iPhone XS Battery Replacement Dubai

Do You Want Apple iPhone XS Battery Replacement within a Few Minutes?

With time, the Apple iPhone xs battery starts to lose energy after 500 charge cycles, and you are in trouble while charging it repeatedly. Sometimes, there is deterioration, swelling, or heating up of it. Is your device not performing at its peak? You freeze in your tracks as the battery exhausts in the mid of the call, video compilation, or photo-capturing moments. Are you dreaming of an affordable service center in Dubai? But wait, My Celcare JLT is here to serve you with the best Apple iPhone xs battery replacement in Dubai with more than twelve years of experience. Our handy and expert technicians use the original OEM battery with the help of sophisticated tools, and it will work like a new one.

Battery change at a Very Low Cost that You Expect!

A slow battery is just like a no-brainer. The capacity of lithium-ion technology to hold a charge diminishes with age. The battery needs replacement at some point, even if you are too vigilant. Chemical aging factors depend on climate, the number of charge cycles, and how much you have used. We offer affordable iPhone xs original battery price in UAE to reenergize your gadget with many years of experience. Our experienced technicians will provide you with the best advice and help you save the battery by replacing it with the original OEM battery.

How do you know if your iPhone XS battery is damaged?

If you are witnessing any of the following symptoms in your device, then maybe this is the right time to find trustworthy companies that can help you replace the old and drained-out battery with the new one. We serve in Dubai, available to serve you with the best iPhone xs battery replacement cost.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that indicate you need battery replacement.

  • Swollen battery
  • Mobile stopped working at a bit of moment while it's on
  • Battery is not charging and getting drained after a few minutes
  • Your iPhone Works when plugged in
  • Your device is hot to touch
  • It reboots on its own
  • It does not hold the charge for a longer time
  • It does not charge despite of being plugged into a charger indicating a dead battery
  • It is getting powered off instantly by showing a 1% battery charge even after complete charge up.

Why Choose Us?

All of the above symptoms can demand battery replacement. However, if your phone is continuously troubling you, the issue may be more than the battery damage. So please don't wait for more, and contact us today. If you live in Dubai but cannot visit our repair shop due to a busy schedule, we can send our representative to your place. If your mobile phone is still in warranty, you can get it repaired from the Apple store. We have been in this industry for over 12 years, and with years of experience, we have gained a lot of respect and trust in the service market. Quality is never an accident. The best thing about our services is that we provide high-quality OEM products and use modern tools to reduce future problems. We have the most talented and trained technical staff who promise to replace your battery in less than 20 minutes. Our reasonable iPhone xs battery price for the repair makes us the most affordable service center. We also provide three months warranty for battery. Contact our Customer service for more details about the iPhone xs battery replacement cost.

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