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My Celcare JLT is the trusted laptop repair specialist!

My Celcare JLT is Dubai's leading professional laptop service center working for repairing or upgrading desktops and workstations. Our clients love our customer service, affordable prices, and fast turnaround. We have a team of highly experienced technicians and hardware engineers who can repair and service your computer. In most cases, we can get the laptop up and running again the same day. We'll repair a broken laptop screen at your doorstep anytime during working hours. Whether your computer needs repair at home or the office.

We are always ready to help with high-quality laptop repair in Dubai at affordable prices, and this includes hardware and software solutions, power connectors, hard drive, motherboard component repair, screen replacement, virus and malware removal, water damage repair, fast battery drains, and data recovery.

Always ready for urgent laptop repair!

Our team of highly skilled experts carries out all repairs on time. We are always ready for urgent laptop repair service. They will first determine the cause of the damage, then determine the final price and approve it for the customer's approval. Our diagnostic service is free, so we can ensure that you only pay for computer repair.


Battery draining fast

Is your laptop battery draining too fast? Usually, this is caused by an old or faulty laptop battery. Connecting too many external devices to your laptop causes your computer to use more battery power than necessary. A laptop with a bright screen or other advanced options can drain the battery quickly. Corrupt drivers, incorrect power settings, and inserted hard drives can all cause this power problem. It will likely replace the battery if you have used the laptop for a long time. We are a fast and reliable service provider, and this process means that our courier will come to your home or office to pick up the product and quote you same-day laptop battery replacement services.

liquid damage accidentally

Computers and laptops can still have problems with liquid damage. If you are having trouble determining if liquids have damaged your computer, take it to a laptop repair shop and have them serviced. Once the device gets wet, electrical short circuits cause all kinds of damage. The fluid inside the motherboard burns the components. We will diagnose and solve your laptop problem quickly; get instant service from My Celcare JLT to offer laptop water damage repair in Dubai.

Broken Laptop Screen

The device displays are faulty by accident when you drop your laptop, press the screen too hard, or close the lid too hard. Very rarely does the screen develop a fault by itself. If you have problems with your laptop screen, let us know. We'll diagnose your broken screen issues and provide a solution that's affordable and easy to understand. We already have a huge stock of the most popular laptop screens in Dubai and can get the job done quickly and correctly.

slow performance issues

Many causes of a slow working computer include poor maintenance, hardware issues, and malware. Laptop performance will improve if you eliminate programs that run when your computer is idle, such as browser pop-ups, game updates, downloads, and security scans. Between all the programs running on it, you must manage your computer's resources (memory, drive space, processing power), so many things can slow down your computer's performance. There is a dedicated team that can diagnose slow laptop performance issues and fixes them quickly and carefully. We offer quick and affordable laptop upgrade services in Dubai, UAE.

The keyboard is not working suddenly


Laptops are the most convenient portable machines of modern times. When they work, they are a blessing from God. But if he accidentally gets into trouble, it becomes very stressful, Especially when faced with laptop keyboard issues. Our expert technicians are here to help you save time and money with all your repair laptop keyboard.


Our specialized team is ready to help you.

We have been in the laptop repair industry in Dubai for over two decades. We offer laptop, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook services, including display, motherboard chip-level repairs, and data recovery. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us for fast and honest laptop repair work of all models.

Frequently Asked Questions for Laptop Repair Dubai

How much time will it take to repair my laptop?
There is no doubt about it. If you have time to sit and wait, we can typically have it back to you within 45 minutes. Thankfully, our expert technicians speed up the process work and deliver your device as soon as possible.
How much does it cost to repair a damaged laptop?
The repair cost varies on which part is damaged or not working. Sometimes, it is too low, or it may be high, depending on the damage.
Is it better to repair or replace the laptop?
It is much better to go for repair if it is half of the new laptop's price. If it exceeds and your computer is too old, it's better to opt for a new laptop.
What do I do when my computer crashes?
There may be many reasons to stop laptops or freezing. When your computer no longer responds to keyboard commands, your best bet is to restart the computer. If it does not work, it is best to find a repair shop. We took responsibility and diagnosed the root cause after a thorough study.
Do I get a warranty for services?
Yes, you will get the warranty, and we will provide a warranty card. You can trace your security online.
Can technicians repair my laptop at my place?
Yes, it's possible. Suppose the problem is not severe. Otherwise, we will do the repair procedure at our shop and deliver it safely.
Can you tell me the estimation of the repair cost of the laptop?
Most of the time, customers cannot tell the exact problem except for battery trouble. We check thoroughly and then diagnose the situation at our shop. Then, we can tell you the actual laptop repair cost.
How fast are your services?
Our services are too quick, and our team responds quickly. Most of our services are offered in less than an hour, depending upon the severity of the damage.
What should I do before giving the laptop for repair?
There's still a possibility of some level of data loss. To ensure your data will be safe, you should be sure to keep a copy of its contents. Data loss can be caused by much more than hardware failure; a solid Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy can help minimize these effects.

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