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My Celcare Reliable Laptop Repair in Dubai Since 2012!

You rely on your laptop computer for work, for fun, for everything! But it's broken. No work gets done, and your day can get tedious and complicated quickly. You need fast laptop repair in Dubai.
> You have a big work project due, but you dropped your laptop, and now it's cracked and won't boot up. What do you do? Call My Celcare Laptop service center. We can replace broken laptop parts, often the same day.
You've found the best laptop repair service in Dubai, UAE. Most repairs are completed within 1 to 3 days. In addition, My Celcare offers many same-day repairs!
Don't Panic

My Celcare repairs and maintains computers and notebook laptops. We offer consumers and business users reliable and fast computer and laptop repair.
A decade of experience is what makes MyCelcare the best choice for your laptop repair and maintenance needs. We're here for you. Got a computer problem and need it fixed today? Call us. We can fix many issues remotely.

Is your laptop:
• smashed?
• Cracked?
• Broken?
• In Need of Maintainance?

We can fix it. Often the same day!

My Celcare JLT is your one-stop shop in Dubai for laptop or computer repair. Count on our engineers' diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities to quickly and accurately diagnose your laptop issues.
In addition, we can often repair your laptop Mac and most of your PC problems remotely, so there's no need to bring your computer in to be serviced.
Suppose our IT engineers need additional parts to fix your system. In that case, My Celcare JLT takes your PC to our service center for diagnosis at no charge and repair with your approval of repair costs.
Our certified technicians can repair and service all types of laptops and computer systems, including Apple Mac, PCs, Microsoft Windows, and all-in-one computers, within 1 to 3 days.

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

Free Diagnostics:

During the free diagnostic check, our certified technicians determine what is wrong with your laptop. Once we find the root of the problem, our technician explains the issue, your repair options, cost, and time estimates. Then, with your approval, repair or service of your laptop begins immediately.
We have seen it all because we have repaired and serviced thousands of laptops and computers over the last decade, resulting in thousands of satisfied clients. Most issues are minor and quick to fix.
Whether your laptop issue is a simple one like slow bootup, corrupt windows installation, or backup data issues, and maintenance, My Celcare has seen the most common problems, including replacing hard drives from HDD to SDD and installing operating systems.

Common Problems We Fix:

Broken Laptop Screen Repair:
Screen damage is one of the most common issues of every digital device today. Although hardware and technology are constantly improving, the laptop LCD Screen is still fragile and can crack easily. We can replace and Repair fix your LCD and LED laptop screens the same day!

Laptop Battery problems:

As your laptop ages, the battery holds less charge. Whether it's a charging IC (integrated circuit) or any other underlying issue, we'll get you charged again. We'll find the problem in minutes.

Liquid damage Repair:

Oops! You spilled coffee on your keyboard, now your laptop is broken, and your life comes to a standstill. Liquid can damage your laptop's trackpad, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, or even motherboard. We'll locate and trace all electrical issues caused by this kind of spill and fix them quickly and with care.

Laptop Data loss & Recovery:

Data drives everything in this brave new digital world. That's a lot to keep organised. Suppose you accidentally delete important files, format your disk incorrectly, or are experiencing hard drive issues. In that case, we'll work to recover the precious information from your damaged laptop. The certified professionals at My Celcare have mastered the use of recovery tools & techniques used to recover your data from almost all situations.

Slowness or performance issues:

We all have tons of fun playing video games. It's a great way to bring family and friends together to hang out. But, when software runs slow, it can be embarrassing. Often, it's GAME OVER. No need to stress; we can diagnose the problem and keep the fun going. Call us 044211494.
We'll fix the problem remotely if possible—most in-shop repairs are completed in 3 days or less. Trust us to solve your slow laptop issues quickly. You don't have to come to the service center. We offer pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.

The most common reasons for a slow laptop are:

• Need more RAM
• Physical damage
• Charging adapter issues
• Malware and viruses
• Overheating concerns
• Cooling system malfunction
Many simple laptop repairs are quick to diagnose and fix, like too little memory, a damaged screen, a worn out battery, gunk on your hard drive, clogged fans, and a cooling failure. If you're in Dubai, are experiencing any of these issues, and need help fixing your laptop, bring it to the service center at My Celcare, where we get your computer running right again.
My Celcare JLT Dubai can diagnose and fix every laptop problem, often remotely and on the same day. Get a free diagnostic evaluation from a certified technician Talk to a certified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions for Laptop Repair

Dubai is an expensive place to live and laptop repair can cost a handsome amount. But My Celcare JLT is providing the most affordable laptop repair services in Dubai. The fixing cost for laptop in Dubai can vary depending upon the issue and the model of your laptop.

We will let you know about the repairing cost of your laptop after the inspection of your device. If you agree to proceed, we will start working on the damaged device. My Celcare JLT provides free pick and drops for laptop repair in Dubai so you will not have to wait for hours at any shop. If you value your time, pick and drop service by My Celcare JLT is going to save a lot of time for you.

The estimated repairing costs of laptops are given below depending upon the laptop problem.

• Laptop screen replacement- Price Starting From AED 360*

• Laptop keyboard replacement- Price Starting From AED 210*

• Laptop body repair- Price Starting From AED 200*

• Laptop motherboard repair- Price Starting From AED 350*

• Laptop battery replacement internal- Price Starting From AED 367*

• Replacement of thermal paste- Price Starting From AED 340*

• Cleaning from Dust, Prevention- Price Starting From AED 157*

Yes, we provide professional laptop screen repair services in Dubai. If your laptop screen is broken or damaged and you want a professional team to take care of repairing service, My Celcare JLT has perfect solutions for you. We provide laptop repair services for all laptop brands and models. Either you have Dell, HP, Mac Book or Toshiba laptop; we can repair your laptop screen.

My Celcare JLT is providing professional services for laptop screen repair and the repairing charges for laptop screen can vary depending upon the laptop brand and screen size. Normal laptop screen repair services cost AED 350 to AED 950*.

The motherboard is the main component of the laptop and it is one of the most expensive parts of your laptop hardware. If your laptop is not working or turning on, there can be some problem with the motherboard of the laptop.

We will check for the possible issue with the laptop motherboard and normal laptop motherboard repair can cost AED 400 to AED 1000* depending upon the issue. If the board is not repairable, you can have it replaced and the price of the new motherboard can vary depending upon the laptop model, brand and generation. We can repair any kind of motherboard at the most affordable rates.

Laptop virus can delete and corrupt all of your data and even can damage your laptop hardware. My Celcare JLT offers professional laptop virus removal services in Dubai. We will make sure that we get rid of the malicious virus without affecting or losing your data.

The laptop virus removal can cost AED 150 to AED 350*.

We will make sure that your laptop is protected with proper security against future cyber-attacks. If you have important files and data in your laptop, don’t forget to install good anti-virus software.

The price of laptop hard drive replacement cost is almost AED 315* in Dubai. Hard drive replacement cost in Dubai depends upon device type and technology. At My Celcare JLT Dubai, we offer the lowest prices for HP hard drive replacement and Dell laptop drive replacement.

We all have relevant data saved on computer hard drives. If your laptop’s hard drive has crashed and you want to have it replaced, My Celcare JLT Dubai is here for you. A laptop hard drive replacement cost is not that expensive in Dubai.

Spill and water damage is the common issue that we deal with at My Celcare JLT Dubai. Thanks to the latest laptop repairing labs and our technicians' expertise, laptop water damage repair is no issue for us. Whenever customers face this issue, they panic.

Today, we are going to cover some frequently asked questions about laptop liquid damage repair Dubai.

Is Water Damaged Laptop Repairable?

With the advanced tools and drying techniques, My Celcare has made it possible to repair the laptop with water damage. After drying and testing, we will make your device just like the new one.

How to repair laptop water damage?

The best way is to leave this job for the professionals. Without tools and technique, you will end up damaging your laptop even more. From opening the case to drying the inner circuitry, professional tools are needed. At My Celcare, we have state of the art diagnostic and repairing labs for mobiles and computers.

What is the expected damage to the water spill?

Whether you spilled coffee or water, the damage will be the same. In most cases, users immediately turn off their devices, which help avoid any possible short circuit or damage. We dry the whole system internally and externally and then check for the possible damage. If any component is faulty, we change the damaged parts only.

How to dry water-damaged laptop?

First of all, you should not bring a laptop near the direct fire. Too much heat can melt down the internal sensitive circuits. The best way to dry a water damaged laptop is to leave it in airy space for some time and have it checked and dried by My Celcare.

For how much time you should dry the laptop

If you want emergency laptop water damage repair, you can visit My Celcare as we have advanced drying techniques. If you want to try DIY, leave it in an open place for more than 24 hours.

Where to get laptop water damage repair?

If you are in Dubai and want to have your water damage repair laptop repaired by the professionals, My Celcare is the right option. We understand your frustration, and we try our best to make it work without replacing or repairing any component.

Is my laptop waterproof?

Most of the laptops are not waterproof, so there are high chances that you have a normal laptop with no water resistance. Even if the tag says that the laptop is waterproof, never try that feature ever.

Where is the best laptop repair shop in Dubai?

My Celcare is one of the top-rated mobile and laptop repairing shops in Dubai. We offer a complete laptop repairing setup, that’s why businesses trust us. You can search for our business on Google, and you will find hundreds of positive reviews from the previous clients.

The cost of laptop keyboard replacement is different for different major brands. The average price of laptop keyboard replacement in Dubai is almost AED210* to AED260* for HP, Dell, and Acer and Lenovo laptops. My Celcare JLT Dubai is offering the lowest prices for keyboard replacement in Dubai for all the major brands.

If you have a damaged keyboard, our experts have to repair solutions for any keyboard replacement. Either you want a full keyboard replacement or want us to replace any specific key on the keyboard; My Celcare JLT Dubai always has your back.

If your laptop is turning on, check the battery charging percentage. In most cases, the laptop does not turn on due to a lower rate of the battery. You can try connecting the charging cable to charge the laptop. If there is a problem with the power supply, the laptop may not turn on. If the power supply is working fine, but the screen is not turning on, try removing RAM.

If the laptop is not turning on after all of these efforts, then you can visit us at My Celcare JLT Dubai. We have a team of expert computer geeks that can sort out any issue related to laptops.

Whether you are a professional, student, or a businessman, you must have a personal laptop in 2020. Laptops are way more delicate and prone to damage as compared to personal computers and other gadgets. If you have accidentally dropped your laptop or want to solve any internal issue, you can start your research by typing “laptop repair near me” in Google.

Whenever someone searches for laptop repair services Dubai by typing “laptop repair near me” online, My Celcare JLT Dubai appears at the top of the search results. My Celcare JLT is a renowned computer and laptop repair shop in Dubai.

Laptop Repair near me

Whenever your laptop is in trouble, you don’t need to panic as we have your back for laptop repair near you. We offer all kinds of laptop repair services in Dubai. Whether you need the laptop battery replacement in Dubai or want us to restore the damaged laptop, we do all.

If you are somewhere in Dubai and want to repair your laptop, just dial our contact number, and we will be at your doorstep as we offer free pick-up services.

Laptop Repair Services Dubai

We are not any typical laptop repair shop as our technicians are highly trained to repair every single fault of a laptop from any brand. No matter which your favorite laptop brand, offer the laptop repair service for all brands. Our major repair services include HP laptop repair, Dell laptop repair, Compaq laptop repair, Samsung laptop repair, Lenovo laptop repair, and all other brands. We offer iMac and MacBook repair services too.

Why My Celcare for Laptop Repair Dubai?

My Celcare JLT Dubai has earned this reputation by offering to outclass services and fix solutions to the Dubai clients. Several other laptop repair shops in Dubai are struggling to acquire the top positions for “laptop repair near me.”

When you have so many best laptop repair shops in Dubai, do you need to hire the services of My Celcare? Here are some top reasons to choose My Celcare JLT Dubai for laptop repair services in Dubai.

We are experienced

All technicians and the laptop repair crew members are well-trained and highly skilled in solving chip-level issues and repairs. With years of experience, we offer the best laptop repair services in Dubai.

We are affordable

For all laptop brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung, we offer the cheapest laptop repair services in Dubai. From repairing to component replacement, we offer the lowest laptop repair costs Dubai.

We are quick

My Celcare laptop repair team is always ready to take up any repair and replacement project. Once the problem has been identified, we don’t take more than an hour.

Contact My Celcare for Laptop Repair Nearby

If no other laptop repair shop nearby has been able to solve your laptop issue, let us try, and we can assure you 100% success rate. We have OEM components so you can trust for laptop repair and replacement services.

Losing your precious data and information can be frustrating. If you have accidentally deleted your data from hard drive, you can get laptop data recovery services from My Celcare JLT Dubai starting from 240 AED.

If you have lost data due to some hardware damage, then the laptop hard drive recovery cost can vary. The cost of laptop data recovery is not very expensive in case of data loss due to software issues.

Losing your precious data and information can be frustrating. If you have accidentally deleted your data from hard drive, you can get laptop data recovery services from My Celcare JLT Dubai starting from 240 AED.

If you have lost data due to some hardware damage, then the laptop hard drive recovery cost can vary. The cost of laptop data recovery is not very expensive in case of data loss due to software issues.

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