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My Celcare JLT has provided professional computer, laptop repair, and upgrade services in Dubai since 2012!

You rely on your laptop computer for work, fun, and everything! But it's broken. No work gets done, and your day can get tedious and complicated quickly. You need fast laptop repair in Dubai. You have a big work project due, but you dropped your laptop, and now it's cracked and won't boot up. What do you do? Call us. We replace broken laptop parts, often on the same day.

You've found the best laptop repair service in Dubai UAE. Most repairs are completed within 1 to 3 days. In addition, we offer many same-day repairs! In Dubai, UAE, have your laptop notebook or computer repaired and maintained. We offer consumers and business users reliable and fast computer and laptop repair.

A decade of experience makes us the best laptop repair and maintenance choice. We're here for you. Got a computer problem and need it fixed today? Call us. We can fix many issues remotely.

We can fix it. Often the same day!

You need a one-stop shop in Dubai for laptop or computer repair. Count on our engineers' diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities to diagnose your laptop issues quickly and accurately. In addition, we can often repair your laptop Mac and many of your PC problems remotely, so there's no need to bring your computer in to be serviced.

Suppose our IT engineers need additional parts to fix your system. In that case, we will take your PC to our service center for diagnosis at no charge and repair with your approval of repair costs. Hopefully, our certified technicians can repair and service all laptops and computer systems, including Apple Mac, PCs, Microsoft Surface Pro, and all-in-one computers, on the same day.

Free Diagnostics:

During the free diagnostic check, My Celcare JLT certified technicians determine what is wrong with your laptop. Once we find the root of the problem, our technician explains the issue, your repair options, cost, and time estimates. Then, with your approval, the repair or service of your laptop begins immediately.

We have seen it all because we have repaired and serviced thousands of laptops and computers over the last decade, resulting in thousands of satisfied clients. Most issues are minor and quick to fix. Whether your laptop issue is simple, like slow bootup, corrupt windows installation, backup data issues, and maintenance, we've seen the most common problems, including replacing hard drives from HDD to SDD and installing operating systems.

Common Problems We Fix:

Broken Laptop Screen Repair:

Laptop screen damage is one of the most common issues of every digital device today. Although hardware and technology are constantly improving, the laptop Screen is still fragile and can crack easily. We can replace and repair your LCD and LED laptop screens on the same day!

Laptop Battery problems:

As your laptop ages, the battery holds less charge. We'll get you charged again, whether it's a charging IC (integrated circuit) or any other underlying issue. We'll find the problem in minutes.

Liquid damage Repair:

Oops! You spilled coffee on your keyboard, and now your laptop is broken, and your life comes to a standstill. Liquid can damage your laptop's trackpad, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, or motherboard. We'll locate and trace all electrical issues caused by this kind of spill and fix them quickly and carefully.

Laptop Data loss & Recovery:

Data drives everything in this brave new digital world. That's a lot to keep organized. Suppose you accidentally delete important files, format your disk incorrectly, or are experiencing hard drive issues. In that case, we'll work to recover the precious information from your damaged laptop. The certified professionals at our service center have mastered the use of recovery tools & techniques used to recover your data from almost all situations.

Slowness or performance issues:

We all have tons of fun playing video games. It's a great way to bring family and friends together to hang out. But, when the software runs slow, it can be uncomfortable. Often, it's GAME OVER. No stress; we can diagnose the problem and keep the fun going. Call us.

We'll fix the problem remotely if possible most in-shop repairs are completed in 1 to 3 days or less. Trust us to solve your slow laptop issues quickly. You don't have to come to the service center. We offer pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience.

The most common reasons for a slow laptop are:

  • Need more RAM
  • Physical damage
  • SSD upgrade
  • Charging adapter issues
  • Malware and viruses
  • Overheating concerns
  • Cooling system malfunction.

Many simple laptop repairs are quick to diagnose and fix, like too little memory, a damaged screen, a worn-out battery, junk on your hard drive, clogged fans, and a cooling failure. If you're in Dubai experiencing any of these issues, you need help fixing your laptop. Please bring it to the service center, where we will restart your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions for Laptop Repair Service

How long does laptop repair take?
The time it takes to repair a laptop can vary depending on the problem and the repair service. Some repairs can be done quickly, while others may take longer.
How much does laptop repair cost?
The laptop repair cost can vary depending on the problem and starts from 150 AED.
How fast are your services?
Our services are too quick, and our team responds quickly. Most of our services are offered in less than an hour, depending upon the severity of the damage.

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