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Dell introduced its first notebook computer, the 316LT, in 1989 and offered long-lasting lithium-ion batteries in 1994. With time, Lithium-ion battery runs out due to age and temperature. You may have trouble with the battery swelling up or heating up. The most common factor is that your laptop takes a lot of time to charge and cannot stand for a longer time. These activities lessen the potential charge and require quick fix. You want a permanent solution as your work is affecting you badly daily. If your Dell laptop does not boot up and shuts down frequently, we put a new and original OEM battery to energize the system to fix all common issues. We offer the affordable Dell Battery Replacement for all Dell models, such as XPS, G series, chrome books, etc. using sophisticated tools. Finally, we have been helping over the last twelve years with 90 days warranty to work your laptop just like the new one.

A Great Opportunity to Avail Dell Battery Replacement at Low Cost!

You are busy with your work and are continuously afraid that your laptop will shut down anytime, especially if it is not put on charging. Your worry multiplies when you forget to save data; all is lost due to a sudden shutdown. We are the doctors of your laptops. Please bring it to us whether the battery trouble or any hidden glitch. The top feature which makes us unique in the repair industry in Dubai is the demand for an economical Dell battery replacement cost.

Your Device Needs Skillful Hands!

If your battery isn't charging, you have trouble with Dell battery health. One of the most frequently occurred reasons a battery may not charge is its bad health with time. Old or damaged batteries may only charge on and off, lose their power frequently, or go from wholly charged to dead in minutes. Only our exceptional services with expert technicians will provide you the facility to replace the battery with a new one to fasten the functioning of your laptop. Our Dell battery price is too low as compare to our competitors.

When do you need to replace the Lenovo battery?

If you recognize that your battery isn't executing as it used to. You ruled out all other issues as your Laptop's Battery's health is probably compromised and endangered.

  • Signs of a worn-out battery are:
  • Getting too hot when charging, particularly along the underside of the case where the battery is placed
  • Taking a too long time to charge
  • Losing charge shortly

Our Spectacular and Striking Services:

My CelCare JLT services are the most reliable store in Dubai. Our technicians carefully know the general steps for replacing the primary and secondary batteries.

    • Strictly follows time and do battery replacement without delay
    • No Hidden or extra charges
    • Supervise A to Z to diagnose the root cause
    • Reasonable and affordable rates
    • Original OME battery
    • Use of top-quality tools
    • Always ready to support and answer valuable customers' questions
    • 12+ Years of Trust in laptop repair
    • Pick and drop services at your place
    • 90 days warranty, and you can track warranty.

Time to Thumbs Up!

Most batteries are of 11.1V or 14.8V Lithium, type and are designated and manufactured by the plants to work for approximately 2 to 3 years under regular use. However, suppose you postpone the battery to die before replacing it. So, seeking help as soon as practicable from an authentic store is recommended. Our platform relentlessly offers Dell Battery Replacement Dubai services with maximum professionalism, which is forever a thirst to gain client satisfaction. We emphasize the services beyond expectations!

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