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If you want your iPhone repair in Dubai? Relax!

You depend on your iPhone to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world, But it's broken or incident of accidental damage. No work gets done, and your day brings dull and complicated. Did you find the affordable and fastest iPhone repair in Dubai?
We provide a wide range of iPhone repairs. Our Apple iPhone service center in Dubai is built to the top standard. Every Apple product is fixed with a high-end by our specialist and skilled team.
Our friendly, highly trained technical staff ensure you turn your smartphone to look like new again. If you don't have time, we can fix the screen right at your home or office. Our repair store offers you a one-year warranty.

We'll repair your iPhone on the same day.

The repairs at My Celcare JLT are trained and are skillful at handling all sorts of iPhone software and hardware issues. Save money, time, and bother by getting your iPhone repaired from My Celcare. We also provide a reasonable price guarantee.
We will match these prices to give you better value for money. If you are facing any problems with your Apple phone, come to My Celcare JLT can fix your iPhone..

Why Choose Us

My Celcare is the fastest iPhone repair with thousands of happy customers. We provide free pick and drop high-quality delivery service. We have many years of experience in apple repair, thousand of satisfied customers; We are extremely serious about providing the best quality to our customers. We have a highly advanced equipped lab..

High-Quality Parts

  We only use the best quality OEM parts for iPhone. Your device will be repaired to factory standards or even better. You won't find a better price anywhere else for the quality we provide; guaranteed! No Charges for repair estimates no payment until we repair the mobile phone. We won't charge money until the device is completely fixed..

One-year warranty

We offer peace of mind with one year warranty on all OEM Screens. If anything goes wrong with a part, we replace or repair it. We won't charge money until the device is completely fixed.

You can visit or drop off your device at The My Celcare JLT

We can fix the most common faults in your iPhone.

Don't you dislike it when your iPhone starts stirring up trouble? We also do. That is why you can bring your device to our service center and get it repaired quickly.
• won't connect to wifi
• Ear speaker microphone issues
• overheating
• Won't Charge
• Water damage
• Touchscreen Not Working
• Forgotten Passcode.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Why should I replace the iPhone battery? If your iPhone is not working properly due to battery health, getting a replacement will bring a new life into it.
Replacing your iPhone battery is definitely worth it. There are two main reasons to replace your iPhone battery:
  1. When your iPhone battery is degraded, that's the technical term, the battery life is really bad, and the battery life decreases.
2. The performance. As your battery gets degraded, the iPhone performance decreases as well.
If your Apple iPhone is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The iPhone battery replacement takes 30 minutes and not requires booking.

iPhone back glass change or replace

Most Apple users complain about the sensitive back glass. The back glass of all iPhone models can shatter with a minor shock, especially the newer versions if you have an Apple smartphone with broken glass change.
The importance of the back glass is that it has a wireless charger in it. It can be frustrating. You need to look for an experienced back glass replacement service.

iPhone LCD Screen Repair

Dropped your iPhone mistakenly? The broken screen is a heart-breaking moment for all smartphone users. If your iPhone screen is cracked or shattered,
but the display is still lighting up, you probably have damaged the front screen glass. Your LCD screen is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced.
Typical iPhone repair shops don't deal with screen replacement at all. We can fix it! Only certified iPhone repair can offer professional iPhone screen repair services. No matter where you are in Dubai, We offer a free pick-up service for your cracked screen.
If you get the latest iPhone model Screen replaced from the private repairing centers, you will get this message. "Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone," So get the new iPhone models screen replaced from the Apple Store; iPhone screen repair cost depends on the model of the iPhone; for more detail about repair pricing, contact our customer service.

iPhone Camera Replacement

Is the iPhone Camera not working at all? Broken lens or autofocus issues with your iPhone. If you are having issues with your Camera, maybe the Camera is black, maybe it's blurry out of focus, maybe you get an error.
Normally this happens because you might have dropped your Phone or because of the liquid. We offer high-quality camera fixing services. We deal with all kinds of camera issues.

iPhone Touch, not working issues

The iPhone screen touch stops working in case of drop or shock. Even when you continue pressing on the screen, the touch function does not respond. Why iPhone screen becomes unresponsive? There might be a reason:
Your iPhone might have hardware issues: if your iPhone remains unresponsive after you have troubleshot. The problem normally lies in the motherboard or the display.
We know how to repair the touch functionality without any problem. Start with diagnostic to confirm that solution will help. We fix the specific issue in your device. iPhone home issues
The home button of the iPhone takes the most beating. We keep pressing it again and again. Sometimes, the home button simply stops working. If the button is not responding correctly, we can repair the iPhone home button instantly.

iPhone software issues

If your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, stuck in DFU mode, Boot Loop, or iPhone white screen. There is only one way to fix this problem.
Use iTunes by connecting iPhone to your computer, put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore. In this press, you will lose your data.
These problems occur due to hardware issues. You can bring your iPhone to our service center. We hope to fix your problem by saving the data.

iPhone liquid damage repair

We have a high success rate of fixed liquid spill Apple Phone repairs. Dubai's weather is always sultriness, so while the user is on call, the sweat goes in it, and the iPhone doesn't work. We open up the iPhone first.
The water can go thru the additional seals around the earpiece, volume and mute button, and the charging port. We open the iPhone and check if the liquid indicator is active. But there is no pledge for repair.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Repair

Yes, we repair iPhone logic boards. We've repaired many Logic boards, and if needed, we also change the iPhone components. We bring back the life to the device, and we have many happy customers.

If you are too busy with your schedule or don't have enough time to visit the mobile repair shop, My Celcare offers a quick repair your home or office. The iPhone repair in Dubai at the doorstep is the new trend in the mobile repairing market.

The average cost of an iPhone back glass replacement starts from AED 400 if you want a cheaper iPhone back glass replacement by experts.

Data recovery depends on the phone. There're two cases of data recovery. In the first case, The customer wants to recover data from one phone to another phone, and it can be easily recovered. The price depends on the phone, Starting from 150/AED. In the other case, if the phone is facing a hardware or software issue and the customer needs to recover the data, it depends on the condition.

Data recovery depends on the phone. There're two cases of data recovery. In the first case, The customer wants to recover data from one phone to another phone, and it can be easily recovered. The price depends on the phone, Starting from 150/AED. In the other case, if the phone is facing a hardware or software issue and the customer needs to recover the data, it depends on the condition.

If your iPhone is not charging after you plugged in the working cable, there might be something wrong with the charging port if such an unfortunate thing happens. The charging issue is a complicated service, and experts must do it.
Possible Issues if iPhone is not charging while plugged in We highly recommend contacting our team for quick charging port repair or replacement. Still, you must be aware of some possible issues with the device.

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