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iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

Super-Fast OEM iPhone 11 Battery Replacement in Dubai

The iPhone 11 has 3110 mAh, non-removable (11.91), Li-ion battery with a long lasting higher capacity. Apple claims that it lasts up to 17 hours during video playback, 65 hours for audio playback, and 10 hours for streaming video playback. However, it’s a necessary evil that it degrades over time due to its continuous use. You must be facing trouble and agitation if the battery life of your device is too low? Search for a quick recovery. My Celcare JLT has been providing its effective and dynamic service since 2012. Our expert technicians do iPhone 11 battery replacement at an economical cost in the blink of an eye.

We Offer Replacement Solution at Low cost!

Cost is always a big deal! Suppose your battery faces malfunctions such as heating up, exhausting fastly, swelling up, or being unable to charge. At this point, its health is questionable. You need to change it, which is the primary signal that it can no longer act as a powerhouse of the Apple iPhone. Our mechanics do service in the well-equipped laboratory with friendly iPhone 11 battery replacement cost on the same day within half an hour.

How To Make Your iPhone 11 Battery Last Longer?

Battery starts to deplete after 500 charge cycles repeatedly. By taking good care of your iPhone's battery, you can give it the longest possible lifespan by following these steps:

  1. Avoid direct exposure to heat
  2. Switch off location service
  3. Enable the auto-brightness
  4. Remove cases before charging
  5. Set on a low power mode when it is going to deplete
  6. Disable the power-sucking apps.

Warranted or Non warranted: Here is the Deal!

If your iPhone is new and still under warranty, definitely replace the battery as under the contract. The repair should be free or low-cost. However, it will take a few days. Suppose it is out of warranty. It probably makes sense to replace it with an authentic and reliable service center. Surely! You have to pay for it, but the cost will be low and quick compared to iPhone Repair. Our Experienced technicians do the procedures within minutes.

An Easy Way! How do you know your iPhone's Battery Health?

The first trouble you observe is Li-ion battery exhaustion. Suppose it is dying slowly and steadily or not functioning correctly. Apple provides the option to check the health if it needs replacement or not.

Go to Settings > Battery
Tap on Battery Health

You will observe its maximum capacity when it is new. The older your gadget, the lower this performance is likely to be. "Below" indicates the battery's low 'Peak Performance Capacity. If it works well, you will see a message: "Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance." In case of weak performance, our experts help revive it by installing genuine and original OEM batteries to make it work like a new one.

Why Choose Us!

All the symptoms mentioned above alarm, have a quick battery replacement. Sometimes, the issue is more profound than a battery. So seek help urgently and contact us at the earliest possible moment. If you live in Dubai but are too busy to visit us, we also provide free home services to our clients with care at your place.

With acquainted and experienced technicians, we manage your device carefully to fix it within the allocated time frame, which is not more than half an hour. Hard work and devotion is our secret. Our reasonable iPhone 11 battery price makes us renowned all over Dubai. Surely! We have an extended thread of happy and comfortable customers with thousands of positive feedback and reviews. We prefer what's best for you and deliver an efficient iPhone 11 battery replacement service in Dubai at the best price.

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