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 iPhone 7 Battery Replacement in Dubai

Do you just impress from the performance of your Apple iPhone, and now has accepted it as a part of your life? Just ask us one question, has restarting your iPhone become routine? Do you have long working days when your apps loaded swiftly, and you could watch YouTube videos easily till iPhone 7 battery was a 5%?

We understand that nothing could be worse than to have the worst battery time, epically if you have an iPhone. So what’s the solution now? Are you looking for the best iPhone 7 Battery Replacement in Dubai? Well so, then you have come to the right place. We at My Celcare has been serving the residents of Dubai for the fast, affordable, and guaranteed phone repairs services. So if your battery is just draining out quickly, and is not charging up to 100%, then don’t worry because the experts are here to let your iPhone 7 ready for the multi-tasking again.

Fastest iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Services in Dubai

Dealing with an iPhone 7 with a less-trustworthy battery can be a hassle. Yes, it can put an effect on your day-to-day performance. That’s why contacting the professionals, primarily if you are residing in Dubai is of utmost importance. We have the industry leading iPhone Replacement Company, who can help you keep up with your busy lifestyle. However, you have got no time to visit our office for battery replacement? Well, that’s not an issue! Give us a call now, and one of our representatives would be at your place with an original battery in hand.

Why Choose My Celcare for iPhone 7 Battery Replacement?

My Celcare JLT has been serving the people in Dubai with the best battery replacement services. We are known for providing the super-fast iPhone repair services in Dubai. Our friendly and qualified staff is 24/7 around the clock work hard to offer a variety of services to make sure your phone can get back to its peak position. So whether your iPhone battery has started draining, or is not fully charging, contact us and get the problem for solution.

Please Note: We only use the genuine parts in our repairing and replacement. So want to let you assure that you will not face any problem while using the products we have installed or used in repair or replacement.

All the Batteries come with 3 months warranty, so get peace of mind.

Signs you need iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

Here are some signs that show you need to get an iPhone 7 battery instantly. These are:

• Your battery outgrew your iPhone 7.

• iPhone 7 is getting shut down without any reason.

• Battery is draining out quickly than usual.

• iPhone 7 is getting hot while using or only works when plugged-In.

If you are facing any of these signs, then surely you need to contact our technicians.

If I am not free to visit your shop and need an immediate battery replacement?

Why worry, contact us and get the repairers at your doorstep. We can make replacement your iPhone 7 battery in less than 20-30 minutes, not more.

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