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Samsung Galaxy Repair Center in Dubai

Samsung is a well-known South Korean electronic company. They released their first-ever smartphone in 2009, and it was a blockbuster. Samsung phones are high quality with the android operating system. My Celcare JLT started Samsung repair in 2012 in Dubai UAE and since then has repaired thousands of mobile and tablet with satisfied customers.

No matter your Samsung Galaxy model, we can fix it!

We are a professional and Affordable Samsung Galaxy repair in Dubai. We always focus on repairing your Samsung device while you wait, each mobile fix. The job starts with a diagnostic test to confirm that the proposed solution will help. We aim to bring your tab or phone back to life.

Why Choose Us?

With more than ten years of experience in the repairing industry, we always aimed to satisfy our customers. With high qualified technicians, we can fix your device with one year warranty, My Celcare Samsung service center.

You don’t need to worry if you come to us with a damaged device. We promise to solve any problem and repair your phone, no matters the severity. We inform the customer just before opening their device that it won’t stay waterproof anymore.

Our prices are affordable, so don’t wait and contact us now. We're a private Samsung service center in Dubai.

Premium Quality Parts

We use OEM parts for Samsung product, and We guarantee to choose only premium products. We promise to fix your Samsung smartphone professionally with OME parts.

Samsung Screen Repair or Replacement

The most common issue in Samsung phones is their size; they easily slip or fell from the user's hand and get broken, But no worries! Because My Celcare JLT can repair and replace any type of Samsung Galaxy cracked screen. Samsung screen repair cost depends on the Model of the phone, for more information you can contact our customer services.

Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement

Is your battery draining? Are you having a problem charging your Samsung phone? Does your phone show the charging sign but still not charging?

No worries, Because it's a common battery issue mostly Samsung users face. It's because of the battery health issue. The battery gets older as time passes, so changing your Samsung battery is definitely worth it, and My Celcare is a quick and affordable Samsung battery replacement.

The cost of the battery replacement depends on the model. For more information contact our customer service.

Samsung Charging Dock

Samsung Galaxy's recent phones come with a C-type charging port with a wireless charger, which is sensitive. It shot because of liquid or sometimes physical damage. My Celcare provides a quick and affordable price for Samsung Galaxy Charging Dock issues.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Cameras can see everything. They capture moments and freeze them for later

enjoyment or video call with your loved ones. And it’s broken or blurry.

Don’t Panic! We can fix it. We fix Samsung Galaxy Camera with OEM parts at an affordable and fair price.

Samsung Back Cover Replacement

Back Glass is another sensitive part of the Samsung Phones. In some cases, the back glass breaks due to the falling, swollen battery, or water damage. We can repair your Samsung Galaxy back glass in no time with certified technicians and at an affordable price.

Samsung Water Damage Repair

Spilled Water on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Trying to dry it! Waiting for your device to dry will do nothing but cause internal issues inside the phone. We can fix your Samsung Galaxy water damage and bring your phone back to life.