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In Dubai with a Busted Macbook? Relax! Help is On the Way

We understand that your Apple MacBook is an essential tool in your Professional life and you want it repaired as quickly and economically as possible in Dubai UAE.

Has your MacBook crashed, died, or is it behaving badly and making you unbelievably aggravated? No worries. My Celcare JLT Dubai is the leader in MacBook repair. We professionally service MacBooks and other devices in beautiful Dubai, UAE. Over our several years in business we have revived many MacBooks, iMac Repair Let us be your MacBook Service Center! Whether you live in Dubai, or you’re visiting for business or pleasure, we know how important your tech is to getting things done and having a good time. We focus on providing quality services at affordable pricing. We’re easy on your wallet.

We start with a free diagnostic. You’ll know immediately what’s wrong with your MacBook and what needs to be done to fix it. No long lag time waiting for us to get back to you with the problem before we begin repairs. Our trained technicians have years of experience and you’ll get the best MacBook repair in Dubai. They are a knowledgeable bunch of computer geeks and keep up on learning new technologies and innovations so we can keep on top of the problems facing our customers.

It’s no fun when tech dies. We bring back the fun. Our customers consider us the best MacBook repair service center in Dubai.

Busy and Need a Repair? We Pick up and Drop Off Your MacBook in Dubai

Are you looking to save yourself some time? Having a broken MacBook is bad enough. We like to make things better. We don’t just offer MacBook repair Dubai at an easy-to-get-to location. We also come to you. Even though we are centrally located in Dubai, you don’t have to come to us. We make it easy for you. We offer pick-up and drop-off service because we understand many of our customers are on business or vacation. We want everyone to find opportunities and fun in Dubai. So we work around your busy schedule. That’s one of the primary reasons customers love us and come back again and again for their MacBook needs.

So if you’re in a jam and need MacBook repair Dubai, call us and your device will come back to you in great shape.

There’s really nothing we can’t handle. Some of the things we help with are faulty batteries, replacing cracked and broken LCD screens, mending of water and liquid damaged phones, and much more.

My Celcare JLT location.

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We love to share our knowledge about Macbooks as well as repair them. Some of our customers have only recently been introduced to Apple products. They quickly find out the differences between a MacBook and other laptops. One thing they find it that the MacBook contains many mysteries. So in order to help along those who aren’t used to using MacBooks, here are a few helpful tips.

3 Tips to Get More out of Your MacBook

We love everything about MacBooks, not just doing MacBook repair Dubai services. So we're sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks so you get more out of your MacBook.

1. How to take a screenshot of a section of the screen

Often you don't need a whole screen capture. Just a part of it will do. Here is a simple method to use when you just want to capture part of the screen: First press CMD+Shift+4

That will bring up a box you can drag over any section of your screen. When you've covered the portion you want to capture, simply release the box and your MacBook will save the image to your desktop. For capturing the whole screen, the magic keys are Cmd+Shift+3.

2. Where in the World is the Delete Button?

Ok, this is a newbie tip, but we get asked about this all the time. No need to have us do a MacBook repair on this one.

Mac's have a smaller keyboard than PCs. But that doesn't mean there is no delete button. It's just hidden. Where is it hidden you ask? The button is hiding within the button. Simply press the function key and the with start deleting forward. Now you know.

3. Shut Down Now and Then

We all need our sleep, and your MacBook is no different. Let it rest now and then. Some of the MacBook diagnostics run only at startup and shutdown. Shutting down once in a while lets these tools run and keeps file allocation and other checksums in healthy order.

Besides letting tools run, shutting down extends the life of your battery.

In closing, we’d like to say that we at My Celcare JLT Dubai understand all your MacBook repair Dubai needs. Don’t hesitate to call us. Let us demonstrate our dedication to service. We’ll put your mind at ease and you’ll soon have your MacBook back and running like new.

Also, We provide same day repair and return in most cases. You can definitely consider us the best MacBook service center for MacBook repair in Dubai. But it’s not just MacBooks that we service; we are the best apple service center in Dubai, period. You don’t need to call anyone else. You’ll be very happy you chose us. Talk to you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions for MacBook Repairs

The cost of repairing your MacBook will depend on the type of repair you need, and the Year and Model of the device.

The most common parts in MacBook that stop working or gets damaged are the hard drives, logic boards, and the screens. You may have to pay a flat fee for getting the device fixed, and We need to check the device 1st properly, that’s why we offer free pick up & delivery service also in Dubai & Sharjah. Otherwise, you can visit our service center for immediate Diagnosis. You can also use courier service if you are in other cities.

Typically, it can take anywhere between AED200-AED900* for replacing the HDD. The exact price will depend on the type of HDD and the make and Year. For MackBook screen repair, you have to pay about AED350-AED750* on average. For retina screen replacements, AED1200-AED3000*. Again, it will depend on the Year and the screen size of the display. A MackBook Logic board replacement can cost you about AED300-AED2400* depending on the make and Year.

Accidental liquid damage repair cost starts from AED350* and up.

The motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer. The motherboard of a MacBook is called a logic board. The price for replacing a Mac motherboard will depend on the specifications of the motherboard, and the make and Year of the device. You can refer to the previous section to get a rough estimate of the cost.

The cost of replacing the logic board on a MackBook will vary according to its specifications and the year/model of the machine. Old machines will cost less, whereas the latest models will be more expensive.

Simply call on 04 421 1494 or ( Whatsapp 055 484 7909 ) and provide the Model no, Year of Manufacture & EMC then you will get the best Quotation.

An average price list for replacing the different types of MackBook Pro logic boards are given below -

13.3-inch MacBook Pro models - AED300-AED1200*

13.3-inch MacBook Pro Retina models – AED1250-AED2000*

13.3-inch MacBook Pro Touchbar models – AED2200-AED3000*

15.4-inch MacBook Pro models - AED850-AED1200*

15.4-inch MacBook Pro Retina models – AED1600-AED2250*

15.4-inch MacBook Pro Touchbar models – AED3000-AED4500*

Once you have detected the issue with your MacBook, don’t delay anymore and book your appointment with My Celcare MacBook repair team. Where do I get MacBook repaired near me? The answer to this question is really important as the selection of the right MacBook repair shop will determine the lifespan of your device. If your MacBook ends up in the hands of inexperienced technicians, you are going to regret the consequences.
My Celcare is the most trusted and highest-rated MacBook repair shop near you in Dubai.

Finding the MacBook repair shop in Dubai is easier than ever. It would help if you visited our mac service center, and the rest is taken care of. In Dubai, we are a professional MacBook repair shop where you can get your MacBook repaired by experienced and expert technicians. You don’t even need to book an appointment or want for days. We deal with walk-in customers too.
If you are not sure where to repair MacBook in Dubai, visit our shop or find more about us on Google. Our My Celcare business page has hundreds of promising reviews from our clients who speak highly of our services.

Mac screen replacement by Apple Care store can cost hundreds of dollars. Do you want to get the cheapest Mac screen fix in Dubai? My Celcare JLT Dubai is the professional team for Apple device repair and we can fix broken Mac screen at the affordable price. At My Celcare JLT Dubai, we provide screen repair for all latest models of Mac. The cost of Mac screen repair can vary depending upon the model of your device. The average cost of Mac broken screen repair is given below:

· MacBook Screen A1278- AED400 - 750

· MacBook Screen A1425- AED1700

· MacBook Screen A1465/A1370 LED /Full Panel- AED900 - 1350

· MacBook Screen A1466 Full Panel- AED1100 - 1700

· MacBook Screen A1369 Full Panel- AED900 - 1575

· MacBook Screen A1707- AED2800

Is your MacBook device repairable, and which models do we repair. Despite being a premium product by Apple, some issues have been reported in specific models of the MacBook. Instead of being frustrated about the repair and replacement cost for your expensive device.
Let take care of the Mac repair services. Our expert MacBook repair technicians have repaired thousands of devices over the period. Here are some common issues with the different models of Mac:
• battery replacement.
• keyboard replacement.
• display and LCD screen replacement.
• SSD upgrade.
• water damage repair.

Leading MacBook Repair Shop

visit My Celcare for premium MacBook repair services and have your device repaired in less than 24 hours. Advanced diagnostic lab, we ensure the highest repairing standards at the most competitive prices. You don’t need to wait for weeks. Visit us for quick and emergency MacBook fix services.

Complete Range of MacBook Services

My Celcare is a one-stop shop for all repair services for any model of MacBook. We are the right repair shop for you. Here are some popular Mac models that we repair:
• MacBook Pro A1707
• MacBook Pro A1706
• MacBook Pro A1708
• MacBook Pro A1502
• MacBook Pro A1398
• MacBook Pro A1990
• MacBook Pro A2289
• MacBook Pro A2251
• MacBook Pro A2251
• MacBook Pro A2159
• MacBook Pro A1425
• MacBook Air A2179
• MacBook Air A1932
• MacBook Air A1369
• MacBook Air A1465
• MacBook Air A1370
• MacBook A1534 (12 inch)

The primary purpose is to ensure quick and premium services on the same day of repair. Our dedicated team of MacBook specialists can replace the essential parts in a few minutes.

Yes, the MacBook Pro can be repaired. My Celcare JLT can replace OEM parts only. No need require you to book an appointment. This whole process can be too hectic as we all use MacBooks for daily use. The best alternative if you want to get MacBook repaired at a competitive price.
Have you thought about buying a new MacBook due to some slight damage or problems? We can save your money and time. No matter what the issue is with your device. The repairing costs are always affordable than the price of the new device.

Can Water Damage be repaired?

Water damage is a common issue with Mac and other laptops. Generally, people don’t pay attention to the water damage until any hardware is short-circuited. My Celcare is known to be one of the best MacBook repair shops for water damage. If no hardware is malfunctioning due to liquid, we will dry the device with the advanced tools and then get it back to running condition. Our responsive customer support is always active to answer your queries.

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