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Huawei is the most prominent telecom giant in China and first released its smartphone in July 2003. Huawei Technologies has gradually become a noteworthy supplier in China as Huawei's mobile phones have achieved international significance. In the face of growing demand from overseas markets and fierce competition in the international telecommunications market, Huawei mobiles are among the world's top three smartphone makers.

Huawei smartphones are arguably the best recognized globally, with bestselling cameras, exceptional performance, far-fetched built quality, design, and lofty levels of innovation with reasonable prices. Although with these exceptional features, every gadget may face turbulence due to accidents, long-term use, software issues etc.

Why compromise!! When you can avail top class Services:

My personal experience suggests not to take a chance at any unauthenticated service center. Visit My CelCare JLT for Huawei repair without any hesitation; that is the best platform in Dubai. It is recommended to visit the Huawei Service center if you face any of the following troubles.

Huawei Screen Replacement

Huawei company claims to have a durable glass screen, but the fact is that it is very delicate and sensitive to face any accidental shock. It is one of the parts which broke quickly after a shock or drop. Have you dropped your phone accidentally? And now your device's LCD screen is broken, shattered, or cracked. No need to worry! We can replace it in one trial.

Huawei Battery Replacement

If you have a warranty and your battery is causing trouble, Huawei, according to consumer law, will deliver your service without additional charges. Subsequently, everyday use of an exhausted battery, the warranty doesn't encircle loss.

Is your Phone"s battery draining out too quickly and not holding the charge for as long as it used to. Suppose the battery holds less than 80% potential after many cycles. Our experts will test your product to find the cause of your battery problem. If there is a need for battery replacement, we shall recommend you accordingly. New Battery will assign your Mobile Phone a new life. The task usually takes less than 30 Minutes.

Huawei Water Damage Repair

Was your cell phone exposed to water spilled on it? Don't worry. Our liquid damage fixes are 99.9%.

  • If the water intake is small and the device is not too damaged, it may only need to disconnect or remove the battery, then clean and blow-dry; the battery will be reinstalled if tested without any problem.
  • If the water intake is large, such as contact with water for a long time, the water may enter the mobile phone display and the motherboard. If circuit damage, the motherboard or other parts need to be replaced, we provide a perfect service. Luckily, the device is tested without any problem; it will be reinstalled directly.

The company does not come up with a warranty for Liquid damage caused by accidents or the fault of a human.

Huawei Back Cover Glass replacement

If your phone's back cover is broken, smashed, or you want to change color, inform us, we will replace it for you within the same day.

The Best Huawei Repair in Dubai?

My Celcare JLT is an out-of-warranty Professional Huawei service center in Dubai, with more than a decade of experience in this industry. We can fasten any problems with particular concern and care. Customer contentment is always our priority. Customers' thousands of good reviews encourage us to continue work with enthusiasm and dedication.

  • My CelCare provides one of the best services in Dubai. We use high-quality OEM spare parts that will revitalize your smartphone. Any issue is resolved by using genuine parts by operating quality tools.
  • We provide service at a reasonable price as we care about your valuable money.
  • We provide services within minimum turnaround time promptly. We do our job within half an hour as we strongly follow the given timeline to avoid hassle and save your costly time.
  • We provide a guarantee for three months, and if any issue originates within this time limit, we will resolve it as always.
  • Our technician's expertise and services are out of class as we always stick to our customer's problems to solve them at our best level. Our experts have a piece of hands-on knowledge in repairing and restoring services with the highest level of accomplishment rate.
  • We provide mandatory service at your doorstep by pick and drop facility if you are too busy to seek time from your busy schedule. We shall ship your iPhone, or our rider will deliver it to you at your doorstep, considering the safety and security of your Huawei phone.


How can I fix my Huawei phone?

By pressing and holding the Power button for more than 10 seconds, restart your gadget, and then try again. If the issue persists, take your device to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

Why does my Huawei phone keep switching off?

If your phone has not had enough power, your cell may automatically power off due to a low battery level. Use a charger to charge your phone for more than 30 minutes and power it on again. Try to avoid powering your phone when the battery level is below 3%.

What is the reason for the red light on my Huawei phone?

If you observe a red light, your battery is thoroughly exhausted, and if the red light is beaming, there isn't adequate power to turn on. Charge your phone for at least more than 30 minutes before use.

Does tempered glass lessen touch sensitivity?

Tempered glass is designed not to affect the phone's touch sensitivity. It's always better to put tempered glass over the phone's screen as it preserves the screen very well from deep scratches.

Is it okay to use a Huawei phone while on charge?

Extreme temperatures may affect the battery life of your gadget. Therefore, you are recommended to refrain from using your phone while charging. Otherwise, your phone may overheat due to excessive power consumption.

My CelCare is a Professional Huawei service center serving our honorable people with commitment and devotion since 2012 and earning a good name with trust. We provide a one-stop solution for all your technical worries. If you find any trouble, you are at the right place to stay for Huawei Repair at our Store in Dubai.

  • Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.
  • Contact Number: 044211494
  • Email: [email protected]

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