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iPhone 11 Screen replacement

Fix your iPhone 11 screen in 30 minutes!

We completely understand the frustration that arises from having a cracked or damaged Apple iPhone screen. But don't worry we're here to assist you! Our team of professionals specializes in offering the best iPhone 11 screen replacement service in Dubai. No matter if your display has a crack or is completely shattered rest assured we have the solution, for you. We fully recognize the importance of your iPhone in your routine. Having a damaged screen can be quite bothersome.

At My Celcare JLT we make use of OEM parts to ensure that our screen fixes are of the quality. Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced ensuring a smooth and hassle free repair process. Our main priority is your satisfaction. We always strive to provide you with an experience that's as convenient, as possible.

To begin all you need to do is bring your iPhone 11 to our Dubai store or we can arrange for a courier to collect it from your home. Our helpful team will then assess the damage while providing pricing and fast turnaround times. This way you'll be able to start using your iPhone and without any interruptions.

Don't allow a cracked screen to diminish your iPhone experience. Count, on our iPhone 11 screen repair service to bring your device back, to its state of excellence. We are dedicated to providing you with a dependable and stress free process. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the iPhone 11 screen replacement cost?
A: The iPhone 11 screen replacement cost in our service center is 525/AED*.
How long does it take to repair a cracked iPhone 11 screen?
We understand how important it is to have a cracked screen fixed. We're here to assist you. Our skilled technicians are committed to providing a fast turnaround time while maintaining quality. Typically it takes around 30 45 minutes to repair a cracked iPhone 11 screen depending on the extent of the damage. You can be confident that our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring an experience for you. Feel free to relax in our waiting area while we take care of your phone. We value your time. Prioritize service so that you can quickly enjoy using your fully restored device again. Count on us for reliable and customer focused iPhone 11 screen repair!