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We can provide professional, efficient, cost-effective repairs for the OnePlus phone. Let us know your device's models number and the problem, and we'll give you a free quote. It often has a cracked screen, water spilled, or battery drain issues. We are always ready to serve our customers with dedication and unparalleled affordable OnePlus repair service because we do not compromise on quality or reliability.

The company announced the first OnePlus Android phone in April 2014. The company's primary goal was to introduce a user-friendly design with the right amount of ram. The budget of the phone makes it a favorite among users. Most of the time, the OnePlus AMOLED display gets broken due to drops or crashes.

A comprehensive range of repairs and friendly customer service can be found at My CelCare JLT, an out-of-warranty service center in Dubai, UAE. We are always available to answer customer inquiries. If you have a question about the damaged device, please contact us, and our phone repair experts will be able to assist you.


Top features of our services

Repairs on the same day: If your phone doesn't work well, you're worried because you can't make calls or send messages because your tasks aren't completed. Our expert technician free diagnose the problem, and we can Quality repair your OnePlus the same day.


Service at a Low Price: After a thorough investigation, our experts diagnose the problem and then estimate the cost. They give you helpful information and help you save your device. If the repair cost requires more parts to be fixed and they are expensive, they do not recommend going for the repair. We want to ensure your device is secured at the lowest OnePlus repair price.


Pick up and drop Off service: If you can't meet us because of many commitments, that's all right. Drop-off services are available at your place. After your consent, we will pick up the device from your area and fix it. We explain the factors related to cost, time, and so on before we fix your phone.


Most Common Problems


Our professionals can fix issues quickly. You may face many things. We use the best techniques and technology to remove troubles.


Cracked Display: The display is more exposed to damage if it's cracked. Your phone's inner workings will be exposed and begin to malfunction. The touch screen will not usually work. If you delay the oneplus screen repair procedure, your phone's touchscreen will be compromised.


Battery replacement: It is a bitter truth after 500 charge cycles that, your battery starts to run out. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team if you need help with the original battery replacement for the OnePlus. You will be able to work on your phone more extended.


Liquid Damage Repair: Save time waiting for the phone to dry if it fell into the liquid or spilled something. The more you wait, the worse the situation will be. We have the skills to fix it. We can deliver a reliable liquid damage repair service for the OnePlus in Dubai.


Our Reliable Services

Within less time, our store will be able to assist you in repairing your device. We have a large stock of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) spare parts for all of the models of the OnePlus.

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