Get your broken iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replaced at your doorstep!

Don't worry about your phone screen getting broken! My Celcare JLT offers hassle-free iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement service at your home, office, or hotel anywhere in Dubai. Broken LCD glass can injure your fingers, so get it replaced as soon as possible. We repair iPhone 11 Pro Max display in UAE at up to 25% less price than our competitors. If you are facing a problem like the broken screen in your iPhone then contact us, we are just a click away.

Here are some potential symptoms of a malfunctioning iPhone 11 Pro Max LCD:

  • No Display at All: In the complete absence of any visual output on the screen, the device may still make a sound or vibrate, indicating that it is powered on.
  • Ghost Touches: In such a case, the application and touch functions work automatically without the user's command.
  • Lines on the Display: Horizontal or vertical lines appearing on the screen, distorted or discolored lines affecting the overall quality of the display.
  • Screen Freezing: The display becomes unresponsive and typing disappears, with frequent occurrences of the device getting stuck on a particular screen.
  • Physical Damage: One of the most common problems is cracks, scratches, or dents in the screen glass that also impair the functionality of the device.

Can the iPhone 11 Pro screen be repaired?

Yes, we guarantee that your iPhone 11 Pro Max screen can be repaired. Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro Max in September 2019. We have repaired hundreds of screens since then. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who have extensive experience in iPhone repair. Whereas it is because of this experience that we make such lofty claims. We are considered the leading service center in Dubai due to our comprehensive repairs for iPhone iPad and MacBook since 2012.

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