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iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement

Super fast OEM iPhone 12 pro battery replacement in Dubai

iPhones are excellent A-1 devices, but they’re not famous for their battery life as batteries remain consumable hardware and have a limited lifespan. At one point, they’ll degrade badly or shoot down enough that you won’t have any other option left but to replace it with a new one. So, when is that the right time? How do you know when you need iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement in Dubai? Let’s solve this puzzle!

Facts About iPhone Pro Battery:

The considerable majority of batteries are lithium-ion models. Lithium-ion batteries are simply the most yielding type of chemical battery available. Apple uses an advanced type with two different charging stages.

  • The first is a rapidly charging stage that quickly charges during the 0 – 80% charge phase.
  • The second is slower, trickling and creeping the charge from 80% to 100% and boosts to keep it safe and efficient for as long as possible.

When do you get serious about replacing your battery's device?

I would suggest that you should go for replacement of battery if your device is showing these ominous signs:

  • Your iPhone 12 Pro works shorter amounts of time before a device needs to be recharged, and you cannot operate it for a few hours.
  • Your cell is switched off instantly, even if it shows the sign of enough charge as an unwarned closure causes so much disturbance.
  • Sometimes, drainage occurs fast after upgrading this device due to exhausted battery life.
  • If it is not charging fast, it cannot charge within half an hour.
  • Heating the device is a significant issue while on charge.
  • Due to a malfunctioned or defective battery, the system is draining your battery power more than usual.
  • Jutting out or swelling of the battery

Why Choose My Celcare JLT Services:

My Celcare JLT has been providing an iPhone service since 2012 as we have gained a lot of eminence and distinction in the iPhone service market circle. We have long threads of satisfied and happy customers with hundreds of positive reviews on Google.

  1. We have an authenticated team of expert technicians and repair persons who have many years of experience in the iPhone battery repair industry since 2012. We assure you we will provoke your gadget back to life.
  2. Our services are best known for being the most inexpensive iPhone 12 pro battery replacement as we charge a reasonable amount.
  3. We provide customers with the best quality service by installing genuine batteries.
  4. Customer satisfaction and trust is our top priority as we replace the battery with exceptional care and concern.
  5. We also provide free pick and drop delivery service to our clients with care at your place. Contact our customer service, give them your location and get your iPhone fixed and
  6. dropped safely back at your doorsteps. So feel free to avail this service.
  7. We provide a three months guarantee for battery replacement.

We strongly believe that services are always based on trust and conviction. We have earned our name based on these facts. We provide the best stop for iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement as we are our expert in our domain.

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