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Are You Searching OnePlus Repair Dubai on the Same day?

No doubt! You are at the Right Place! We provide a comprehensive range of professional team, efficient, and great-value OnePlus repair in Dubai. We believe in building trust and happy customers. We have dozens of trained and certified technicians to handle this. We are always ready to serve our customers with dedication and unparalleled OnePlus service.
OnePlus was founded on December 16, 2013. The main goal of the company was to introduce a user-friendly design with the RAM that android needs to feel fast. It is one of the favorite smartphones among users due to its low price.

Three Top Qualities of Our Services

Repair on the Same Day

Although mobiles are reliable, any electronic device can cause problems at any time. You are very worried because all your work is pending, and you cannot send any messages or make calls. Our engineers diagnose the problem and OnePlus repaired same day.

Our Service at a Low price

After a thorough investigation, our experts diagnose the problem and estimate the cost. They give you valuable tips and help you save your gadget. If the repair cost calls for more parts to fix and is expensive, they recommend not going for the repair. However, our priority is to secure your device at a low OnePlus repair cost.

Free Pick Up and Drop Off

If you have a lot of commitments and can't meet us, that's okay. We have home drop services at your place. We pick up the device from your place and repair it after your consent. Before repairing your phone we explain all the factors related to cost, time etc.

Most Common Problems

Our OnePlus Mobile Repair professionals diagnose and fix issues quickly. You may face Wi-Fi, Digital Camera, Bluetooth, Freezing, Overheating, etc. We remove all troubles by using the best techniques and technology.

Cracked Display

A cracked screen is more exposed to damage. The inner workings of your phone will be exposed and slowly begin to malfunction. The touch screen will become Unresponsive. Your phone's touchscreen will become compromised if you delay the OnePlus Screen repair procedure.

Battery Damage

After 500 charge cycles, it’s a bitter truth your battery starts to exhaust. Seek urgent help from our technicians for the OnePlus Battery Replacement. It will boost your phone again to work for a longer time.

OnePlus Liquid Damage Repair

If your smartphone accidentally fell into the liquid or spilt something on it, don’t waste your time waiting for it to dry. The more you wait, the more it harms the motherboard. We can fix it! We will deliver you a reliable OnePlus liquid damage repair service.

Our Reliable Services:

Our OnePlus store will assist you in repairing your gadget to remove your worry within less time.

  • Strictly follows time limit
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Three months warranty time-period
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Extensive training of our technical staff
  • Handles device with care and make diagnosis freely
  • Accessible and reasonable rates
  • Use of top-quality equipment for replacement
  • Pick and drop services at your area
  • Upgrades and recovers data following privacy measures
  • 90 days warranty
  • 12 Years of Mobile Repair Experience.

My CelCare JLT is an (out-of-warranty) OnePlus Service center that offers a comprehensive range of repairs along with friendly customer service. We are always ready to support and answer customer inquiries. Visit us or contact us for further inquiries and information related to damage and repair.

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