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Got a broken an iPad glass? we can fix it within 45 minutes!


You always feel comfortable using an iPad with a bigger screen, steered for consuming various types of media such as reading books, browsing the Web, and watching videos. It's also sold as a portable gaming device and is one of the kids' best-loved and cherished gadgets due to games. iPad start to cause problems after a time or due to mishandling of kids resulting in malfunctioning. My CelCare plays a vital and leading role against its competitors for iPad Repair at the best affordable cost.

Keep it in Mind!

First of all, a lot of expertise is required to diagnose the problem if your iPad stops working unexpectedly or faces any accident. An unacquainted person may aggravate the problem rather than fix it as a healthy device. Do not use any DIY technique yourself or go to any unauthentic service centre.

Our valuable and trustworthy Services:

My CelCare is excited and humbled to inform you that we have been serving our clients for more than a decade and we have hundreds of thousands of customers who are happy and exultant with our services due to the following features:

  • Expert, certified technicians
  • Three months warranty
  • Repair within an hour
  • Affordable repair cost
  • Respecting the privacy
  • Pick and drop services at your door step
  • Use of genuine and best repair parts
  • Use of high-quality and refined tools
  • Handles every device with care and responsibility

When do you Need to Visit the Repair Centre!

While these iPads are undoubtedly well-engineered pieces of digital machinery, they are not immune to a few snags and glitches. I've taken a view at some of the issues:

Do you face iPad battery charging issues?:

It's fantastic news that you can use your device for more than two years with a healthy battery if you don't consume it crudely and roughly. The key is to take good care of it. However, many iPad battery issues evolve with time after 500 charge cycles. Your gadget's battery starts to exhaust at this point. You began to find an iPad battery replacement in Dubai at a reasonable cost.

If the iPad battery is not functioning, it demands an authentic battery to perform better by skilled hands from an authenticated bona fide store. It's time to seek help from an authentic Store. Suppose the battery life unexpectedly looks like it is running out of power more rapidly than it spends. In that case, we provide the best replacement services in Dubai by using sophisticated and high-quality tools, never causing damage to your device.

You may face many issues related to the battery, such as if the iPad battery overheats, iPad not powering on or not switching on; our experienced team adheres to and adopts the highest standards in the area. We know the technologies, procedures, and engineering used in these devices.

We learn and update our knowledge with colossal and lofty experiences used in the latest Apple gadgets. We operate genuine batteries, and we never disappoint our valuable clients by offering the best iPad battery replacement costs. Our services have stood out in Dubai for more than a decade with top-rated results. Our motto is to deliver fair and honest service at a reasonable rate.

Broken iPad Screen Repair Within 60 Minutes

You might feel yourself in hot water when your device faces an iPad broken screen or cracked one. Don't lose heart! There is a solution to every problem! Misfortunes happen in our life, and one slip results in a cracked or shattered screen. That may be a hairline or minor crack, a large web-like corner, or a prominent crack. It is important to get your iPad screen repaired in Dubai right away to prevent further damage to your device.

Our technicians will remove your gadget's shattered parts and install new OEM Screen parts within 60 minutes. When our iPad Service procedure is done, we will carry out multiple tests to ensure your iPad is working appropriately. After a thorough examination, your device is then ready for delivery. For your convenience and time saving, pick and drop service is also available at your doorstep without wasting time.

Affordable Prices for iPad Repair!

Our iPad repair cost is reasonable! Once you know what your iPad repair will cost, search it against the cost of purchasing a fresh one, an equivalent model. If the restoration cost is one-half to two-thirds of the replacement cost, repairing your device is always sensible. We deliver the best ipad screen replacement price with one year warranty.

We strictly obey the time limit and do iPad display glass repair and return on the same day within an hour. Our hub of experts is fully trained to handle your device carefully and give it a new life as quickly as possible. We do not involve any hidden charges and never charge a single penny extra for iPad screen repair costs.

iPad Water Damaged:

If water enters your iPad accidentally deeply or at a minor level, causing damage to your device badly. There is a great need to consult experts to avoid further damage.

My Celcare can fix all your cell's troubles on the same day with efficient and quick iPad repair services with a warranty.

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