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Are you searching for an authentic place for repair? iPhone is a favorite modern-day gadget that every person wants to have with them due to its popular features like retina display (OLED), face id, wireless charging, reliable battery duration, and so on. As with any digital device, there is a risk of breaking down. This is where a specialized service like My Celcare comes in handy as we deal in all Apple iPhone repair and service with over 12 years of experience in Dubai, UAE. Our friendly, highly-skilled technicians ensure  to get your Apple device back in shape.

As we rely more and more on a smartphone, it becomes a central piece of our lifestyle. Most users store their life memories in form of photos which are either stored on the local memory or inside iCloud. Either way once the phone breaks down, you are locked out and need a repair or recovery to get back your device and stored data.

We ensure your iPhone is repaired in hours, not days!

You are so engaged in the hustle and bustle of life. Time is too short for us. Meanwhile, when your mobile phone encounters any problem, you need Apple iPhone repair within less time. The first measure is finding an iPhone service center in Dubai with a reputable and admirable name and face. We are here to assist you! We try to fix your device at our best level while attaching to time strictly with a guarantee. After the thorough diagnostic, We instantly contact the customer and inform them of the fault their iPhone is facing.

Our Professional team Provider same day iPhone repair and services. Even when we are surrounded by many clients, we do not slow down the process. We have a center with qualified and trained technicians who are always ready to provide you with the best support in the shortest possible time. We have certified technicians who repair your iPhone with Apple precision tools. We provide urgent services, considering the value of your time. Restores your device in less than an hour, depending on the severity, shock or damage. We are right on time.

Free pick up and drop off service!

Do you face any trouble with your iPhone? We Save Your Time! Do you not have enough time to visit our service center? If you cannot visit our service center if you're busy anywhere in Dubai. Don't worry! We provide an easy solution for you and get an iPhone pick-up service for repair. Give us a call, and we will schedule to pick up the iPhone at a suitable time. We can pickup and drop-off your device at your doorstep after repaired. Our iPhone service center is at a premium and a very accessible location near DMCC metro station Sheikh Zayed Road.

Expert's hand can iPhone screen repair instantly

Your phone has the most sensitive part of your device. If it faces any complication due to a hit, fall from pocket or hand or imbalance position, it is noticeable it will meet minor or severe damage. Only an expert's hand can repair the iPhone's broken screen. We always care for you! It's excellent news that Apple screen repair is much better to opt for than to seek a new one at a reasonable amount.

If your smartphone screen has a deeper scratch, is not responding to touch or is completely unresponsive when switched on, we will serve you at the quickest possible time. Our qualified technicians do iPhone screen repair within an hour. We use high-quality OEM parts and use advanced tools. We do iPhone screen repair on-site in front of you.

The Most reliable way to replace your iPhone battery!

We all want our phones to have better battery life. Are you using an Apple device but don’t have sufficient battery performance? Are you worried about the iPhone battery replacement in Dubai? Battery issues with Apple phones happen frequently. That's why we are here to solve any battery issues. Here are some possible problems with most the iPhones:

The battery does not last long
The battery is not charging fast
Batter overheating issues
Charging issues
Faster battery drainage

Our customers' satisfaction is our primary and timely goal. We offer dedicated and unlimited services for Apple iPhone battery issues.

The broken rear glass of an iPhone, we can fix it!

Has your iPhone dropped and broken? Most iPhone users complain about the sensitive back glass. We do iPhone back glass repair service daily as we have been dealing with such cases for more than twelve years. You will lose its water and dust resistance. If any water or dust particles contacts through the cracks and into the phone, your device is no longer used. You will lose beauty in addition. You need the iPhone back glass repair in the quickest possible way.

Our Reliable Services:

  • The replacement and repair procedure typically in less than thirty minutes
  • Provision of 90 days of a warranty card to the client. You can track your warranty online.
  • Use of high-quality genuine and original spare parts.
  • Millions of positive reviews and comments.
  • Use of delicate equipment and tools
  • certified and competent technicians
  • A large number of happy and repetitive customers.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Repairs

When do you Need an iPhone Battery Replacement?
If Your iPhone turns off on the spur of the moment, while showing charging signs or exhausts more than usual time or unable to charge within half an hour or heats up while charging or swelling of battery; these are obvious signs that your iPhone needs to replace the battery. We install a genuine and most real battery, and it takes only 30 minutes for the battery replacement, and our professionals can fix your device within no time.
Is it Possible to have iPhone Back Glass Replacement?
The cost of rear glass replacement varies depending on several elements, including what device you own, where you go for Repair, and if your device is under Warranty. The iPhone back cover is delicate and sensitive, and the back glass can smash with a minor quake. It can be frustrating and disheartening. We will help you if you are looking for an experienced and certified team of experts; we can fix your iPhone as soon as possible on the same day.
Have you Dropped your iPhone Mistakenly?
Suppose your device has a giant fissure or crack on it due to an unexpected and unfortunate accident. This heartbreaking moment clinches your heart. Most of the time, due to hard drop, the components of your gadget would most definitely have been damaged, and there might also be large patches of unresponsive pixels, termed as "dead pixels." We provide the best affordable and reasonable price for the iPhone screen replacement for the broken or unresponsive or black screen with a guarantee by using genuine screens.
Is the iPhone Camera not operating at all?
If you have blurry pictures or autofocus issues with your gadget, start displaying a black screen; the lens in your camera probably be broken. Your device might have faced a sudden shock or water, and it may display a simple black screen. We deal with all types of camera issues damaged minorly or severely. Our valuable service gives new life to your camera to capture unmemorable moments. If your device covers a Warranty and you have not faced any accidental damage, you can have Apple repair without consuming money within a year.
Why is the iPhone Touch Screen not functioning after an Accidental Drop?
The iPhone touch screen may not work for two main common reasons: software or hardware issues. If you have dropped it, this may cause the screen to stop working, as it can disconnect the cords that connect the LCD screen and digitizer to the logic board. That loose connection can make touch stop working. Dropping your gadget can unbutton the cords that attach the digitizer to the motherboard. That detached connection can bring about touch screen to stop working. After confirming the exact root cause, we will fix it at the right time and price.
Why is iPhone Software Causing Issues?
If your iPhone is plunged in recovery mode, stuck in DFU mode, Boot Loop, or white or black screen. You can use iTunes by connecting your device to your computer, putting it into recovery mode, and restoring. However, in this press, you will sacrifice your data. Only one solution to fix this problem is to bring your cellphone to our service center. We shall diagnose the exact fault, and we hope to fix your trouble by saving the data.
Is it Possible to have iPhone Liquid Damage Repair?
A principal reason to slumber the iPhone silently is accidentally entering water into the device; the water can go through the earpiece, volume and mute button, and the charging port. Aftershocks are so immediate that it does not restart, causing damage less or more; there is a great need to consult experts as soon as possible to avoid further damage. It is a heartbreaking moment but does not panic yourself! We can repair the water-damaged device 95% due to our long-life service with professionals and experts.
Why Is My iPhone Not Charging When It's Plugged In?
If your device is not charging after you plugged in the working cable, the charging port might be the big culprit. The charging cable might have the lose wire or there could be malfunctioned logic board components. Something might go wrong with the battery as it drains and exhausts after 500 cycles of recharge within one to two years. The swelling and puffiness are other common reasons.
How much does iPhone screen repair cost in Dubai?
The cost can vary based on which model or which part of the phone is damaged. Usually, the most expensive repair is screen replacement which can cost from 220 AED to 1000+. For newer phones, the parts are expensive hence the cost goes up while for older phones it is a bit more affordable.
How much time is required to fix or set up my iPhone?
We provide same-day repair service with a warranty; we try our best to sort out and clear up the issue in less than an hour, depending upon the complication. If your cell phone covers the Apple Repair warranty and you are availing of it, it might take many days to fix it, but you will avail of this facility without any extra charge.
Is there an iPhone diagnostic fee?
No, We don't charge any penny for diagnosis or to know the root cause of trouble. We always keep in mind the value and worth of your hard-earned money, never to make holes in your pocket. We have a clear and transparent image that helps win our reliable clients who trust us instinctively.

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