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Same Day Apple MacBook Pro Water Damage

You met a bad day! Your gadget has a clash with liquid. Whether it's a mug of tea or coffee, a bottle of water or juice, or a glass of coke or wine, you risk reasonable liquid damage. It's easy to panic and become frustrated if the worst happens, but act quickly and seek MacBook Pro Water Damage repair in the shortest time. There is a chance that you can save your laptop from the worst consequences.

It is a Matter of Expertise!

MacBook water damage is difficult to repair; even minor spills can lead to advanced and complicated issues requiring many tools and expertise. My CelCare is a junction of water damage repair experts who have been dealing with it for many years.

The type of liquid spilled matters a lot!

Some liquids are non-acidic such as water, tea, coffee, juice, etc. It causes less damage. On the other hand, coke, beer, etc., cause more damage due to acidity and set new challenges to meet.

Beware of DIY techniques!

While the rice-in-the-bag technique or leaving the laptop upside-down may lead to short-term success, what happens afterward is not good.

Beware of any advice telling you to enable it to dry or clean it with alcohol or a hairdryer. MacBooks have many elements that a spill can harm. It is better to visit an authentic repair shop rather than play with your device.

Thorough inspection at Experts hub!

Any MacBook that is confronted with liquid requires a detailed inspection. Even a small amount of corrosion, if not checked, can induce a system failure further down the road. Our professionals will need completely to disassemble your device to ensure a thorough diagnosis.

Our Blue Ribboned Services!

  • 90 days warranty
  • Strictly follows time and repair as soon as possible
  • Upgrade and recovers data
  • No Hidden Charges,
  • Affordable and reasonable rates
  • Original and genuine OEM parts
  • Use of top-quality tools
  • Handles every device with care
  • More than 5 Million Smiles and Counting
  • Pick and drop services at your place
  • Always provides support and answers customer's investigations
  • 12+ Years of Trust in Mac Repair.

Problems faced after a water Spill!

The most frequently placed issues are trackpad or keyboard damage and screen cable burning out due to liquid. It may happen that the battery was not turning on. When these issues occur, We repair or fix the affected parts at the component level by using our best level of knowledge.

Know about MacBook Pro's waterproofness!

MacBook Pros are not waterproof; they are as sensitive to water damage as any piece of the electronic appliance. In comparison, your device may survive without damage. We recommend taking it to an Apple genius bar or authentic repair service provider. They will open and check it for corrosion or any problems the water may have created. Sometimes, it may take days or weeks to erode and then stop working.

We are here to help you and have been fixing Mac Book Pro Liquid Damage in Dubai for plenty of years. We have experts specializing in water damage repairs to fix your gadget at a fraction of the cost. You can call us or visit our store to get your device in healthy condition.

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MacBook pro Water Damage Repair in Dubai

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