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My Celcare JLT provides the quickest and cheapest iPhone Repair in Dubai

We offer a wide range of iPhone repair solutions. Our friendly, highly-skilled technicians ensure you to turn your Apple Device like new again.
We believe in providing excellent service to our clients at My Celcare JLT. Besides, we are committed to providing the best experience and repair service center for our customers.
Every Apple device is repaired with high-end phone repairs by our specialist and skilled technicians. Not for nothing our iPhone repair center in Dubai offer you a one year of warranty.
We also provide a lowest price guarantee. Did you find a cheaper iPhone repair in Dubai? We will match this price to give you the best value for money.
If you are experiencing any problems with your Apple smartphone, come to My Celcare JLT iPhone Repair Dubai.

Why Choose Us My Celcare

Lооkіng for a reliable, affordable and super-fast іPhоnе repair in Dubai? Tіrеd оf hаvіng nо trustworthy iPhone rераіr ѕеrvісеѕ іn Dubai? Or are thеу too expensive?
My Celcare JLT іѕ now оffеrіng an exclusive, Dubai-wіdе mаіl-іn phone rераіr ѕеrvісеs. Like this, we hеlр уоu to solve all уоur Apple phone reparations easily, fast аnd stress-free!
And the best раrt? We will courier уоur Apple phone bасk for free, so you don’t have to worry аbоut any еxtrа costs! We are the bеѕt іPhоnе Rераіr in Dubai. Not for nothing our iPhone Rераіr services are сhоѕеn and trusted by mоrе Emiratis than any other similar business.

• Fаѕt Turnаrоund: All оnѕіtе sсrееn rераіrѕ wіll bе соmрlеtеd wіthіn 30 mіnuteѕ. All mаіl-іn rераіrѕ wіll be completed and returned wіthіn one business day.

• 1 Yеаr Warranty: We оffеr peace оf mіnd with our one year warranty on all gеnuіnе раrtѕ. If аnуthіng goes wrong оn a раrt wе rерlасеd оr repaired, we will cover іt.

• High-Quаlіtу Parts: We only use thе bеѕt ԛuаlіtу OEM parts for your rераіr. Your device will be repaired to fасtоrу ѕtаndаrdѕ, or even better.

• Unbеаtаblе Price: Уоu won’t find a bеttеr рrісе anywhere еlѕе fоr the quality we рrоvіdе. Guaranteed! • Nо Hіdden Fееѕ: No сhаrgеѕ fоr repair еѕtіmаtеѕ and nо рауmеnt untіl wе'vе fixed your mobile device.

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iPhone Screen Repair and Replacement

The broken screen is the heart-breaking moment for all smartphone users. Typical iPhone repair shops in Dubai don’t deal with screen replacement or screen repair at all. Only certified iPhone repair in Dubai can offer professional repair services. If you are looking for a nearby screen repair or replacement services in Dubai, please visit My Celcare in Dubai.

Our professional team offers on the spot screen repair and screen replacement services. No matter where you are in Dubai. We offer pick up services for your broken screen or cracked screen to fix.

We have original screens that come with a warranty. So you don’t need to worry about the quality. No problem when you are dropping your iPhone, we can fix it!

Choose our screen repair or screen replacement in Dubai. The cost of screen repair in Dubai at My Celcare is lower than other iPhone shops in Dubai. We make sure that our iPhone repair services are cheapest in Dubai.

iPhone Battery Replacement

We all want our phones to have a better battery life. Are you using an Apple device but don’t have sufficient battery performance? Are you worried about iPhone battery replacement in Dubai? Do you want battery replacement for your smartphone in Dubai?

Battery issues in with Apple phones happen frequently. That’s why we are here to solve any battery issues. Here are some possible problems with most of the iPhones:

• The battery does not last long
• The battery is not charging fast
• Batter overheating issues
• Charging issues
• Faster battery drainage

These are some common battery issues that can lead to iPhone battery replacement in Dubai. We, at My Celcare JLT, offer the cheapest battery replacement services. The cost of battery replacement in Dubai is not something that you need to worry about.

You can find our pinpoint location by searching the cheapest iPhone battery replacement services near me. We are located at a prime location in Dubai. All together, that is why we offer the best iPhone repair in Dubai.

iPhone Camera Replacement

The camera of Apple devices is something fascinating. Do you have an iPhone camera problem? My Celcare JLT offers high-quality camera repair in Dubai and camera replacement services. We deal with all kinds of camera issues like camera lens replacement and camera repair.

We offer the fastest and cheapest iPhone camera repair in Dubai. If you are too busy to visit us, our team can fix your camera problems at your location as well. Just let us know as we are the nearby camera repair shop to your site.

iPhone Back Glass Repair or Replacement

Most Apple users complain about the sensitive back glass. The back glass of all iPhone models can shatter with a minor shock, especially the newer versions. If you have an Apple smartphone with broken glass, it can be frustrating. You need to look for an experienced back screen repair or replacement shop in Dubai.

You can hire our services for back glass repair and back glass replacement in Dubai. We have the latest and advanced repairing labs in Dubai. We will make sure that you get the best iPhone glass replacement and repair services.

We pay attention to the details. That’s why you won’t even notice the difference between the original or replaced back screens. The cost of back glass replacement or repair services is also very affordable at My Celcare JLT. We will make sure that you get the cheapest iPhone back glass replacement in Dubai.

iPhone Touch not working

Do you know how to solve the “touch not working” problem? Sometimes, the screen touch stops working in case of drop or shock. Even when you continue pressing on the screen, the touch function does not respond. We know how to repair the touch functionality with any problem.

Instead of replacing the whole touch panel, we fix the specific issue in your device. We are always in a nearby location for iPhone touch screen repair.

iPhone Microphone not working

Apple devices come with sensitive microphones. You don’t need to talk too loudly while talking over the phone. If the other person is not hearing your voice clearly, there might be something wrong with the microphone. In case of these difficulties, please contact My Celcare JLT for iPhone microphone repair in Dubai.

We are offering microphone replacement and repair services at the most affordable price. Our expert can provide quick microphone replacement services on the spot.

You don’t need to wait for hours or days for microphone replacement. Just visit us anytime at My Celcare JLT. We will make sure that you get the best iPhone repair in Dubai.

iPhone Home Button Repair and Replacement

The home button of the iPhone takes the most beating. We keep pressing it again and again. Sometimes, the home button simply stops working. If the home button is not responding correctly, we can repair the home button instantly.

iPhone home button repair services don’t work for your device? We offer home button replacement services as well.

iPhone Software Issues

A slow phone can be the most frustrating thing. It is commonly said that iPhones don’t lag or slow down, but any software issue can slow down your device. Our experts are certified professionals for all software and hardware repair services.

Having problems logging into your Apple ID or want to recover the lost iCloud files? We are always here to help you. We offer all kinds of software issue solutions in Dubai.

Searching for quality iPhone repair in Dubai? Select My Celcare JLT to be sure of top results. We offer the best and most affordable repair services in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Repair Dubai

Do you have a cracked screen due to any unfortunate reason? No need to worry as My Celcare JLT Dubai can fix a shattered screen. A cracked Apple screen is something that is inevitable for new or older models. If you have the latest iPhone, you might be able to claim Apple's official warranty.

For your older devices, the best way is to contact My Celcare for shattered iPhone screen replacement. Whenever our clients visit My Celcare for screen replacement, they have a lot of questions in their mind. For our customers, we have answered some questions regarding shattered screens.

Can you fix the iPhone screen in Dubai?

With the most experienced iPhone repair team, we can fix your screen with a 100% success rate. If you want to replace your screen, My Celcare is the best mobile repairing shop for cracked iPhone screens. You can have any model repaired in Dubai at My Celcare.

Can you fix the iPhone screen with lines?

To remove the lines of the screen, we use the DFU Mode. If it does not work, we try our diagnostic tools and modes to get rid of lines on the screen without replacing the screen. If the lines on the screen are caused by a shattered screen, we will replace the screen.

Does the shattered iPhone screen affect the phone?

If the shattered screen is not replaced or repaired in a timely manner, even the touch panel can malfunction. If you have a glass protector on the screen, the screen may not break so easily. If you are sure that screen glass is broken, get it fixed at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

Do you offer OEM iPhone screen?

My Celcare is known for its quality iPhone repair in Dubai. From screen replacement to battery replacement, we only use OEM components. With My Celcare screen fix, you will get the same graphics quality and results as the original one. Yes, we offer OEM screen replacement.

Do you offer a guarantee for iPhone screen replacement?

All the iPhone repair services come with limited time warranty. We don't leave our customers alone even after you are done with us. If you face any kind of malfunction after our services, you can contact us. My Celcare customer support will take care of your warranty claim as soon as possible.

What is the iPhone screen replacement cost in Dubai?

My Celcare is the trusted name at the lowest cost. The cost of shattered screen replacement depends upon the model. You can contact us for any kind of quote, and we will give you an honest quote.

How to replace the cracked iPhone screen in Dubai?

If you have cracked your Apple smartphone screen, contact My Celcare JLT Dubai for professional iPhone repair in Dubai. We offer a wide range of screen repair services in Dubai at the most affordable rates.

My Celcare JLT Dubai offers the best iPhone repair in Dubai. Most of our online visitors ask us whether we offer screen replacement services or not. We are offering professional iPhone repair in Dubai for a very long time. Yes, we not only replace screen but we offer other repair services too that may include:

Battery replacement 

• Touch repair

• Home button not working issue solution

• LCD repair

• Camera repair

• iOS updat

• You name it; we repair it

Why My Celcare for iPhone Screen Replacement

Apple devices are expensive, and any typical repairing shop may not have the needed equipment. Using standard repairing tools and equipment can damage the device. My Celcare offers the best iPhone repair in Dubai with state of the art screen replacement services.

Here are some reasons why you need to choose My Celcare JLT Dubai for screen replacement Dubai: 

OEM Parts and iPhone Accessories

My Celcare JLT Dubai repairing team only uses OEM parts for the replacement and repairing of the broken screen. All parts and accessories come with limited time warranty.

Experienced iPhone Repair Dubai

All of the repair services are performed by professional and experienced experts that can make your device like new after screen LCD replacement in Dubai.

Low Cost iPhone Screen Replacement

My Celcare JLT Dubai offers the cheapest screen replacement costs. We charge fair and transparent charges for screen repair and LCD replacement.

Quick Screen Repairing Services

You don't need to wait for days or weeks for iPhone screen repair like Apple custom support centers. Your device will be repaired in less than 30 minutes by professional experts.

Chip-level iPhone Repairing

Apple devices require extensive knowledge of chip level repairing. We have a dedicated team of certified experts that can offer the best iPhone repair in Dubai.

Get Screen Replacement from Certified Repair Shop

If you are one of those unlucky fellows who have broken your screen, we welcome you at My Celcare JLT Dubai. We ensure customer satisfaction with quality Apple repair services.

Nоt ѕurе whаt'ѕ wrоng wіth уоur smartphone? Wе саn find out for уоu. Send your Apple phone іn tо us and our certified technicians wіll run a full dіаgnоѕtісѕ on іt with 24 hours fоr frее. Onсе we receive уоur device, wе wіll dіаgnоѕе thе іѕѕuе, аnd get іn tоuсh with you.

Wе'll рrоvіdе уоu a quote fоr the іPhоnе repair Dubai, аnd thеn уоu can dесіdе what уоu would. We knоw уоu wаnt to get it fixed quickly, whісh іѕ whу wе gеt tо іt as ѕооn аѕ роѕѕіblе. Ordеr an iPhone dіаgnоѕtісѕ test nоw. It's thе service wе рrоvіdе tо оur vаluеd сuѕtоmеrѕ.

Do you struggle with your bаttеrys? Yоur iPhone battery іѕ dеѕіgnеd tо last hоurѕ in-between charges, but a battery that won't hold a сhаrgе саn рut a significant dаmреr on your productivity. Hеrе аrе fіvе іndісаtіоnѕ thаt уоu mау need аn іPhоnе battery rерlасеmеnt:

• Yоur bаttеrу generates hеаt whіlе уоu'rе rесhаrgіng іt.

• Yоur іѕ performing unusually ѕlоw.

• Yоu receive аn еrrоr mеѕѕаgе such as "Your bаttеrу mау nееd to be ѕеrvісеd."

• Thе battery hаѕ ѕtаrtеd to drаіn faster thаn usual.

• Your phone unеxресtеdlу ѕhutѕ dоwn frеԛuеntlу.

If you're dеаlіng with еvеn оnе of thеѕе issues, іt mау bе tіmе tо соnѕіdеr a battery replacement with My CelCare.

Water damage is the most common issue for smartphone users. If you have also experienced the same water or liquid damage, you don't need to worry. Life is unpredictable and such events are normal in life. You cannot always take care of your devices, but you can contact a professional shop for iPhone water damage repair.

Lіquіd Damage for iPhone

Most of devices after the iPhone 7 Plus are water, splash, dust, and liquid resistant. But for the earlier models like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and the earlier models, water damage is still a big threat. Even for the 7 to the 11 Pro Max models, water damage is possible.

The latest models come with IP68, IP67, and other standard certifications, but you cannot just throw your device in water. In simple words, water damage is possible for all Apple devices, including models 6, 7, and all other latest models till 11 Pro Max.

Solution for iPhone Water Damage?

For accidental water damage, first of all, you need to switch off your phone and disconnect any kind of external accessories like headphones or charger. Once the electric supply is removed, place it in a dry place and wait for the device to dry.

If you keep using the device even after water or liquid damage, it will cause a short circuit in the internal circuitry of the device, and the hardware might malfunction.

Things to do after iPhone water damage

The best thing to do is to visit My Celcare JLT for iPhone repair Dubai but before that, here are some simple steps that can save your device from further damage:

•1 Turn off the phone

•2 Remove the case and such water from the ports and openings

•3 If possible, place your device in silica gel or place some small bags of gel on the phone's opening

•4 Let it dry for 24-48 hours

Visit My Celcare for iPhone Repair Dubai

Even after trying the simple remedies for the iPhone repair in Dubai, if your iPhone does not work, you need a professional repair expert to look into the matter.

At My Celcare JLT Dubai, we have repaired hundreds of water damaged devices, so we know how exactly water damage repairs work. From drying your phone to cleaning it thoroughly, we get everything done in no time.

Safe Water Damage iPhone Repair Dubai

If you want a warranty for the water damage iPhone repairs in Dubai, My Celcare JLT Dubai offers all iPhone repair services in Dubai with full warranty. We can repair water damage issue in no time. Whether your phone is water- resistant or not, our iPhone repair technicians know how to deal with complicated repairs efficiently.

Don't waste your precious money on buying new devices after iPhone water damage as we can get it fixed at a very affordable cost at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

Yes, My Celcare JLT Dubai offers certified charging port iPhone repair in Dubai. Recently, we have seen many Apple users complaining about the charging port. Now, My Celcare has original OEM charging ports for all models. You can contact My Celcare for charging port replacement in Dubai.

The charging port does not stay connected to the port

Apple devices' battery timing is not bad still; you will have to charge your iPhone more than once in a day. We all keep sticking charging cables in and out. Some people continuously keep charging their phones, so the charging port starts losing its cable grip. As you apply force, eventually, you break the charging port.

Although iPhone charging port issue is a minor repair, yet your phone is useless if it's not charging properly. Within a few hours, your smartphone will be out of battery storage, and you will have to charge it again. Charging port repair must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Loose charging port repair service

If you have to struggle a lot to set the right charging position for your device, the charging port is loose. Luckily, My Celcare has the solution. Loose iPhone charging port repair service by our experienced iPhone repair experts can sort out this issue for you.

Charging Port Cleaning Service

Sometimes we have small tissue paper pieces and other things in the pocket pushed in the charging port. When you apply the charging cable, it won't fit in the port properly. Instead of doing more damage to the charging cable port, we can clean the charging port at My Celcare. We can also fix the loose iPhone charging port issue.

How do I know if the iPhone charging port is damaged?

In most cases, the damaged iPhone charging port won't charge the device at all. If there is any other issue, here are some symptoms that indicate the broken charging port issue:

• You have to hold your phone at a certain angle for proper charging.

• Loose charging port

• Debris or any other residue on the charging port

• The battery does not charge even after changing cables.

• Battery charging drops quickly.

• You see sparks when the charging cable is connected. 
If there is any other issue like touch that does not work, or the phone starts hanging, it is probably due to the charging port issue.

How much it costs for iPhone charging port repair in Dubai?

If you visit Apple's official store for charging port replacement, they will charge an insane amount of money. But at My Celcare JLT Dubai, the charging port repairing cost is minimal. You will get the best and original iPhone repair in Dubai for your iPhone charging port.

My Celcare JLT for iPhone Repair in Dubai

We offer a wide range of iPhone repairing services, so feel free to contact us for iPhone repairs in Dubai. From hardware replacement to chip-level repairing services, My Celcare is the best in town!

Apple officially announced that some products from the 8 model might have logic board malfunctions. You could claim for logic board replacement in Dubai for free of cost at the Apple Care. If you have missed the opportunity or have logic board failure in any other model, you can get it repaired at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

Professional iPhone logic board iPhone repair Dubai

A device with a malfunctioned logic board may experience unexpected restarts, slow processing, and frozen screen issues. Sometimes, a device with iPhone logic board failure does not turn on. You don't need to spend lots of money at official Apple Care as My Celcare offers OEM iPhone logic board replacement in Dubai at most affordable rates.

Where to get iPhone logic board Replacement in Dubai?

For logic board replacement in Dubai, technicians need to be experts in chip-level repairing. Hence, you need to invest your time and money in a trusted iPhone logic board shop. At My Celcare JLT Dubai, the best iPhone repair in Dubai, we have the most experienced Apple expert's team. With advanced testing and repairing labs, you can contact My Celcare for logic board iPhone repair in Dubai.

How to know if the iPhone logic board is bad?

If you have not dropped your phone or device did not experience any kind of shock, some problems indicate iPhone logic board failure:

• Battery not charging

• No display on the screen

• Frozen white screen

• Device not turning on

• Random system crash

• USB port not detecting cables

If you face any of these problems with your iPhone, you need to call My Celcare for logic board replacement in Dubai.

Can the iPhone logic board be repaired?

Yes, we can repair and replace malfunctioned iPhone logic boards. Even if your device is under warranty, you will have to wait for months as it will be sent to China or any other manufacturing unit. If you want to avoid all of this trouble, you can get original iPhone logic board replacement at My Celcare at an even lower price.

Do you offer original iPhone logic board replacement?

Yes, all of the components at My Celcare are OEM and come with a warranty. Without risking the safety of your device, we offer flawless original logic board replacement. My Celcare offers the best logic board iPhone repair in Dubai in terms of quality and pricing.

What if the logic board is not repaired?

My Celcare team is highly skilled and professional, so our success rates are higher than any other iPhone repair in Dubai. We try to repair the original logic board, and if it is not possible, we can replace it with the OEM logic board. We only charge for the problems that we fix. If your problem is not solved, we will charge nothing.

If you are too busy with your schedule or don't have enough time to visit the mobile repair shop, My Celcare JLT Dubai offers a quick repair home service. The iPhone repair Dubai at the doorstep is the new trend in the mobile repairing market Dubai. We are one of few professional repair shops that offer quick repair services at your doorstep.

Home iPhone Repair Dubai

Our iPhone repair Dubai services are aimed to offer quick iPhone repair in Dubai no matter where you are. There is one thing extremely wrong with Apple products. The screen of your phone breaks easily. Most of the home repair services are about screen repair or screen replacement.

If you have damaged your phone at the office or home and now want to have it fixed at your doorstep, My Celcare JLT Dubai offers the best iPhone repair in Dubai.

Screen Replacement at Home

Screen replacement of Apple devices is a complicated process. Unlike other repair shops in Dubai, we don't take days for screen replacement. We offer quick on-spot screen replacement services at your doorstep all over Dubai.

Battery Replacement at Doorstep

If you have important data on your phone and cannot afford to keep it away from your supervision, we can replace the battery at your location. You can supervise the whole battery replacement process. Other iPhone Repair Dubai Services

Apart from screen replacement and battery replacement, we cover all other repairing services too. No matter what is your model and what the problem is, you can always rely on professional iPhone repair in Dubai by My Celcare. Other home repair services include:

• Camera replacement

• Back glass change or replacement

• Touch not working problem

• Microphone not working

• Home button replacement

• Software issue

Benefits of Home Repair Services

There is few spare time to visit mobile shops and sit there for hours. Now, every client wants to save time with iPhone repair Dubai home service. Just call our professional repair team, and we will be at your location with a complete repairing setup. We offer clean and smooth repair services without disturbing your schedule or working.

How My Celcare JLT Dubai can help you with instant phone repair services? Here are the top reasons and benefits of picking our professional iPhone repair in Dubai for doorstep repairing:

• We don't have any upfront payment for repairing of your device

• You will only pay if your device is 100% working

• Quick response for iPhone repair in Dubai

• All repairing services come with warranty and after-sale services

• Only experienced staff is appointed for home iPhone repair in Dubai

• Your data is always secure with My Celcare JLT Dubai

My Celcare JLT Dubai for Home Repair Services
If you need quick repair services at your location, call our repairing team, and we will be at your location soon.

Are you thinking about buying a new device as you broke the screen? You know that the new iPhone will cost your thousands, and it can be an expensive deal. What if we can repair your phone in Dubai at an affordable cost? We offer the best iPhone repair Dubai services near your location.

Fastest iPhone Repair in Dubai at My Celcare JLT

You cannot stay away from your phone for a long time, that's why we offer the fastest iPhone repair in Dubai. We can repair your phone in less than 20 minutes. You won't have to wait for days or even hours. Either you want Apple screen repair in Dubai or want to replace the battery, get your phone repaired in less than 20 minutes.

Safe iPhone Repair Dubai

My Celcare JLT is one of the best iPhone repair shops in Dubai. If you search for “iPhone repair Dubai”, you will find us at the top of the search results. We have the highest positive reviews from Apple users in Dubai. We value the safety of your device and hardware.

From the protection of your data to the safety of the hardware, you are in safe hands. We make sure that your data never gets leaked.

For the safety of the hardware, our experienced repairing technicians use only recommended tools and equipment. We ensure that your device is not further damaged during the repair. At MY Celcare, your phone is in the most reliable and experienced hands.

Buying new phone vs. iPhone Repair Dubai

Why most of the users spend money on the new phones? Well, if you want to upgrade your device, then it is perfectly fine to buy a new device. If you want to buy a new phone due to a broken screen or poor battery, then you need to try our professional Apple iPhone repair in Dubai.

We can repair the Apple screen and can offer battery replacement. You will have your new-like Apple phone in less than 20 minutes.

Why us for iPhone Repair Dubai?

My Celcare JLT has been the industry leader in the Dubai mobile repairing market for a long time. For the chip-level iPhone repair Dubai, people trust our services. Our experienced engineers are highly skilled certified to offer professional mobile repair services. Here are some unique aspects of My Celcare that make us the best authentic iPhone repair in Dubai:

•1 We offer on-site repair services at your location.

•2 My Celcare uses OEM parts only for the screen replacement and other repairing services.

•3 Repair services come with 2-years of warranty*.

•4 All of our technicians are highly skilled and certified.

•5 Get all repair services in less than 20 minutes*.

Lowest Cost iPhone Repair Dubai

We are the top iPhone repair in Dubai, with the lowest repairing costs. We offer transparent quotes for repair without including any hidden charges. We offer affordable repair cost without compromising on the quality of the products or services.

If you have any problem with your phone, give us a call 04 4211494. My Celcare custom service will contact you soon to offer professional iPhone repair in Dubai.

If you are too busy to make an appointment for iPhone repair in Dubai, we are here for you. My Celcare JLT Dubai provides home pick and drop services for iPhone repair in Dubai. You just need to drop a message at My Celcare JLT Dubai site. Please let us know the problem that you are facing with your phone and our delivery boy will be at your doorstep to pick up the damaged product.

My Celcare JLT Dubai offers same-day iPhone repair in Dubai so you don't need to wait for weeks. If you want to visit our shop for iPhone repair in Dubai, you can visit us anytime at My Celcare JLT Dubai. Please drop a message or call us so we can set up things for your product.

Apple is introducing new technologies in every model, but every phone comes with a significant flaw. The screen cracks easily, and this flaw exists in the latest models too. The glass or metal blazes in new models do not tend to bear the shocks and shatter easily.

The screen of the Apple device can crack even if it is dropped from the height of the typical desk or your pocket. If you have broken smartphone of Apple, you don't need to worry about the repairing expenses as you can get the most affordable iPhone repair Dubai from My Celcare JLT Dubai. We deal with several customers with a broken screen on a daily basis.

Most of the Apple devices have this issue, but you can get affordable iPhone repair in Dubai from My Celcare JLT.

The average cost of iPhone glass replacement is AED 250.

If you have a new iPhone, you will probably like to visit Apple official store but do you know it can cost a lot of money. Most of the people prefer Apple official stores due to their quality services, but we are providing the same quality services at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

Older devices such as the iPhone 3G and 3Gs do have separate LCD screen and screen glass separate, but the newer iPhones have both embedded together. This means once cracked it has to be replaced completely. We have the OEM parts available for genuine and durable replacement.

Our team is equipped with the most experienced team in Dubai, and we are dealing with all kinds of mobile and iPhone repair services. If you have an iPhone with broken glass, you can visit My Celcare JLT Dubai for professional iPhone repair services, and we can assure you most economical services. If you want to get a quote for your damaged iPhone repairing costs, you can contact us anytime, and we will make sure that you get the best repairing deal at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

If you have a cracked phone screen, it can affect your iPhone. But don't worry and stay with us. We are going to talk about how it can affect your phone and how to avoid more damage.

The new models of Apple have a very sensitive screen, and the glass can shatter if dropped from the height of the table. If the touch panel is not broken, you can use the phone normally, and you will see a few cracks on the screen.

But these cracks will keep covering the screen, and after no time, your screen will be full of cracks, and you won't be able to use your phone anymore. So, if you have phone with a cracked screen, My Celcare JLT Dubai is the most trusted shop for iPhone repair in Dubai.

Official Apple stores are not the only option for iPhone repair in Dubai. If you are looking for the nearest iPhone repair in Dubai near you, using online resources can be the best option. Getting an answer for “how to find iPhone repair in Dubai is really easy. Here are some simple steps to find the best iPhone repair in Dubai near your location:

•1 Open the internet browser and type “iPhone repair Dubai.

•2 You will see many search results with the names and addresses for the Apple repair shops.

•3 If you find an official Apple store near your location, that's well and good, or you can choose other best iPhone repair in Dubai.

You will find My Celcare JLT Dubai at the top of the search results, that's exactly what you need. Choose Top Results for iPhone Repair in Dubai.

Once you are on the result page, you can check for the top results, and you will find the best shops in the top 5 results. You can visit the online websites of these shops, and you will be amazed to see that MY Celcare JLT Dubai is the best iPhone repair in Dubai as hundreds of reviews are the proof of our quality services.

Check Google Reviews for iPhone Repair Dubai.

Once you have filtered the top results for your repairing needs, you can start checking the customer feedback and user reviews for every site. These reviews can give you an honest idea about the quality of services and other aspects. Customer services team at My Celcare JLT Dubai always does an excellent job. That's why every client recommends our shops for iPhone repair in Dubai.

What is the cost of iPhone Repair Dubai?

It is one of the most important questions that you would love to know about. The cost of iPhone repair in Dubai can vary. Most of the time, people have to visit Apple stores for screen replacement or battery replacement.

So, at My Celcare, we specially hired experienced technicians for screen replacement and battery replacement. So, repair cost at our shop is way less than the official stores. In case you want to know the repair cost for any special part, you can always get back to us. We can help you with all types of queries and questions.

The time required for phone repair

Any official Apple store will ask for a few days, even weeks, for the repairing purpose. If you are in a hurry and want to have your Apple device repaired as soon as possible, you can visit My Celcare for:

• Battery replacement

• Screen replacement

• Home button replacement

• Touch not working

• Camera repair issue

• Anything that you can think of

Our benefit

We have a dedicated team for iPhone repairs in Dubai. With original components and superior services and user experience, we have ranked our business at the top of the “iPhone repair Dubai”. If you want to learn more about our services and shop, you can always visit our official websites. You can also get our pinpoint location from Google.

We are not at the top with the paid ads and campaigns. We have achieved this ranking with quality services and the lowest cost of iPhone repair in Dubai.

The average cost of iPhone back glass replacement in Dubai starts from AED 400. If you want cheaper iPhone back glass replacement by experts, My Celcare JLT is the best iPhone repair shop in Dubai.

If you have dropped your iPhone, get ready to look for iPhone back glass replacement in Dubai. In most of the cases, the screen may break due to fall, but the back glass is also sensitive to such shocks. The back glass is more robust than the front glass as it is glued very well to the back case. So, the back glass replacement can cost away more than ordinary glass repair.

The battery replacement cost can vary depending upon the model of the device. At My Celcare JLT, we try our best to offer the cheapest battery replacement services in Dubai. For iPhone 6 and 6s, the battery replacement cost starts from AED 215. For model 7 and 7 Plus, the cost of battery replacement is almost AED 285.

We don't take more than 20 minutes for the battery replacement. We offer the fastest and cheapest battery iPhone repair in Dubai with highest quality standards. We also fix the battery issue in Dubai.

If you have accidentally deleted or lost your data in iPhone or you stuck on Apple logo, you need to contact My Celcare JLT right now. We have experts that can handle any issue related to Apple products. In most of the cases, the files are corrupted and cannot be opened.

But at My Celcare, we try our best to deliver the desired results and services to our customers. If you are worried about your lost contacts and data, get in touch with My Celcare JLT team now & we will check 1st the available tools & resources for recovering your data. We offer the lowest and fastest data recovery services and iPhone repair in Dubai.

Electronic devices are always unpredictable, especially smartphones. After some time, users start facing issues regarding the performance and usability of smartphones. Apple is known for its durable products and devices, yet the Apple phone is also prone to many issues.

Today, we will discuss the most common issue faced by millions of users across the Dubai community. Yes, My Celcare experts are going to answer your questions about charging issues.

Why is my iPhone not charging?

If your Apple device is not charging after you have plugged in the working cable, there might be something wrong with charging port. If such an unfortunate thing happens with you, first of all, don't try DIY hacks or YouTube tutorials.

iPhone Repairing in Dubai regarding the charging issue is a complicated service, and experts must do it. The best way to resolve this issue ASAP is to call My Celcare JLT Dubai for iPhone repairs in Dubai for charging issues. Our repairing experts can solve any issue that you are having with your Apple phone.

Possible Issues if iPhone is not charging while plugged-in

We highly recommend contacting My Celcare team for quick charging port repair or replacement. Still, you must be aware of some possible issues with the device, so you don't end up in the hands of any inexperienced iPhone repair in Dubai. So, your phone is not charging while plugged in because:

1. The charging port is too loose

Due to continuous use, the charging port can lose the firm grip overcharging cable. Loose charging port issues mostly interrupt the charging process. You have to hold the cable at a specific angle for charging. My Celcare can repair loose charging port without causing any more damage to your device. This simple service won't take more than 20 minutes. If not repaired sooner, a loose charging port problem can even short circuit the device.

2. The charging port has debris and corrosion

Due to air moisture, corrosion on the charging port terminals is a common thing. As the corrosion starts taking over the metallic terminals, the current supply is broken, and the device does not charge even after plugging in. We carefully remove the debris or any corrosion from the charging port so you can again enjoy Apple's fast charging option.

3. Damaged iPhone charging port

If you insert the wrong cable into the charging port, it can easily break or take damage. In such situations, My Celcare iPhone repairing Dubai expert team offers original OEM iPhone charging port replacement. You can have the broken port replaced with the OEM charging port for your Apple phone.

4. Chip-level circuit broken circuit in port

A small external force can sometimes disturb the internal circuitry in the device. Your Apple device may not charge properly or discharge sooner if there is any broken circuit. Our latest diagnostic labs can identify the root cause of the charging problem.

My Celcare for all iPhone charging Services

You don't need to waste your time and money on Apple's official stores when My Celcare offers the same services at much lower rates. You are always welcome to contact us for any kind of charging port or other hardware issues.

If you have an Apple product, you probably need to know how to schedule an appointment at Apple Store. Problems happen with all devices, whether it is Apple Mac or iPhone 11 Pro. The best thing to do in case of any Apple device issue is not to panic.

Dubai is one of the main markets for Apple products. The usage of Apple products like iPhone, Mac, and iPods is more than many other brands. For the facility of Apple users, there are some Apple Stores in Dubai. If something goes wrong with your Apple device and your device is still under warranty, you should contact Apple Store.

Apple Support in Dubai

If you think that something wrong with your Apple device, you can visit the official forums, you can get answers for all of your questions regarding Apple Store. There are many ways that you can ask for help from Apple experts. Most of the software related issues can be solved through chat, phone call, or email. So, for the software problem with your Apple device, you may not have to visit the store, and you can get things done virtually.

Apple Support for Apple Service

There are many experienced mobile repairing shops in UAE that can offer trusted Apple solutions. For the new devices, Apple support offers help regarding your questions and problems through different channels. The Apple support for software may contact you through: Chat: Communicate with the Apple experts from your mobile or computer and get real-time assistance regarding your issue or query.

Call: You can call Apple Store Dubai whenever you want, and if the line is busy at the moment, you can schedule a time of your convenience, and Apple support will call you back. Email: If you have any typical issue with your device, you can write Apple Store an email, and they will guide you about the solution through email.

Apple Store Appointment for Hardware Repair

If something is wrong with your Apple device hardware, including Apple battery replacement or touch repair, you can book an appointment at Apple Genius Bar. Here are possible ways to get the hardware repair help from Apple Store:

Genius Bar: You can book an appointment at any of your nearest Apple Store Dubai to get your device repaired. You can schedule an appointment online. Apple Authorized Service Providers: There are some professional repairing shops that are trusted by Apple, and you can contact them for repair.

Mail: If your device is eligible for mail repairing, Apple Store will guide you in the process of how to mail them your device.

Apple Store Alternative

You must be aware that Apple Store repairing is not free, and in fact, you will be charged more than standard market rates. You will have to wait for weeks to get back your device.

What if we can offer you the same Apple Store's level iPhone repairing in Dubai at even lower prices? Yes, you can get the professional Apple device repairing at My Celcare JLT, Dubai.

Are you having troubles with your Apple phone but don't know where to get the iPhone repaired in Dubai? You are not alone because most of the Apple users don't know about the wide range of services available to get an iPhone repair in Dubai.

Can My Celcare JLT repair my iPhone in Dubai?

Yes, My Celcare is a trusted iPhone repair in Dubai. We have the most experienced iPhone repair specialists in Dubai with the highest job success rate. You can visit My Celcare for emergency iPhone repair in Dubai. From iPhone-5 to iPhone-12 Pro Mx, we have dedicated repair experts at My Celcare.

Can I just walk into an Apple store to get my iPhone fixed?

No, you will have to book an appointment with the Apple store team to get your device repaired. Depending upon the availability of the time slot, you may have to wait for days or weeks to get your device fixed at Apple Store. If you need urgent iPhone repair in Dubai, this may not be the feasible option for you.

How much does it cost to repair my iPhone in Dubai?

My Celcare offers competitive prices for iPhone repair in Dubai. Apart from the repair costs, we exceed your expectations in several other aspects. We are not only quick, we are professional and authentic as well. You can get a free repair costs quote for the exact details of the required repair services.

How to get same-day iPhone repair in Dubai?

In Dubai, consumers are always on a busy schedule that's why we offer same-day iPhone repair in Dubai. My Celcare deals with walk-in customers too. If you don't have the time to go through the long procedures for the appointment, visit us anytime.

Which is the best iPhone repair in Dubai?

My Celcare is the best iPhone repair center in Dubai with the most advanced repairing labs and technicians. After years of experience and services in the mobile market, we have become the top iPhone repair in Dubai near you.

Does Apple fix iPhone for free?

If your device is not under warranty or the damage is not included in the warranty of the device, you will have to pay the full amount of the service and the product. In most cases, the user has to pay a handsome amount to get the official iPhone repair in Dubai. For the older models, you are more probably going to pay the full amount with no relaxation.

Why independent iPhone repair is better than a dealership?

My Celcare is an independent iPhone repair in Dubai with top-notch repair and replacement services. The tag of My Celcare is the most trusted name among the local communities. When you need quick and premium repair services without worrying about the long waiting time, visit My Celcare. We offer the best and quickest iPhone repair services in Dubai.