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MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Air is a sleek machine with the amazing design yet sensitive components. From MacBook Air screen to MacBook Air keyboard, every part must be dealt with utmost care. Harsh use and abuse may easily damage MacBook Air.

Most of the MacBook Air issues can be resolved with simple repair services, but at some point, component replacement may be the only option.

MacBook Air Keyboard

The keyboard and trackpad are the two most essential components of any device. Without a keyboard, your device is just a display where you can input nothing. MacBook Air keyboard is the component that takes most of the beating. Every key is pressed thousands of times in the office environment.

If you are having MacBook Air keyboard issues, you are not alone, as almost every device may exhibit some issues after some time. Even Apple official website also stated that many models might exhibit some issues like:

• Characters and letters repeat unexpectedly.

• Characters and letters don’t appear on the screen.

• Keys don’t respond in the right manner.

• You have to push keys harder

Common MacBook Air Keyboard Issues

There are several things that can go wrong with the MacBook Air keyboard. No matter which model you have and what’s the issue, there are always replacement or repair services in Dubai that we offer. At My Celcare JLT Dubai, we offer a wide range of MacBook Air repair services.

My Celcare Apple repair technicians deal with hundreds of devices that have some kind of keyboard issues. Here are some common MacBook Air keyboard repair services that we offer:

MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement

If there is any hardware issue with the device that cannot be repaired, we offer a fully professional MacBook Air keyboard replacement for all models of MacBook Air. With original EOM keyboards, our MacBook Air keyboard replacement services are too smooth that you cannot tell the difference between the replaced keyboards.

Repair MacBook Air Keyboard Stuck Keys

Due to continued use, the keys may remain stuck, and it happens mostly due to dust particles. We properly clean the keyboard of MacBook Air to get the dust particles. With safe chemicals and advanced power cleaners, we ensure that every key work smoothly, and you get the feel of the new MacBook Air keyboard. 

This process is cheaper than MacBook Air keyboard repair or MacBook Air keyboard replacement, but it can be very helpful to get things back to flow.

Non-Responsive MacBook Air Keyboard Keys

If some specific key is not responding, there might be some issues with the keyboard chip. Cleaning the keyboard chip may get the issues resolved, but it is not always sure if this method is going to work. If the key still does not respond, MacBook Air keyboard replacement may be the last option.

MacBook Air Keyboard Repair after Liquid Spill

Liquid damage repair is the most common service that we offer regarding the MacBook Air keyboard service. If you have spilled water or any other liquid, the keyboard may stop working. Our experienced technicians will open the MacBook Air keyboard to clean it and have the keyboard back to normal functions.

MacBook Air Keyboard Light not working

If the MacBook Air keyboard light is not working for any reason, you need to visit My Celcare right now as we are the experts in MacBook Air chip level repair services. We can replace the MacBook Air keyboard light.

Contact us today on 044211494 Email: [email protected] or visit our service centre at Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai. We also offer free pick up and delivery.

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