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Super fast OEM iPhone 11 battery replacement in Dubai

You must be facing trouble and agitated if the battery life of your iPhone 11 is way too low? or Your iPhone 11 is not charging at all? or

Is your iPhone 11 shutting down unexpectedly even though it is charged? or you must be curious, why it happens and how to slow down this damage?

It's a necessary evil that iPhone batteries degrade with exhaustion over time due to the continuous use of mobile phones in our daily life. They lose their ability to hold a full charge. My Celcare provides its effective and dynamic service.

Suppose your device faces malfunctions such as heating up, swelling up, or being unable to charge. The iPhone 11 battery health is questionable; you may need an iPhone 11 battery replacement, which is the primary signal that it can no longer act as a powerhouse of the iPhone. Before discussing replacing it, I would like to share some tips and perks to keep your phone in good health.

How To Make Your iPhone 11 Battery Last Longer:

By taking good care of your iPhone's battery, you can give it the longest possible lifespan by following these steps:

1. Avoid direct exposure to heat:

iPhones function best when used at an ambient temperature between 0to 35 degrees centigrade. Operating the device beyond this temperature limit can permanently damage the battery. Avoid charging your device if the ambient temperature is above 35C.

2. Remove cases before charging:

Some protective cases trap heat resulting in exceeding the temperature than the limit, causing harmful effects on your cell's battery. If the device gets too heated up while charging, it's lethal. Taking off the case can help them stay at a moderate temperature while getting power.

3. Charge the battery before long-term storage:

If you're planning not to use your iPhone for a long time, charge its battery up to 50%. We recommend pondering over the issue before replacing the battery:

  • If your iPhone11 is still under warranty, definitely replace it as with the contract, the repair should be free or low cost.
  • Suppose it is not working well to meet your needs and is out of warranty. It probably makes sense to replace it.
  • Old and out-of-warranty mobiles don't need to replace the battery; it probably doesn't make sense as it will not work correctly and cost you more.

When to change your iPhone's battery?

It's accessible to assess if it needs replacing:

  • Go to Settings > Battery
  • Tap on Battery Health
You will observe your battery's maximum capacity when it is new. The older your iPhone, the lower this performance is likely to be. Below that indicates the battery's low 'Peak Performance Capacity. If your iPhone battery is working well, you will see a message that "Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.”
Does your iPhone battery drain faster than usual? At My Celcare JLT, We will replace your defective and impaired battery safely and reliably in a given limited time, and we choose one of the best spare parts to make it fit. We select what’s best for you, and we provide efficient service of iphone 11 battery replacement in Dubai at the best price.

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