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Have your iPhone 11 Pro Max screen accidentally broken? And looking for a reliable iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement in Dubai. So luckily you have come to the right place! My Celcare JLT commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name. We repair your device using high quality OEM parts and do not compromise on quality. Our skilled technicians complete the iPhone 11 Pro screen repair process within 45 minutes working at the usual speed.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning display, which may indicate a need for service:

  1. Flickering Display: A consistent or intermittent flicker can be a sign of a damaged screen.
  2. Vertical Lines: These can appear due to a malfunction in the screen's pixels or connectors.
  3. Burn-In: This refers to a permanent mark on the display that appears when an image is left static for a long period.
  4. Unresponsive Touch Screen:If your screen is acting up automatically or responds intermittently to your touch, the display is defective and needs to be replaced.
  5. Black Screen: A completely black LCD can suggest a serious issue with the display panel or its connections.

Should the iPhone 11 Pro screen be repaired?

Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro screen should be repaired. The display is an important component of any smartphone and it can get damaged by accident. So there's no guarantee that if you buy a new iPhone it won't break. And one of the major reasons for getting old phones repaired is our imported data. Considering all these concerns of our esteemed customers. My Celcare JLT offers professional iPhone 11 Pro screen repair at an affordable price.

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