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iPhone xs Max Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Max screen repair at your doorstep!

If you accidentally drop your phone, it can cause damage to the oled lcd. Dropping the device is not a big deal, but a cracked display makes it difficult to access important information. We can fix your Apple iPhone xs max screen in 45 minutes at a reasonable price. If you are worried about data privacy, don't worry, our highly skilled team repairs your phone. Our experts know that Apple has launched a new phone with the latest technology. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts in all our repair work. You should contact us for a free quote. We will provide a one-year warranty on our iPhone xs max screen replacement in Dubai. The best thing about our service is that it is hassle-free. Our team is professional and well-trained.

Quick and affordable screen repair offers!

Most of the people who own iPhones are aware of how valuable the screen of their devices is. We can repair your

iPhone xs max screen at a very affordable price, no matter where you are in Dubai. Quality services can be provided at your home, hotel, or office at a reasonable cost, thanks to our team of iPhone xs max screen replacement team.


Three reasons to replace the screen

If your phone display is unresponsive, you may face some problems, but never worry.


1. Broken LCD

A blank or black screen, cracked glass, flickering, distorted or stretched image, flickering green screen, and horizontal or vertical lines are some of the symptoms that if you are experiencing any of these issues. You should never try to fix it yourself because it is extremely risky. We offer the best iphone xs max screen repair price, that is what we claim.

2. Ghost Touch Issues

There can be many software and hardware reasons your iPhone XS Max Touch is ghosting itself.

  • Dropping the phone causes it to lose connection to the integrated circuit on the board.
  • Falling into the water can be a major problem that makes this ghost touch screen work.
  • The iOS 13 ghost touch issue was a bug that could be fixed with an update to the iPhone xs max.

3. unresponsive touchscreen

If your iPhone touchscreen doesn't work, it's useless; a good touchscreen is the secret to the phone's uniqueness. An excellent type of scratch-resistant glass 3D touch with advanced technology has been introduced by Apple in the iPhone xs max. It's not a big deal that there are problems with the touchscreens. My Celcare JLT are able to solve all of their problems in a timely manner because we understand the phone needs of our customers.


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