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If you need a reliable and fast iPhone repair service in Dubai, look no further than us! Our team of experienced technicians has been repairing iPhones for years, and they can fix any problem that comes your way. Many factors can cause damage to your iPhone. The most common ones are to repair a cracked iPhone screen, water damage, or motherboard issues. People often throw their iPhones away after an unfortunate incident like this. You don't need to buy a new device because we have the equipment to replace faulty components. In this tense situation, you can take our team's help. We are a trustworthy iPhone service center in Dubai that offers top-notch quality repairs. If you have an issue with your Apple iPhone, don't hesitate to contact the My Celcare JLT service center, a reputable name rated 4.5 out of 5 on Google.


Instant iPhone screen repair


iPhone cracked screen is the most common type of repair we do. If you have a broken iPhone LCD, it's essential to fix it quickly. A broken iPhone screen will not work correctly, making it difficult to access your favorite applications. You will also be unable to send messages and make calls using the phone. So it would help if you got your iPhone screen repaired immediately. Our prices are very affordable, and we offer iPhone screen replacement services at your doorstep with one year of warranty. We use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts in all our repair processes.

iPhone liquid damage repair

A smartphone is one of the most important possessions that we own. It's essential that you don't damage it. If you are using it while swimming or walking in wet areas, you should be careful about dropping it or having water splash on it. Dropping it might cause the glass to crack. Dropping water on it might damage the battery and internal components. However, if an iPhone falls into the water, getting it serviced as soon as possible can minimize the damage. Our highly knowledgeable technician has excellent experience in iPhone repair services with a 95% success rate.


iPhone Back Glass Repair & Housing


There are various reasons why an Apple iPhone back cover breaks, including dropping the phone while in a pocket. Once the device's back glass is brake, it's no longer water-resistant. However, most of the time, we only fix the back glass of the phone. The technicians can replace the entire back assembly if the need arises. We will restore your device to its best condition by them. We are committed to providing iPhone repairs to our customers at affordable prices.


Replacement for your iPhone battery

The iPhone battery is an essential part of your phone. It holds all your information, calls, photos, and other important data. If your iPhone is running low on power, your first step is to check the power settings on your device. Three options are available: low power mode, adaptive brightness, and power saving mode. Apple says it has a battery that can last up to 500 charges. The advanced Li-ion technology introduced by the iPhone ensures superior performance to deal with battery issues. We can solve this problem in minutes and at a very affordable price with the help of our competent iPhone battery replacement in Dubai.

There are four reasons why you might need to replace battery

  • The battery generates heat when you are recharging
  • You get an error message like "Your battery may need service."
  • The battery has started draining faster than usual
  • The iPhone shuts down unexpectedly.

Pickup and drop-off service


Suppose you are busy anywhere in Dubai due to your work. We have a solution for your tight schedule, like picking up and repairing the device and delivering it back to your doorstep. Just give us a call. Our iPhone repair shop is located in JLT, in a highly accessible location near DMCC Metro Station Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE. We also provide quality repair services for all types of iPads, MacBooks, and laptops.

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Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Repairs

Is it able to fix Apple screen?
Yes, it is possible to fix a cracked Apple phone screen. Because sometimes, your phone has personal data that you can't transfer to another phone without a working screen. We can do it in minutes if you need an iPhone screen repair or replacement.
Why is the iPhone stuck in recovery mode?
We will accurately diagnose iPhone software or hardware issues and hopefully resolve your issue by saving data. If the device goes into recovery mode or boot loop. IOS errors usually cause this. Otherwise, dropping or pressing the unit may damage the connections or storage components. Bring your phone to our service center.
Is it possible to have the iPhone's liquid damage repaired?
you suspect water has gotten inside your device, take it to the nearest iPhone repair dubai immediately. Even a single drop of liquid can damage your phone.
Why is my iPhone not charging when it's plugged in?
There can be two possibilities. The first is that your iPhone's charging dock circuit cable is damaged. Otherwise, your poor-quality charger may damage your charging IC on the logic board. 95% of phones don't charge due to this problem.
Is there a phone diagnostic fee?
No, we do not charge a fee to diagnose or find the root cause of an iPhone problem.
How long will it take to repair iPhone?
We're always ready to help determine what's wrong with your phone. iPhone repair service is usually within 30 minutes. Sometimes some instances take more time.

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