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Reliable iPhone 12 Mini Repair in Dubai

Hey there, is your iPhone 12 Mini Damaged? Are you in search of not only the fastest, and affordable, and the best iPhone repair shop in Dubai?
My Celcare has solid ten years of experience in the iPhone repair service.
We have a team of well-certified technicians who have been serving our customers with the best iPhone repair in Dubai.
We use Original OEM Parts for the iPhone repair, and that is what we are well known for. We are well known for our honesty repair.
My Celcare rank on the list of top iPhone repair service centers in Dubai.

About iPhone 12 mini:

The iPhone 12 mini display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design. The iPhone 12 mini is the same as the 6.1-inch iPhone 12, only more minor.
iPhone 12 mini takes up less space in your pocket or bag, and it feels weightless in hand thanks to the use of aluminum and not stainless steel.
iPhone 12 mini is not comically small in how an iPod touch or first-gen iPhone SE feels. iPhone 12 mini is just comfortable. 
At 5.18 by 2.53 by 0.29 inches (HWD) and 4.76 ounces, the mini is the smallest, lightest premium phone I've seen in a while.
Even when Apple iPhones are made with the best quality products, they can start up acting sometimes.
In this case, you will need to visit the Official Apple store or any licensed iPhone repair service center in Dubai.
If your iPhone 12 mini is under the Apple warranty, you can get it repaired from the official Apple Store. If not, My Celcare is always ready to help.

Common Reasons Why iPhones 12 mini is Acting Up:

iPhone Water Damage:

When an iPhone falls into water, then it is usually beyond repair. Newer versions of the iPhone have proven to be more water-resistant, with some users reporting complete submersion causing no long-term damage. However, if you drop your phone down the loo, then it is usually beyond economic repair.

iPhone Screen Damage:

iPhones can work with a cracked screen, the glass can break, but the "digitizer" underneath can remain active and respond to your touch. However, we cannot just replace the glass as the digitizer is bonded to the glass, and removing it will break the digitizer as it is very fragile. Unfortunately, broken glass means a replacement screen is required.

iPhone Battery Damage:

There are plenty of tutorials showing you how to replace an iPhone battery. However, if you get it wrong, you can cause more damage to the iPhone. We have been asked to fix many phones where the user has started the repair but cannot complete it, and depending on the problem or the state of the iPhone will depend on whether we can fix the issue and reassemble.

10 Common Reasons That We Repair:

  1. iPhone 12 Mini battery damage
  2. iPhone 12 Mini screen damage
  3. iPhone 12 Mini water damage
  4. iPhone slow performance 
  5. iPhone not charging
  6. iPhone extreme temperatures
  7. Dust and Dirt Inside the iPhone
  8. iPhone Damaged Memory
  9. iPhone Broken Glass
  10. iPhone damaged ear speaker

As mentioned earlier, My Celcare is the fastest and provides the most affordable iPhone 12 mini repair price. We provide the most reliable iPhone 12 mini cost in Dubai.

Free Pick and delivery service:

We also provide free pick and drop service to our clients. We can pick your device, fix it and safely deliver it back to your location.
All you need to do is contact our customer service or fill the inquiry form down below. We also provide a warranty for the repair. After the repair, you can track your iPhone 12 mini repair warranty on our website.

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