iPad Repair Services

A short introduction to Apple iPad

Steve Jobs took the tech industry by storm with the announcement of the first iPad in November 2010, which quickly became Apple's signature device. Since then, people have started replacing their old computers and laptops with iPads. In today's digital world! Apple introduced different series over time. This includes the iPad Pro Air and Mini, which are equally popular due to their unlimited features and sleek design.

Dubai's Premier iPad Repair Services!

Dubai, UAE, is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Every human living here is increasingly dependent on devices with each passing day. The innovation of the times can be gauged from the fact that school blackboards and office papers have now been replaced by iPads. One of the biggest problems with other electronic devices like the iPad is that they can be damaged or broken due to falls. Accidents can happen! Due to the large screen size of the iPad, it is normal for it to break from excessive pressure or drops. My Celcare JLT is Dubai's most trusted iPad repair center to handle such a situation. We have a team of trained technicians who can ensure the repairs and restoration of your Apple iPad within a few hours.

The most common Apple iPad problems

  • Display: Cracked, broken screen glass, display freezes, touch not responsive, and LCD not showing anything.
  • Battery: Not charging Unexpected shutdown Battery swelling These are the reasons why the iPad battery needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Software issue: You may see software issues due to a lack of space inside the device or some application being corrupted.
  • Charging Dock: A loose charging port, something stuck inside the dock, or charging connector not working.

How Our Service Works

  • Booking: Call now and book an appointment, or request a free pickup of your device to save time..
  • Diagnostics: After the device arrives our highly skilled technicians diagnose the problem thoroughly first.
  • Quotation: Our customer representative will call you to explain pricing details and timelines.
  • Speedy Repair: Our highly skilled technicians can complete a battery or screen repair in as little as 60 minutes.
  • Collection: Once the job is done, our customer service will notify you and you can collect your device.

Top Reasons to Opt for Our iPad Service?

My CelCare JLT is known as a reliable service center for iPad repair at reasonable prices in Dubai. Our experts are capable of dealing with a wide range of iPad issues, such as cracked screens, front glass, battery issues, charging problems, liquid damage, or iPads that don't turn on at all. Our specialist team has repaired thousands of iPads since 2012 and restored them to their original condition using the best available OEM replacement parts. We believe in providing all the services at the highest quality at the lowest cost without wasting time with warranty. We treat our business as worship, and the privacy of your data is our company policy.

Note: You can check the warranty of your iPad repaired by us with the tracking number given above the invoice.

Here are some common iPad issues

Broken iPad screen repair

iPads are primarily used by children for schoolwork or other recreational activities. The display is the most important part of the device, without which it is completely useless. There are always chances of the glass breaking due to the device falling or being crushed under a heavy object. Of all the iPad screens we had repaired in Dubai over the past 12 years, when we asked customers the reason for the damage, 85% of them said that the screen was broken due to children carelessly dropping the device. So, If you are also facing the same problem, like a cracked iPad screen, then Don't worry! We can fix it in the next few hours. My Celcare JLT has a team of highly skilled technicians who specialize in iPad screen repair and replacement.

iPad Battery replacement

Apple iPad uses lithium-ion technology batteries that provide excellent performance to maintain its quality. Batteries naturally lose their original capacity over time. Apple clearly states that the iPad battery loses 80% of its capacity after 1000 charging cycles, after which the battery needs to be replaced. Don't worry if your iPad battery is causing timing issues. We're here to help. We provide the fastest low cost iPad battery replacement service in Dubai.

iPad won't charge

iPad charging port issues can indeed prevent your iPad from receiving power, which can be a frustrating experience. Our skilled technicians are well-equipped to identify and resolve any iPad won't charge problems. Ensuring your device remains charged and ready for use. Get your iPad repaired in Dubai with our free diagnostics, reliable service, and upfront pricing.  We'll assess the issue for free and clearly explain the repair options and costs before you commit to anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions for iPad Repair Services

How long does it take to replace an iPad charging port?
The iPad has two types of charging ports, depending on which model you have. One that requires a soldering iron and one that can be fixed without an iron, in both cases, the job is done in 45 minutes to two hours.
Does the warranty cover a broken iPad screen?
AppleCare clearly states on its website that physical damage iPad repair or replacement is not warranted.
How long does the typical iPad repair take?
The time it takes to fix your iPad depends on what's wrong with it. Simple fixes, like a cracked screen or a bad battery, can usually be done in under an hour.
How much would it cost to fix the screen of an iPad?
The cost to fix a cracked iPad screen depends on the specific model you have. Generally, replacing the display starts at around 275 AED.
Where are you located?
My CelCare JLT Service Center is located at Gold Crest Executive tower, Office 103, Cluster C, Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai, UAE. It's conveniently located next to DMCC Metro Station, across from Dubai Marina and JBR.