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When it comes to cost-effective smartphones, HTC leads the mobile market in Dubai. Owning an HTC mobile has its perks. But when you have to look for an HTC repairing shop in Dubai, My Celcare seems like the only HTC service center with advanced tools.
The best HTC phone repair shop. Suppose you have shattered the HTC mobile or want to replace the battery of the old HTC mobile.

Top HTC Repair Shop with Highest Positive Reviews

Our clients mean a lot to us, and we are always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to quality services. If you search for “best HTC repair shops Dubai near me,” you will find My Celcare JLT at the top of the search results.
We have earned this positive reputation as the best mobile repairing shop in Dubai after providing professional services. We have hundreds of positive reviews from our previous clients at Google. We believe in core values; that’s why you won’t regret choosing our services.

My Celcare is the Best HTC Repair Service Center

We proudly claim to be the best HTC repair center as we have repaired the highest number of HTC mobiles. Finding the best HTC repair has never been so easy. If you are looking for a cheap HTC smartphone repair center, We are the right option for your damaged HTC mobile. My Celcare is a private HTC service center.

Professional HTC Repairing Experts

HTC is known for its new technologies and user-friendly designs. Most of the typical mobile repairing shops have to repair experience for major brands like Samsung repairing or Apple repairing. New technologies of HTC mobiles require the latest tools and experience.
If you think that any standard mobile repairing shop can solve the issue with HTC mobile, you may have to face disappointment. Before choosing a shop for HTC repairing, make sure that the shop has an experienced team of professionals who can offer HTC repair as per international standards.

10 Reasons to choose us for HTC Repair 

We are not just making false claims. We have a reputation in the market, and you can know about our other services too. If other mobile repairing shops in Dubai have excused from repairing the complex problem with your HTC mobile phone, it’s time to try our HTC mobile repair services. Here are the top 10 reasons that make us the best HTC repairing shop in Dubai:
1. We have the latest HTC repairing labs
2. Our experts follow all company authorized repairing protocols
3. Quality HTC repairing services for all models and variants
4. Professional teams and technicians to repair HTC mobiles
5. Most affordable HTC repairing services.
6. Easily accessible repairing shop.
7. Free pick-drop services for damaged HTC mobiles
8. Use of Original and quality components for HTC repairing
9. Same-day HTC repairing services
10. Cost-effective repairing services for all major brands.

We Are provide Free Pickup & Delivery Service.

Our service center provides fast, reliable, and efficient free pick and drops services. For further information, query, and quotations, visit us at our service store, call us at 04 4211494, have a live chat with us, email us at [email protected] You can visit or drop off your device at the My Celcare JLT location.

All HTC Repairing Services in Dubai

Finding the best HTC service center is the dream of every HTC owner. If something is wrong with your HTC mobile, you can contact us for professional mobile repairing services in Dubai. From simple HTC software update to solving the HTC hardware issues, we have experienced teams.
For HTC battery replacement or HTC LCD repair, we have all the brand-new components that you would love. Here are major HTC repairing services at MY Celcare JLT.

HTC Battery Replacement

Due to the continuous use of HTC mobile, you may feel that the battery of HTC does not last long. If HTC mobile battery is not charging properly or drains too fast, it’s time to visit My Celcare JLT for professional repair. Here are some cases when you need our help for HTC battery replacement: • HTC battery does not last for long • There is something wrong with HTC battery charging • HTC phone is not charging properly • The charging port is fine, but still, the battery is not charging • We use the highest quality OEM battery.

HTC LCD Screen Repair 

Dropping smartphones is common, and many people end up damaging the screen of HTC mobiles. If you have accidentally dropped an HTC phone, the screen of a smartphone can shatter; if you are facing such an issue, it’s time to go for HTC screen replacement.
We don’t follow typical repairing techniques as our labs are up to date as per the new models. Here is how we replace or repair the HTC screen:
• Experts check the HTC broken screen or LCD • If the only external glass is damaged, we replace the glass of HTC mobile
• If the touch panel of HTC is also damaged, we replace the HTC touch panel with original components
• We repair your HTC phone carefully so you won’t even notice the repairing
• HTC screen repair cost depends on the model of the cell phone; for more details, contact our Customer service.

HTC Water Damage Repair

Have you ever used your smartphone while drinking water or any other drink? Most of us use our mobiles while eating or drinking. Water damage is a common issue faced by smartphone owners. If your mobile is not waterproof, the device can be damaged due to water
If you accidentally dropped your phone in the water, your device will stop working. If your HTC device is not working due to water damage, here is how we can help you:
• Our team will examine HTC for possible damage
• After analyzing the nature of the problem, we open the device with recommended tools
• All HTC repairing tasks are done in the latest labs, so you will always get the best quality
• After drying your HTC phone, we try to operate it without any further repair
• If there is some other issue, we repair the HTC device with OEM components

Other HTC Repairing Services by Us

We cover all kinds of devices by all major mobile manufacturers. Here are some major HTC repairing services at My Celcare that you would love to contact us for:
• HTC original battery replacement
• HTC LCD repair and replacement
• HTC software update
• Audio jack repair for HTC all models
• Professional hardware repairing services for HTC mobiles
• All other repairing services for all models of HTC.