iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement

Fix Your iPhone XS Max in 30 Minutes!

Is your iPhone XS Max constantly begging for a charger? Annoyed by those dreaded "Important Battery Message" pop-ups? You're not alone. Here's the hard truth: even the mighty iPhone XS Max battery weakens after hundreds of charge cycles.

Here at My Celcare JLT, we get it. You need your phone to stay connected, powered up, and on the go. That's why we offer a fast, affordable iPhone XS Max battery replacement service in Dubai.

The Science Behind the Drain:

  • The iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh battery, but research shows Li-Ion batteries typically lose capacity after around 500 charge cycles.
  • This means your once-reliable phone might only hold 80% of its original charge.

Symptoms of a Tired Battery:

  • Frequent need to recharge
  • "Important Battery Message" warnings
  • Unexpected shutdowns

Our Solution: Power Up Your Day

Don't settle for a sluggish phone. At My Celcare JLT, our expert technicians can replace your iPhone XS Max battery quickly and efficiently. This means:

  • Fast turnaround time: Get back to enjoying uninterrupted use of your phone.
  • Affordable service: Keep your phone running smoothly without breaking the bank.
  • Restored capacity: Say goodbye to endless charging and hello to a fully functional battery.

Don't wait! Stop by My Celcare JLT today and experience the difference a fresh battery can make. Let's keep you connected and powered up for whatever life throws your way.

How much does the iPhone XS  Max battery cost?

Ever feel like your iPhone XS Max is clinging to life? Its battery is nearly dead. Don't worry, My Celcare JLT can bring your phone back to life! Replacing your iPhone 12 Pro Max battery with us costs AED 315 and includes a 3-month warranty for your peace of mind. That's right, for a little over four hundred dirhams, you can get extended use out of your phone. Imagine taking great photos, browsing the web, and staying connected for hours on end, all without worrying about a dying battery. Trust My Celcare JLT to deliver top-notch results without draining your wallet.

Why is my iPhone XS Max battery draining so fast?

Hey there, My Celcare JLT friend! Notice your iPhone XS Max battery vanishing faster than a desert mirage? You're not alone. Many XS Max users face this issue, but fear not! Let's troubleshoot like champs.

Fact: Apps can be sneaky battery guzzlers. Open the battery settings and check which apps are the top offenders. Gaming, streaming, and social media apps are common culprits.

Here's a quick win: Turn off background app refresh for these apps. This prevents them from sucking up juice. See a difference? It's awesome! If not, come to my Celcare JLT. Our tech wizards are here to help!

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