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iPhone 12 mini LCD Screen Repair Replacement

If you have an iPhone 12 mini with a broken screen, you are missing the real fun of one of the most amazing displays. You don’t need to change the device if the iPhone 12 mini screen is broken. It does not seem a good idea to invest thousands in the new device when you can easily get an iPhone 12 mini screen Repair replacement.

Breaking the iPhone screen is common for Apple users. If you have a cracked iPhone 12 mini display, you are not alone. At My Celcare JLT, we have replaced screens for thousands of devices.

My Celcare JLT- iPhone Repairing Specialists in Dubai

For the last several years, we have been offering professional iPhone repair services for all new and old models of the iPhone 12 mini. With the release of the new iPhone 12, we have updated our stock for every variant. Now, you can get OEM parts for iPhone 12 mini repair in Dubai at My Celcare. We are famous for the highest quality repairs in Dubai at competitive prices.

In every aspect, we offer better repair services than our competitors. From quick repair services to the competitive iPhone 12 mini screen replacement cost, we exceed your expectations at every step. Our expert technicians are fully licenses and experienced to handle all kinds of iPhone 12 mini repairs.

OEM iPhone 12 mini Screen

Paying for iPhone 12 mini LCD replacement at My Celcare means that you are getting the same services as Apple Care but at a much faster pace and minimum waiting time. At My Celcare JLT Dubai, there is no need to wait for weeks or even days. We offer same-day iPhone 12 mini LCD screen Repair replacement in Dubai.

For a normal broken iPhone 12 mini screen, we offer replacement service in less than 30 minutes. If there is no visible crack or damage, we diagnose the device for the possible issue before replacing the component. Once the root cause is detected, we replace the broken iPhone 12 mini screen with an OEM screen. The use of OEM components offers the same experience as a new device.

Highest Quality Repair Services

Our expert technicians put their best efforts into every repairing request. We replace the iPhone 12 mini LCD in such a way that you won’t be able to detect the repair. With the use of the right tools and techniques, we offer 100% customer satisfaction and a limited-time warranty for the replaced components.

When it comes to iPhone 12 mini screen replacement in Dubai, we understand the sensitivity of the job. Every device is thoroughly inspected by the quality assurance team and run through different tests. Once we are sure about the quality of the replaced component, we hand over the device to the client.

Getting started with My Celcare is easy

If you are busy with your office work and cannot afford to visit our iPhone 12 mini repair center, we can pick the device from your location. The device will be delivered to your location after the repair, or you can visit our shop.

Contact us today on 044211494 Email: [email protected] or visit our service centre at Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai. We also offer free pick up and delivery. Email: [email protected]

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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