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My Celcare JLT is an iPad Repair specialist in Dubai.

Apple devices are unparalleled, There’s no doubt that the iPad is probably one of the best multitaskers and one of the best portable devices you can ever have.

My Celcare has been repairing an iPad for more than ten years. Our highly trained and experienced technical team have the right skill sets to diagnose and quick repair. We can repair a large range of iPad issues, such as broken screen or shattered screens. We know a broken or a fully damaged iPad screen is the most common issue and needs to be handled professionally.

Fortunately, the team of My Celcare JLT experts offers the best iPad screen repair solution, which is high-quality, affordable, and, most importantly, complete on time. So it always depends on the extent of the damage. If the condition is wrong, then indeed, you have to wait for your device to fix.

Expertise With Cracked Screen Glass iPad

Can the glass on an iPad be replaced ?iPad is mainly used to consume various types of media, read books, browse the web, and much more.

Suppose you have spilled your morning cup of tea all over your iPad or mistakenly dropped your iPad and cracked the screen, malfunction touch. Don't worry because our iPad Repair services are here for you. Yes, we can repair it, and all this is possible with our experienced, certified, and highly trained professionals known for their extraordinary skills.

Why Choose Us

Finding the best iPad service center in Dubai is a challenging task, as, with so many service providers, it becomes difficult for one to choose the right company. But the best thing is My Celcare JLT is different from others in terms of service quality, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction.


Over more than ten years of business experience, professional technician, more than thousands of satisfied customers, we can knock out every major and minor technical issue within a few minutes. So need not panic because we have earned a lot of respect in our respective fields.

Competitive Prices

No one can beat us in the Dubai market when it comes to our pricing. Yes, we offer the best and affordable cost for all kinds of Apple iPad repair services with a warranty. Feel free to contact us and learn about our packages. iPad screen repair cost depends on the Model number; for more details contact our customer service.

Premium Quality Parts

We only use OEM parts in iPad repair; Whether you want to replace the screen, touch glass, battery, or microphone jack, we promise to choose only premium products. We promise to fix your device professionally.

Common Apple iPad Issues

Don't panic if your iPad is getting you a tough time because we are here to take care of it. Be it charging issues, or screen damage, our technicians, can fix everything. So now you don't need to go anywhere because we are the best Apple iPad Service center in Dubai.

Our technicians can fix everything, from touch screen issues to battery replacement, home button, power and volume buttons, and much more. If you want to see your iPad device working in normal condition, choose My Celcare JLT.

iPad Glass Replacement

Dropped your iPad?
iPad is a daily using device and cannot work without the digitizer touch screen. Damage may be more profound than the glass, and we completely understand this. So don't worry. We will help you know what the reasons for glass damage are and can fix the unseen cracks. 

iPad Battery Replacement

Is your iPad battery draining fast?
When your iPad battery is draining fast, it's probably because of the battery health issue. It starts dropping to 0% just after the charge. It is a clear indication that you need the iPad battery changed.

With time the iPad battery gets weak. We're a quick and affordable iPad battery replacement service in Dubai.

iPad LCD Screen Repairs in 1 Hour Or Less

Hey, are you looking for the best iPad screen repair services? Not a problem for us. Yes, whether the button is missing or the battery is getting unbearable, we can fix it. With our iPad screen repair services, you can get your iPad back in the working position.

We know you depend on your iPad a lot, and that is why we feel it is our responsibility to fix all the technical issues. It is not about the days, but about a few minutes. Yes, we can fix everything in minutes, and trust us, it is not a problem. 

So whether you are looking for an iPad screen replacement or need to repair the existing one, our trained technicians are here for you. We can get the best iPad repair Dubai services.

iPad software issues

Did you forget your iPad password? Disable your iPad? Is your iPad showing the iTunes logo on display? Don't panic!  You can try it yourself. First, You'll either need a PC or Mac with iTunes installed. It might have a hardware issue or errors if it still doesn't work, and you can bring your iPad to My Celcare. We can fix your iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPad Repair

Suppose you want an iPad screen replacement in Dubai. We are offering iPad screen replacement by a professional and experienced team. The iPad screen repair must be done by professionals as dealing with Apple devices requires proper knowledge about the complex circuits.
The cost of iPad screen repair can vary depending upon the model of the device. There are two types of iPad screen replacement, depending upon the issue and the fault. If just the glass of the iPad is broken, you don’t need to spend extra money on the touch display of the device. You can get the single glass digitizer for the iPad screen.
Offers affordable iPad screen repair with all the original components. If you want us to take care of a broken iPad screen, we would love to offer our professional and trusted services. The general cost of iPad screen repair is given below, and it can vary too depending upon the model if you want a free quote for the iPad screen replacement. Comes to visit us at our repair store or our delivery boy can also offer to pick and drop for your broken devices.
• A1474 - A1475 can cost AED 250 for broken glass only
• A1474 - A1475 can cost AED 315 for broken screen only
• A1489 - A1490 iPad mini 2 can cost AED 275 for broken glass only
• A1538 - mini 4 can cost AED 600 for broken screen
• A1822 iPad 5th Generation can cost 450 AED for broken screen
The cost of the iPad screen varies from AED 250 to AED 550* for standard iPad models.

Most iPad users face battery timing issues after some time. To enjoy the smooth experience with your iPad, you must go for iPad battery replacement in Dubai. We have original and guaranteed iPad batteries. Suppose you want long battery timing. Always choose original products. The cost of iPad battery replacement is cheapest at My Celcare as compared to Apple's official store.
Our repairing team is one of the most experienced iPad repairing teams in Dubai. From OME products to professional service, your experience with us is going to be smooth. The typical cost for Old iPad model battery replacement starts from AED 250 to AED 650 for the latest models. For better estimation of the battery replacement for the iPad, we welcome you at My Celcare.

Dubai is the business hub for professionals from all over the world. Millions of foreigners visit Dubai for tourist and professional activities. The most challenging thing in a new place is to look for the best services and shops. For Apple tablets and other device repairing, customers prefer online searches.
If you are in Dubai and want to have your iPad repaired from an experienced shop, My Celcare is the best iPad screen repair shop. People, on a short visit, don’t have time to spend time in shops, and they prefer home services for different tasks.
The safety and privacy of your information are important for you. We respect your privacy, and if you want us to fix the iPad screen in front of your eyes, it is possible. My Celcare professionals will visit your office or home, and the device will be repaired right away.

Is iPad screen repair home service very expensive?

Well, you don’t need to worry about the iPad screen replacement cost at home. We don’t overcharge our customers, and you don’t feel any difference between a normal iPad screen fix and home service for an iPad screen fix.

Is there any quality difference for iPad screen repair home service?

We don’t compromise on the quality of the services, and you will get the same quality services as we offer in-shop. Our home service team is equipped with advanced mobile labs that have all the essential tools and components. We offer a limited-time warranty for iPad screen replacement services in Dubai, whether you are a shop or call us for home service.

Started offering professional, quick iPad repair near you. The repairing team for Apple devices is kept up to date regarding new technologies and devices launched by Apple. No matter which iPad model and version you have, My Celcare is the best iPad repair service center nearby. You love your iPad, and that’s why we want to clear your doubts regarding iPad repair services near you. Whenever you start looking for an iPad repair shop nearby, here are some general queries that will pop into your head.

Do we offer pick-and-drop for iPad repair service?

Yes, we offer on-site iPad fixing along with free pick-and-drop service in Dubai. Suppose you don’t have time to visit us at our service center. Book your appointment, and our rider will pick the device from your location. After repairing the iPad, we will drop the device at the given location.

What is the iPad repairing cost in Dubai?

The exact iPad repairing cost varies depending upon the problem and fault of the device. We can assure you that the iPad repairs Prices affordable at My Celcare is less than any of our competitors. If you want a quote for tablet repairing price like:
• Broken screen repairing and replacement
• battery replacement
• touch panel damaged replacement
• camera repairing
You can get in touch with our customer service. We would love to help you regarding any query about the lowest repairing cost for iPad and other Apple products.

What is unique about iPad Repairing at My Celcare?

Our team is always focused on updating our knowledge and repairing labs with the latest technologies and devices in the market. Our iPad repair technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience.
Every member of the team is a certified Apple expert. Even in terms of pricing and cost of the repairing services, we are the best iPad repair store nearby.
We try our best to offer a same-day Ipads fixing service. For normal cracked screen replace and repair, we only take within 1 hour to get the job done.

Yes, if only the glass of the iPad is broken or cracked, you can have it replaced. Sometimes, the glass of the iPad is broken, and the screen remains unaffected. In such a case, you don’t need to replace the iPad screen. You can visit us at our iPad repair center, and we can replace the glass of the iPad professionally in a few minutes.

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