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Apple iPhone XS Battery Replacement in Dubai

Is your iPhone XS acting up? Is your iPhone XS not showing the battery percentage? And you are looking for an affordable service center in Dubai. If yes, then you have come to the right place. My Celcare JLT is here to serve you with the best Apple iPhone XS battery replacement in Dubai.
We can be your helpful hub to charge your iPhone XS battery health. Yes, we can help you with the best repair services.
We have the best technicians who can bring your iPhone back to life. We guarantee to replace the battery in less than 30 minutes. So no longer wait, no more trouble!

Why does your iPhone need Battery Replacement?

Is your iPhone XS battery draining out too quickly? Does the Battery Runs Hot? In this case, you need to contact the My Celcare JLT for the fastest and affordable iPhone battery replacement in Dubai.
We have hired a staff of trained and skilled technicians who know each and everything regarding cell phones. If you face any battery issues, then rely on us to offer you high-quality services.


How do you know if your iPhone XS battery is damaged?

Here are some of the most common symptoms that indicate you need battery replacement.
• Swollen battery
• Mobile stopped working while it's on
• Battery is not charging and getting drained after a few minutes
• The iPhone XS is not shutting down
•Your iPhone Works When Plugged In
•Your iPhone Is Hot to Touch
•Phone reboots on its own
•The battery bumps up
•The phone does not hold the charger
•The phone does not charge despite being plugged into a charger
• iPhone XS is getting powered off 
instantly by showing a 1% battery charge even after complete charge up.
If you are witnessing any of these symptoms in your iPhone XS, then maybe this is the right time to find a trustworthy company that can help you in replacing the old and drained-out battery with the new one. 
We are based in Dubai, available to serve you with the best replacement services.
Our experienced technicians will provide you the best advice and help you save battery by improving it. The battery you will buy from us comes with a warranty of 3 months or more.

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience:

We have been in this industry for over 12 years, and with years of experience, we have gained a lot of respect and trust in the service market.

High-Quality OEM Products:

Quality is never an accident. The best thing about our services is we provide high-quality OEM products to end the future problem.

Experienced staff with 30-minute replacement:

We have with us the most talented and trained staff who promise to replace your battery in less than 20 minutes.

Most Affordable Service Center:

What makes us the most affordable service center is our reasonable iPhone XS battery price for the repair, We also provide warranty battery. For more details about the iPhone XS battery replacement cost, contact our Customer service.

Please Note:

All of the above symptoms can demand battery replacement. However, if your phone is continuously troubling you, then maybe the problem is more than the battery damage. So don't wait for more, and contact us today.
If you live in Dubai, but cannot come to our repair shop, we can send our worker to your place. If your mobile phone is still in warranty you can get it repaired from apple store.

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