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Replace the MacBook Air battery within 30 minutes

It's possible that your Apple MacBook Air's battery is causing some problems. For example, if the device battery drains quickly, is a swollen battery, or does not work dead, the recommended battery service warning. you will be unable to use your MacBook Air to its fullest capacity. This could cause problems such as freezing up the laptop, slow performance, or even system shutdowns. It is best to buy a new battery as soon as you notice the problem. This can prevent further damage to your device. We are the best MacBook Air battery replacement company in Dubai, offering prompt service at affordable prices. Our skilled and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you, and will repair your Apple MacBook battery within 30 minutes at a very reasonable price with a three-month warranty.

Battery faulty symptoms:

  • The battery is not charging
  • No battery available
  • Swelling up of Battery
  • The battery heats up while charging
  • A green light or orange light on the MagSafe connector.
  • The MacBook Air will turn off instantly.

Three common battery problems

Usually, some battery power issues begin with aging or liquid spills, and you should check the external power supply adapter to make sure they are not damaged. Our experts are able to solve all types of MacBook Air battery problems. In our daily professional life, Apple laptop are an essential part.

Battery Health

If you keep a record of your battery's performance, you will know the status of your battery. After 700 to 1000 cycles, Apple macbook air battery degrade, requiring replacement to maintain performance. CoconutBattery is a free battery health checker that you can install on your device to tell your computer's battery health. If you want to enjoy the performance of your Apple laptops fully, then you need to keep an eye on their battery health.

Battery swells

As the battery's life ends, the chemicals that provide the energy begin to fail, creating a dangerous chemical gas inside which can cause the battery to explode. If they cause a fire that can damage your computer, you should replace your MacBook Air's battery as soon as you notice it is swollen.

Battery Service Recommended

The battery "service recommended" warning can be seen when you click on the battery icon in the top menu bar. According to Apple, their batteries lose capacity after 1000 cycles of use. The battery apple macbook needs to be replaced immediately in this case.

Quality service for customers

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the best service, which is why we offer the world's lowest MacBook Air battery price. There are two sizes of mac air, 11-inch, and 13-inch. There are different batteries for both of them. Our team of experts is highly trained and certified to do Apple Mac services. You can call, email, or visit us to inquire about our services.

Note: Don't throw old batteries directly into the trash because it could cause an environmental hazard.

Model product compatibility table

Product Name

 Model Number Battery Model 
MacBook Air M2 2022 A2681

52.6 Wh lithium

MacBook Air (M1, 2020) A2337 A2389
 Air 13-inch, 2020 A2179 A1965
(Thunderbolt 3/USB-C) A1932


  Mac Air 2015 13 inch A1466, A1369

A1405, A1496

  Mac Air 2015 11 inch A1465, A1370

A1406, A1495

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MacBook Air Battery Replacement Dubai

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