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iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement

The new iPhone 12 Pro has one of the latest battery technologies, and that’s why it is extremely important to pick the right shop for iPhone 12 Pro battery replacements. If you notice anything wrong with the new iPhone 12 Pro, there are high chances of the faulty iPhone 12 Pro battery.

My Celcare is aware of the possible issues with the Apple products, and that’s why we have the stock of the original iPhone 12 Pro batteries. If you ever need original iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement services without any delay, My Celcare JLT Dubai is the right choice for you.

Issues with iPhone 12 Pro Battery

Like other devices, iPhone 12 Pro batteries also start losing the real potential after some time. As the device is relatively new, the issues are not due to the iPhone 12 Pro battery health. There might be some electrical malfunctions in the iPhone 12 Pro.

At My Celcare, instead of directly jumping into iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement, we run complete diagnostic tests first. In most of the previous repairs, we have found the given faults:

• iPhone 12 Pro battery drains too fast

• iPhone 12 Pro does not indicate the original state

• iPhone 12 Pro shuts down the operations without warning

• iPhone 12 Pro does not charge properly

• iPhone 12 Pro showing warning sign or other issues

• Swollen iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement

Same-day iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement in UAE

You don’t have all day to wait for the iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement, and that’s why our technicians don’t take more than 20-30 minutes for the process. If there are any complications in the battery replacement process, we will notify you when the device is ready. Instead of waiting for days, get a quick iPhone 12 Pro battery Replacement in Dubai. iPhone 12 Pro Battery Health Checkup

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with 2815 mah battery power. It is enough battery storage to power your device for daily operations. If you are experiencing the unexpected shutdown right after buying the new phone, it might happen due to any short circuit. So, before the iPhone 12 Pro replacement, we run a test for iPhone 12 Pro battery health checkup. If hardware malfunction is found, we replace the iPhone 12 Pro battery.

iPhone 12 Pro Battery Cost

My Celcare JLT has a transparent pricing model for all devices. As the iPhone 12 Pro is the newest launch so the price may vary at the time of the replacement. We have competitive iPhone 12 Pro battery prices in Dubai. If you ever need to know the iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement cost in Dubai, you can contact us for a free quote.

My Celcare JLT offer Customer Satisfaction

After the iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement service, we test your device. We not only ensure the perfect fitting of the new battery, but we also ensure that the device is properly charging without any issue. Once you have your device in your hands, you can use it just like a brand new iPhone 12 Pro.

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