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Super fast OEM iPhone 12 Mini battery replacement in Dubai

In this revolutionized century, we live in times of advanced and state-of-the-art technology and widespread internet. We can say that the world is a small village where you can find and say hello even to guys who are millions of miles away from you, but this mini creature sometimes causes trouble due to regular usage as we can not live without it.

If you are worried, where to go?

If your Apple iPhone 12 mini battery is not working at its best level to operate correctly for the whole of the day, you might be in trouble where to go? You may not be able to figure out somebody who will support you at the local level, or you are suspicious that they are amateur, or you may also be reluctant to bring your device to somebody who has dubious fame.

If your phone's battery exhausts after a few hours per day and you cannot spend the whole day, you would likely have to replace it with an authentic shop. My Celcare provides high-quality service for iPhone 12 mini Battery Replacement.

Battery Specification

Type: Li-Ion 2227 mAh, non-removable (8.57 Wh)
Charging: Fast charging 20W, 50% in 30 min (advertised)

The right time for Battery Replacement:

We hear pretty often that losing energy because of the age of the cellphone is a major central and dominating issue. If you face any iPhone 12 mini battery trouble such as:

  • It starts to kick the bucket very soon or without warning.
  • iPhone 12 mini battery drainage occurs fast after upgrading this device due to abnormal second-rate battery life.
  • If it is charging too slowly.
  • It turns off prematurely or unanticipatedly, even if it shows the sign of enough battery.
  • It works when plugged in; otherwise, it is always dead or gives up the ghost.
  • The battery has been inflated or bloated, causing harm to the phone.
  • It starts to heat up when you operate it for a more extended period.

Trust is earned when actions meet words:

Our Valuable Services:

We want to encourage and galvanize you to trust us instead of taking your iPhone to someone who is not good enough to complete your cell repair. Try our platform.

  • We keep in mind what's best for you, and we will replace your device's battery at a reasonable price without making it heavy on your pocket.
  • Drop your phone to My CelCare, who can look after your phone from each aspect by handling it carefully and solving the problem within an hour, by using sophisticated and best tools ever.
  • Pick and drop service is also available and repaired within a given time frame. We pick and drop it with responsibility and care.
  • We provide a three months warranty also. If you face any trouble, we welcome you to fix it again.
  • Our clients trust us because they always receive professional service and fantastic customer care by providing genuine batteries.

Battery replacement service is everyday bread and butter for us. If you talk about impaired and defective batteries, we offer the best services for iPhone 12 mini Battery Replacement in Dubai. We are glad to serve you!

Location: Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai
Contact Number: 044211494
Email: [email protected]

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