repair the iPhone issues. My Celcare JLT is built to the top standard. We ensure to provide our customers with not just the best but also high-quality iPhone repair in Dubai.
We have ten years of cutting-edge experience in the iPhone repair JLT. Our team of high-qualified professional staff ensures to turn your cell to look like new again.
The world is becoming enormously reliant on devices. My Celcare understands how essential devices are to you. We make sure to repair the issue with your iPhone. We know it’s discouraged when your tech dies, but we can bring back the joy.
We can guarantee you to get your device back to life. My Celcare rank on the list of top iPhone repair service centers in UAE, We are well known for providing the best quality service in Dubai. Nothing matters, but quality does.

Busy and need iPhone repair? Relax!

We can fix the screen right at your location. Feel free and get in contact with My Celcare today and get your Phone repaired at your doorstep.
Why spending money on buying a new iPhone, When My Celcare can fix it. We strongly believe in fixing any issue with iPhone, as we have been providing iPhone repair service since 2012. We promise to bring your iPhone back to life.

Our iPhone Repair Process

  1. You can contact us and get your iPhone screen replaced at your home, office, or another site. The iPhone screen replacement usually requires 20 minutes.
  2. Suppose you wish to visit our iPhone service center and get your iPhone repaired at our repair shop. Don't wait for too long before your device starts acting up even more, and get in touch with us today!
  3. We start with a free diagnostic, and you will know directly what’s wrong with your Phone and what needs to be done to fix it.
  4. We understand the importance of smartphones in our daily life, So we try our best to fix your iPhone in no time with a guarantee. After the Diagnostic, We immediately contact the customer and inform them of the fault their iPhone is facing.
  5. Our high-certified technicians can fix any issue your iPhone is facing. 
  6. After the successful fixing process, we send the device to the Repair Quality Check department.
  7. You can personally collect your device or get it delivered as we provide free pick and drop delivery.
  8. We provide a warranty card to the client. You can also track your warranty.
  9. Our repairing process is transparent as glass. You can trust us to get your iPhone repaired from Us.

We can fix the most common faults in your iPhone.


Don't you dislike it when your iPhone starts stirring up trouble? We also do. That is why you can bring your device to our high-quality service center and get it repaired quickly.
 • iPhone not connecting to wifi
 • iPhone Ear speaker issues
 • iPhone overheating
 • iPhone doesn't Charge
 • iPhone Headphone jack issue
 • iPhone Water damage
 • iPhone Touchscreen Not Working
 • Forgot iPhone Passcode.
We understand how frustrating it is when your iPhone is acting up. We promise to fix your iPhone and give it a new life. 
Note: If your iPhone faces any of these issues, getting it repaired (ASAP) will be the right choice for your iPhone. These damages can cause future damages to your iPhone.

iphone repair dubai

iPhone Battery Replacement


Why should I replace the iPhone battery? If your iPhone is not working correctly due to battery health, getting a replacement will bring a new life into it.
Replacing your iPhone battery is worth it. The two main reasons that your iPhone battery need to replace are:
1. When your iPhone battery is degraded, that's the technical term, the battery life is terrible, and the battery life decreases.
2. The performance. As your battery gets degraded, the iPhone performance decreases as well. If your iPhone is turning on and work for few minutes but does not hold a charge for too long, This is the sign that your iPhone needs a new battery. It takes only 30 minutes for the battery replacement and does not require booking. We are professional with our job and can fix your iPhone within no time.

iPhone back glass change or replace


iPhone back glass is sensitive, and the black glass of all iPhones can shatter with a minor shock, especially the most recent versions. We provide the fastest iPhone back glass changing service.
iPhone Back glass is Important because it has a wireless charger in it. It can be frustrating. You need to look for an experienced back glass replacement service.

iPhone LCD Screen Repair


Dropped your iPhone mistakenly? The cracked screen is a heartbreaking moment for all smartphone users. If your iPhone's screen is broken, but the display is still lighting up, you probably have damaged the front screen glass. Your LCD screen is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced.
Normal iPhone repair shops in Dubai don't deal with screen replacement and repair at all. We can fix it! Only certified iPhone repair can offer professional iPhone screen repair Dubai.  If you get the latest iPhone model Screen replaced by private repairing centers, you will get this message.
"Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone," So get the new iPhone models screen replaced from the Apple Store; iPhone screen repair price depends on the model of Suppose you want more details about our repair pricing, you can contact our customer service. They will provide you the iPhone repair price.

iPhone Camera Replacement


Is the iPhone Camera not working at all? Broken lens or autofocus issues with your iPhone. If you are having problems with your Camera, maybe the Camera is black, it's perhaps blurry out of focus, perhaps you get an error.
Usually, this happens because you might have dropped your Phone or because of the liquid. We offer high-quality camera fixing services. We deal with all kinds of camera issues.

iPhone Touch, not working issues


Accidentally dropped your iPhone? This may cause the iPhone screen to stop working. In case of physical damages, the touch function will not respond, even when you continue pressing on the screen. This is when you need a screen replacement. Why iPhone screen becomes unresponsive? There might be a reason:
Your iPhone is facing hardware issues if your iPhone remains unresponsive and does not work properly after you had a troubleshot. The problem lies typically in the motherboard or the display. We know how to repair the touch functionality without any problem. Start with diagnostic to confirm that solution will help. We fix the specific issue in your device.

iPhone software issues


If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, stuck in DFU mode, Boot Loop, or iPhone white screen. There is only one solution to fix this problem.
You can use iTunes by connecting your iPhone to your computer, put the iPhone into recovery mode, and restore. In this press, you will lose your data.
These problems occur due to hardware issues. You can bring your iPhone to our service center. We hope to fix your problem by saving the data.

iPhone liquid damage repair


Have you Dropped water on your iPhone mistakenly? iPhone water damage is truly a heartbreaking moment for all iPhone users. But you don't need to stress yourself over it because you are at the right place.
My Celcare provides the best quality iPhone water damage repair in Dubai. We're one of the top trusted repair service centers in Dubai. With a high-certified team of experts, we can fix your iPhone on the same day. When we diagnose the iPhone, it won't stay water resistant anymore.
The water can go through the additional seals around the earpiece, volume and mute button, and the charging port. We diagnose the iPhone and check whether the liquid indicator is active. But there is no pledge for repair. So don't wait anymore, and get water-damaged iPhone repair from us today. My Celcare provides the most reliable iPhone repair Dubai.

Why Choose Us


My Celcare is not only the fastest but also the most reliable iPhone repair service center. We have been serving our customers with apple repair for years. We have over 5,000+ satisfied customers to prove it!
We are extremely serious about providing our clients with the best quality service. We have a highly advanced iPhone repair lab in Dubai.

High-Quality Parts


We only use the best quality OEM parts for iPhone. Your device will be repaired to the factory standards or even better because we have a well-equipped lab and well-certified technicians.
You will not find a better price anywhere in Dubai for the quality we provide; guaranteed. No Charges for repair estimates no payment until we repair the mobile Phone. We won't charge money until your device is completely fixed and working perfectly. We ensure to diagnose the device first.

One-year warranty


We offer peace of mind with one year warranty on OEM Screens. If anything goes wrong with the iPhone, we will replace or repair them. We won't charge money until the device is completely fixed.
You won't find a better price anywhere else for the quality we provide; guaranteed! We won't charge for the repair estimate; no payment until we fix the iPhone. We won't charge money until the device is completely fixed.



Quick iPhone Repair Home Service?


If your schedule is tight and you don't have enough time to visit the iPhone repair shop, My Celcare offers a quick repair to your home or office. Doorstep repair is the new trend in the smartphone repair market. We can fix your damaged or broken iPhone on your site. We offer only battery and screen replacement home service. You'll have to visit our service center for the other iPhone issues since we need more equipment for the iPhone repair.

Why is my iPhone not charging when it's plugged in?


If your iPhone is not charging after you plugged in the working cable, there might be something wrong with the charging port if such an unfortunate thing happens. The charging issue is a complicated service, and experts must do it.
Possible Issues if iPhone is not charging while plugged in We highly recommend contacting our team for quick charging port repair or replacement. Still, you must be aware of some possible issues with the device.

Can a water-damaged iPhone be repaired?


Yes, Water damaged iPhone can be repaired. It depends on your phone, that how much your phone has been damaged. If your iPhone has been Water damaged, you should get your damaged iPhone repaired (ASAP) because it can cause damage to the internal components. We have a highly successful rate.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone screen?


We provide the most reliable iPhone screen repair cost in Dubai. The iPhone screen repair can cost 250 AED. The repairing cost usually depends on the model of the iPhone. My Celcare is well known for being the most affordable iPhone screen repair cost in Dubai.

How long does it take to fix my iPhone?

If you get your iPhone repaired from a local iPhone repair shop or the official apple store, they might take days to fix your iPhone. But My Celcare can fix it in the blink of an eye. We are well known in Dubai for our fast and affordable iPhone repair center and our quality service. Mostly the screen repair or replacement takes about a maximum of 20-30 minutes. If the iPhone’s internal components are damaged, we will need a little more time. We provide same-day repair service with a warranty.

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