Macbook Pro Repair Dubai

MacBook Pro Repair in Dubai

Same Day Apple MacBook Pro Repair!

If you love your MacBook, it probably causes craziness when you run into difficulties with it. Many questions tickle in your mind. Is there something wrong with your hardware, or is MacOS experiencing some problems? What strategies can help you find the source of the issue and fix it? Should you take your MacBook to a professional, or should you even consider replacing it? Where to find Mac Book Pro Repair?

Your Headache is ours now

Don't worry — we can assist! Let's go over the most familiar problems for the MacBook Pro that you might face. Unfortunately, another fairly widespread issue that owners have is with the SSD or HDD. There have been reports of Lethargic transfer speeds and inaccessible files, especially when users endeavour to use an SSD with their new Mac. We utilize our most pleasing expertise to repair it.

  • Motherboard issues
  • Faulty display.
  • Thermal Sensor Issues.
  • Faulty Logic Board graphics issues.
  • Dead Battery.
  • Not Enough RAM.
  • Faulty Hard Drive or SSD.

Pick the Right One

There are several Dubai MacBook repair services, and your greatest obligation is to clutch the best. Once you locate a reliable expert service of My CelCare, we will repair your device in the best way possible regardless of its defect. Our shop has a good reputation and gets a lot of repetition of customers.

Our Repair Service!

Being responsible professionals, we have all the parts needed to restore your machine, even if it has severe issues. Above all, they know about repairing any new or old Apple device.

  • Friendly repair cost.
  • Three months warranty
  • Data recovery by following privacy standards
  • Apple Repair within half an hour*
  • Unlimited happy and satisfied customers
  • Use of high-quality equipment
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep
  • Professional technicians having proper training and experience
  • Use of original OEM components
  • Handles every appliance with care and responsibility


What is covered under the Apple warranty?

The Apple Limited Warranty covers your Macbook Pro and Apple-branded supplements against manufacturing flaws for one year from when you purchased your product. The Apple Warranty is in addition to privileges furnished by consumer law. However, the warranty doesn't underwrite damage inflicted by casualties or unauthorized transformations.

Do Macs slow down over time?

Like Windows PCs, Macs also slow down over time. Whenever a new macOS update is released, your old Mac holds back because of counted grades and complexness. If you have more apps on your Mac, the sluggish it gets.

Why is my Mac dying so fast?

Outdated app processes in hybrid with newer system configuration and vice-versa can result in unnecessary power usage and creep towards sluggishness.

Does Mac Book Pro have heating problems?

One of the substantial reasons for your MacBook Pro heating up is that you have kept many tabs in your browser open. Internet browsers can put a lot of pressure on your laptop's CPU. It forces the fans to work more for a longer time to keep the temperature around the CPU down. That pushes its heating issue quite frequently.

We provide MacBook Pro Repair Dubai at an appropriate price by constant rectification, never to hang you for a longer time. We represent and embody the job that has been carried out throughout the years.

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