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Find out Quickest iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Replacement!

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max battery is more powerful and robust, offering the most extended battery if tested. We depend more on it as it is perfect for texting, calling, navigation, downloading, listening to music, and playing games. You enjoy the fantastic features of your dear gadget all the time. With new games, apps, large displays, and more dependency, battery consumption has increased. For sure! Using your device for more than an hour is problematic if the battery is weak. Instead of worrying about unexpected shutdowns and other issues, go for iPhone 11 Pro Max battery replacement service at our reliable hub of experts. Lastly, we ensure your device is 100% perfect after replacement and provide a three-month warranty.

Use of iPhone 11 Pro Max Original OEM Battery at Low Price

Quality speaks, and originality lasts longer! If you want original OEM battery replacement, Apple Care is not the only option in Dubai for replacement. We are famous for using high-quality batteries at affordable prices with more than 12 years of experience.

Try to Prefer Battery Replacement to A New Phone!

Yes, replacing the battery is a better option, saving money and time. Although 3969 mAh capacity, the Li-ion non-removable ( 15.04 wh) battery makes it work for more than twelve hours. Battery exhausts after 500 charge cycles due to Li-ion chemical consumption. Buying a new one will cost more, causing holes in your pocket. However, battery replacement will make it work like a new one at a low cost from a reliable store. Our expert technicians immediately take charge of the change at the standard iPhone 11 Pro Max battery cost on the same day.

Want to check your iPhone battery health?

Apple added a new feature under the Battery tab called Battery Health in the settings. You can see more information with regards to how your device health is doing. You can see both at what capacity the percentage your battery is at and its performance capability.

6 Symptoms That Your iPhone Needs a New Battery

After a more extended period of use, Corrupted and impaired batteries may also cause your cell to shut down unexpectedly as they cannot power the cell's hardware components.

  • Your cell's applications are working sluggishly with less output.
  • Another main factor is that it swells up, protruding from the case.
  • The phone is not operating for an extended period of approximately 12 hours.
  • While charging, it's hot to touch.
  • After charging for many hours, it starts to die within a few hours.
  • It's also frustrating that 50% in half an hour from the dead doesn't support fast charging.

Why Choose Us?

With new games and apps, battery consumption has increased. Using your device for more than an hour is problematic if the battery is weak. Instead of worrying about unexpected shutdowns and other issues, go for battery replacement service in Dubai. We provide a pickup and drop-off facility for your ease. We have been in this repair market for over 12 years, and with years of experience, we have gained a lot of distinction and trust in the service market. Quality is always the result of effort. The identity of our services is that we provide original OEM products and use fine tools to reduce future problems. We have the most competent and professional technical staff who promise to replace battery in less than 20 minutes. Our reasonable iPhone 11 Pro Max battery price for the repair makes us the most affordable service center. We also provide a three months warranty for the service. We have a large number of satisfied customers who trust us with confidence. Feel free to Contact our Customer service for more details about the iPhone 11 battery replacement in Dubai.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Replacement

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