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Are you in search of an HP battery replacement within a few Minutes?

The Lithium-ion battery with 4400mAh capacity in your HP laptop is the central part that allows you to enjoy all the features of your device. However, it is not supposed to last forever due to exhaustion. You have noticed that your HP battery is not operating even for a few hours. You are worried during work; it will retire at any time. With the help of experienced experts and 12+ years of experience, we have changed hundreds and thousands of batteries in the quickest possible time. We do HP Battery replacement that is best compatible with the different models such as HP Compaq, HP Notebook, HP Z Book series, and many more. Lastly, we replace and fix it within a few minutes, on the same day on a single visit.

Battery Replacement is always fruitful:

The battery is the heart of our laptop. After continuous work, it gets older and older. If the battery in the laptop dies, the machine will be unable to maintain its hardware and software functions. It is likely to cause trouble with the day-to-day use of your system. The two types of batteries, fitted internal and external the laptop, if causing trouble, only the HP laptop battery replacement is the best option. We open the laptop carefully and replace batteries with original ones with great expertise. The external battery is relatively easy to open with a click.

Few Signs that show the Health of your Laptops Battery?

Sometimes, the battery is old, fissured, or swollen. Any leakage, a gummy residue, or broken plastic may be along the surface area. A laptop battery works well after about 1,000 charge cycles or between 2-4 years of typical use. You're not comfortable using it and plugging in more frequently than you used to. In that case, there's an urgent need to replace the laptop battery. Over the twelve years of experience speaks about guaranteed work. My CelCare JLT knows every pulse of your laptop. After finding battery issues, our experts replace it with the original OEM battery without damaging any part. We offer HP Laptop Battery Replacement costs at a meager rate in Dubai then our competitors.

When do you need to replace the battery?

After enjoying your device from year to year, you understand that your battery isn't working to its fullest. You watch half of the movie, which exhausts, spoiling your fun time. Of course, You notice that your HP battery's health is endangered. When a compromised battery, you will notice these signs;

  • Taking too much time to charge the device
  • Losing charge shortly after charging
  • Getting too hot when charging, especially along the underside of the case where the battery is placed.

Why Choose Us?

All the given symptoms need exceptional services. With a vast potential to serve our customers, our HP battery price is as low as you think. Sometimes the problem is severe other than the battery. Our most significant priority is to serve our clients in the best way.

  • Follows timeline and do battery replacement without delay
  • No extra charges and reasonable rates
  • Use of original OEM battery
  • Use of top-quality tools
  • always ready to support and answer customers' questions
  • Availability of pick and drop services at your site
  • Three months warranty.

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