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Welcome to My CelCare JLT!

In 1984, the first portable mobile took its appearance while IBM introduced the first smartphone in 1992. The phones have become mobile media devices with endless future possibilities and we are completely dependent on them for work, study or fun. It is the truth! Everyone using phones, tablets, laptops, etc faces trouble on one day or another day. All brands Repair is part of our daily routine. My CelCare is redefining the mobile repair industry and taking all types of repair to the next level in Dubai. Truthfully! We install OEM parts in we'll advanced laboratory.

Taking an extract, a certified, experienced, and highly passionate team is here to provide a one-stop solution for all your tech repairs wherever you are! We know that your device is like a member of your family. You want to see that it's in careful hands, with people you can trust. Our cost is as low as you expect with quality and we will return to you In the shortest possible time.

Over 12 years of experience and Trust!

Thousands of repair experiences! For more than the last ten years, we've repaired many broken and glitched devices as we have specialized in all mobile, tablet, laptop, etc repairs. If you face any trouble with your iPhone, iPad, HTC, Laptops, MacBook, Samsung, Huawei, etc we remove defects without delay. Our experience and expertise lead us to get your smartphone repaired to a high standard.

Best and State of Art Services

We always help to revive your gadget and save your valuable money. We are perfectly doing our job by installing OEM parts at the right time and place. We provide the economical and quickest solution for your device's technical software and hardware worries, from maintenance to data recovery! With 4.5 out of 5 ratings in Google reviews, Our services are so fast that you will get results within minutes. We'll let you know how long it'll take for your mobile to recover. In case any of the problems mentioned below demand a quick repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the issues.

Broken Screen

You Break, we Repair

Dropped your iPhone? And now your device's LCD screen is broken, shattered, or cracked. Don't worry! We can replace it and we do the mobile repair in Dubai in one shot.

Charging Port

we have the right solution

Leave it with us if your device has an issue with the charging Port. We can fix your charging port on the same day.

Battery Burnout

we give a new Life

Is your device's battery draining out too quickly and not holding the charge for as long as it used to. New Battery will give your device a new life. The job usually takes less than 20 Minutes.

Micro soldering

The Specialist's Skill

We dive deeper inside the device and extensively repair the motherboard. You can trust us with the process as we are Dubai's most truth-worthy repair service center.

Back Panel

make it perfect as ever

If your iPhone's back cover is bent, broken, smashed, or you want to change color, inform us, and we will replace it within the same day at our mobile repair shop.

Water Damage

A matter of expertise

Was your gadget exposed to liquid or got water spilled on it? No need to worry. We deal with complex procedures. Our liquid damage fixes are 99.9%.

Find Your Device

To determine which repair solution is best for you, tell us your device.

Our two Fastest operational procedures!

For your convenience, we give you two choices for the repair of all types of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Service at your home!

Are you in search of a mobile repair shop? If we are far away or you do not have time to visit our service store due to commitment. We shall facilitate you at best. Our messenger will come and pick up your gadget at home or office. We will fix and drop it back to you ASAP.

Visit Our Centre With Trust

Are you in my hood? We always welcome you to visit our service center in Gold Crest, JLT, Dubai. very accessible location near DMCC metro station Sheikh Zayed Road. We do mobile repair efficiently in Dubai. Feel free to CONTACT Us to solve all your phone, tablet, and laptop problems.

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