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iPhone 12 Pro screen Repair at Your Doorstep!

Whatever happens, happens! Nowadays, breaking the phone is very common, and the most affected part is its screen. New versions are overpriced; changing the phone because of a broken LCD may seriously shake your purse. Hence it's always more affordable to repair the existing phone screen than buy an ultra-modern one!
Luckily, if you are the keeper of an iPhone 12 Pro that needs some LCD repairs, in that case, you don't have to hurry for the newest, pricey style – pop in to see My Celcare and opt for one of plenty of display repairs for iPhone 12 Pro to bring your handset to its previous like brand new condition! Unlike other service centers in Dubai, we offer you a free standard diagnosis before we even start our work. During this procedure, we check your smartphone to find the problem and the best solution. This ensures no hidden faults and gives you a proper and precise quote for repair.

Symptoms that your iPhone 12 pro screen Needs to Be Replaced?

There is an urgent need to replace your iPhone 12 Pro LCD if it is cracked or has more scratches than the stars. Or change this when:

  • Coloured Lines Appears
  • Display stops responding
  • Black or Shady spots appear
  • LCD shows Nothing

If you have any issues regarding your iPhone 12 Pro screen, don't waste your time and contact us to save your time and money. We can repair your iPhone's screen efficiently, or if there is any need to change it, we will replace the screen with the original 6.1 inches and 1170 x 2532 Pixels OEM screen.

How do we repair iPhone 12 pro screen?

If your smartphone LCD is broken, it's not the end of the world, we can assure you! We are very experienced in replacing iPhone 12 Pro LCD. We use the newest, most sophisticated technology to repair your display. Unlike many other service centers, we use only certified replacements for your iPhone screen to make sure it will serve you for many years.
We have two options for iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement.

  • Original OEM 

  • Aftermarket Screen

Need Your iPhone 12 Pro repaired? don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Most repairs are sorted and sent to a phone's owner the same day! Our shop in JLT is open every weekday, and we would be glad for you to visit. If it suits you, you can also arrange your repair or replacement via our online service and dispatch your mobile or to our iPhone repair center for prompt repair or replacement, or you can connect with us via email, WhatsApp. We will pick your phone and return it to you after repairing it carefully, and it's all free of cost. So there is no need to ask any more about professional iPhone 12 Pro repair near me- we are here to help!

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