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My Celcare JLT provides same day laptop repair service in Dubai!

In today's developed world, computers have completely changed our old traditional learning and business practices. A laptop is an electronic device that can suffer from malfunctions. Since 2012, My Celcare JLT has been providing laptop repair in Dubai with its professionalism at very reasonable prices. Our engineers are specialized in repairing and upgrading popular brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Mac, Asus, Acer, Microsoft Surface, Razer Blade, MSI, etc. When you face any problem with your machine, contact us and Our team will provide professional technical support. While we fix issues like broken laptop screens, keyboards, and batteries within one to two hours. And motherboard faults or other complex issues may take a little longer. Get your computer back to peak performance with our excellent service. Rest assured that every member of our team will complete all tasks with your data privacy in mind. Our team also has vast experience in gaming laptop repair services for which you can trust us.

What causes a laptop to overheat?

A laptop can overheat due to various aspects and its chances of crashing are high, now let's talk about some of the reasons:

  • Dust and Dirt: Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate inside the laptop, blocking airflow and insulating heat. This dust can clog the cooling system, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Heavy Workload: Running resource-intensive applications, such as video editing or gaming, can generate a lot of heat. Before running such an application, check the specifications of your computer to see if it is capable of running on it.
  • Inadequate Ventilation: Using a laptop on surfaces like beds, couches, or laps can obstruct the vents and prevent proper airflow. This can cause the laptop to overheat more quickly.
  • Cooling fans: Over time, cooling fans can wear out or collect dust and become less efficient. which may cause the machine to overheat.
  • Aging Hardware: Older laptops may have less efficient cooling systems, making them more prone to overheating, especially when running the latest software.

Top Reasons to Opt for Our Laptop Repair?

  • Experienced Technicians: With years of experience in laptop repair, our company policy is to ensure that your PC is in very safe hands.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our repair prices start from AED 150. If you compare prices, we charge up to 30% less than our competitors in the UAE.
  • OEM Parts: We use high quality OEM spare parts to ensure the durability and performance of the computer to meet our warranty.
  • Quick Turnaround:Your time is very valuable to us and we make every effort to deliver your device on time keeping in mind the professionalism requirements.

Dubai's fastest Laptop Screen Repair & replacement service!

Has your laptop screen accidentally broken? Are you looking for reliable laptop screen repair in Dubai? Display defects are caused by problems such as broken hinges, stress on the LCD, or moisture. Generally, there are two types of displays in laptops which can be of different sizes and models first is a touch screen, and second is non-touch we have a wide range of both. Do not worry! My Celcare JLT offers affordable laptop screen replacement service in Dubai with its 3 months warranty.

Laptop Battery replacement service

The battery plays a major role in the portability of a computer. Laptop manufacturers are actively using advanced lithium technology to increase battery timing. It is a natural process for laptop battery timing to decrease after the chemical age is completed. Your laptop battery isn't working? So are you looking for the fastest laptop battery replacement service? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place! We always prefer to replace the laptop battery with genuine parts as it does not affect both the power pack and the performance of the device. My Celcare JLT has been providing honest laptop repair services in Dubai for over a decade.

Laptop Liquid damage repair

Is your laptop damaged after getting wet? Accidental spills of liquid on the laptop disrupt our daily digital tasks. If under any circumstances your device gets wet, do not wait for it to dry. You've saved years of hard work on your laptop so we know the value and give you helpful advice. Seek professional help from us to save your wet laptop from further troubles. Our technicians specialize in fixing all types of laptop problems. Our team has extensive experience in laptop repair in Dubai with a good track record of restoring water damaged computers.

Laptop Data loss & Recovery

Data drives everything in this brave new digital world. That's a lot to keep organised. Suppose you accidentally delete important files, format your disk incorrectly, or are experiencing hard drive issues. In that case, we'll work to recover the precious information from your damaged laptop. The certified professionals at our service center have mastered the use of recovery tools & techniques used to recover your data from almost all situations.

Slowness or performance issues

We all have tons of fun playing video games. It's a great way to bring family and friends together to hang out. But, when software runs slow, it can be embarrassing. Often, it's GAME OVER. No need to stress; we can diagnose the problem and keep the fun going. Call us.

We'll fix the problem remotely if possible—most in-shop repairs are completed in 3 days or less. Trust us to solve your slow laptop issues quickly. You don't have to come to the service center. We offer pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.

The most common reasons for a slow laptop are:

  • Need more RAM
  • Physical damage
  • Malware and viruses
  • Overheating concerns
  • Cooling system malfunction

Many simple laptop repairs are quick to diagnose and fix, like too little memory, a damaged screen, a worn out battery, junk on your hard drive, clogged fans, and a cooling failure. If you're in Dubai and are experiencing any of these issues, you need help fixing your laptop. Bring it to the service center, where we get your computer running right again.

Frequently Asked Questions for Laptop Repair Service

How much is laptop repair in Dubai?

Laptop repair cost in Dubai or elsewhere may vary depending on the issue. After diagnosing a problem with a laptop device, technicians usually evaluate whether the problem can be fixed.

Here are some laptop repair estimates*:

  • Laptop screen repair 315 AED
  • laptop keyboard repair 285 AED
  • laptop motherboard repair 150 AED
  • Laptop Hinges Repair or replace 350 AED
How fast are your services?
Our services are too quick, and our team responds quickly. Most of our services are offered in less than an hour, depending upon the severity of the damage.
Where can I find the best laptop repair near me?
Yes, "laptop repair near me" is indeed a common search term on Google and other search engines. Many people use this type of search query to find local laptop service providers. My Celcare JLT is a local based laptop repair center in Dubai that is always ready to help.
Can broken laptop hinge damage the screen?

Yes, a broken laptop hinge can potentially damage the screen. These could be a few reasons:

  • Increased Stress on the Screen
  • Exposed Cables
  • Potential for Accidents

It's recommended to get a broken hinge repaired as soon as possible to avoid these risks. So no need to worry as we repair laptop hinge at very reasonable price and fast.

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