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iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Replacement

iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Replacement in Dubai

Every device has its time, and even the best of iPhones can run into battery issues. When it comes to the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, our dedicated team in Dubai ensures that your device gets the best-in-class service. Whether you're experiencing poor battery life, unexpected shutdowns, or any other battery-related problems, we're here to help!

Why Opt For Our Service?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team comprises experienced professionals who specialize in iPhone repairs, ensuring your device is in safe hands.
  • Competitive Pricing: At just 420/AED*, we provide one of the most affordable iPhone 12 Pro Max battery replacement costs in the region.
  • OEM Parts: We use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, guaranteeing optimal performance post-replacement.
  • Quick Turnaround: Time is crucial, and we pride ourselves in delivering speedy services without compromising quality.

Common iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Issues & Symptoms:

  • Shortened Battery Life: Battery draining faster than usual.
  • Unexpected Shutdowns: The device turns off even when there’s sufficient charge.
  • Swollen Battery: The back or front of the device bulging due to battery expansion.
  • Device Overheating: Excessive heat when charging or during regular use.
  • Slow Charging: The device takes longer than usual to charge to full capacity.

Battery Specifications:

  • Capacity: 3,687 mAh
  • Type: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 3.83 V
  • Watt Hours (Wh): 14.13 Wh
  • Fast Charging Support: Up to 50% charge in around 30 minutes with a 20W adapter or higher.

Get Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Replaced Today!

Don't let battery woes keep you from enjoying your device to the fullest. Visit our service center in Dubai today and give your iPhone 12 Pro Max the rejuvenation it deserves. Remember, a healthy battery means a happier iPhone user!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery replacement take?
Typically, our battery replacement service is completed within 45 minutes, ensuring you get your device back as soon as possible.
How do I know if my iPhone 12 Pro Max battery needs replacement?
If you're facing any of the symptoms listed above, especially shortened battery life or unexpected shutdowns, it might be time for a replacement.
How does the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery price in UAE compare to other regions?
The iPhone 12 Pro Max battery price in UAE is competitive, especially when considering the quality of service and OEM parts we provide.
Will my data remain safe during the battery replacement process?
Absolutely! We ensure your data privacy and integrity throughout the process. However, it's always a good idea to back up your device before any repair.