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Replace the MacBook Air battery within 45 minutes!

Is your MacBook Air battery timing extremely low? Does your MacBook Air turn off when you remove the charger? If you see a message recommending a service battery on your device. These are common signs that a MacBook Air battery replacement is essential. Apple uses advanced lithium-ion batteries in all of its devices. which show a decrease in performance due to their chemical aging.

My CelCare JLT provides the fastest and cheapest MacBook Air battery replacement service in Dubai. We have a large stock of laptop batteries of all models. That's why we provide super fast service without interrupting your work. If you need a MacBook Air battery change service, call now and schedule an appointment. Our team of technical experts is always there to help you.

How can I extend the battery life of my MacBook Air?

There are several ways to extend your MacBook Air's battery life. These include dimming your screen, turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use, closing unused apps and tabs, and keeping your software up to date. Apple's Battery Health Management feature can also help extend battery longevity.

Symptoms of battery failure:

  • Rapid Battery Drain
  • Unexpected Shutdowns
  • Battery Not Charging
  •  Swollen Battery
  •  Excessive Heat
  •  No Battery Detected
  •  Unusual Alert Messages
  • Battery Service Recommended
  • Short Battery Life
  •  Incorrect Battery Percentage
  •  Failure to Power On.

Battery Life and Cycle Count Explained

Battery Life: Battery life refers to how long your MacBook Air runs before needing a recharge. Various factors affect this. These include the apps you use and the number of active processes. Screen brightness and the age of your device also play a role. Over time, your MacBook Air's battery life may decline. This change is typical and expected. It's mainly due to the battery's chemical aging process.

Cycle Count: A battery cycle count tracks the number of complete charge cycles. A complete cycle is when you use all the MacBook Air battery's power. But it's not tied to a single charge. For example, if you use 49% of your MacBook Air battery one day, recharge it fully overnight. Then you repeat this the next day. This would count as one battery cycle, not two. The Apple lithium-ion batteries in a MacBook Air are built to keep at least 80% of its initial power after 1000 complete charge cycles. This is under regular use conditions.

What is the cost of replacing the MacBook Air's battery?

The MacBook Air battery replacement costs start at AED 315, depending on the specific model. My Celcare JLT also provides three months warranty on all MacBook Air batteries.

Model product compatibility table

Product Name

Model Number

Battery Model

MacBook Air M2 2022


52.6 Wh lithium

MacBook Air (M1, 2020)



 Air 13-inch, 2020



(Thunderbolt 3/USB-C)



  Mac Air 2015 13 inch

A1466, A1369

A1405, A1496

  Mac Air 2015 11 inch

A1465, A1370

A1406, A1495

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MacBook Air Battery Replacement Dubai

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