Difference between Mi and Redmi

You might be in a muddle or confused. What is the difference between Xiaomi Redmi and Mi? It is one of the primary confusion or mixup mystification for many of us about whether there is any distinction between Xiaomi Redmi and Mi? Yes! There is a clear-cut difference. Let's have a look at content up and down!

Xiaomi, a Chinese company, was established in 2010 as a software company. This company used to make software or custom ROM for Android devices in the start. In 2011 the company started its software market by making the first phone. After that, in 2014, Xiaomi was treated as the biggest company in china.

This specific technique distinguishes them because they manufacture phones with quality features at a very low rate. They have their software as well as hardware which are incorporated into their phones.

Mi vs. Redmi is a general difference!

Let the cat out of the bag! Mi& Redmi are both sub-brands of the Xiaomi company. Smartphones of Mi sub-brands tag are expensive, But smartphones under Redmi's sub-branding are likely to be economical or tight-fisted. The statistics say thatMi phones get quicker updates & 2 Major Updates compared to Redmi phones having 1 Major Update. The pricier one should get some benefits.

Know the difference between Mi and Redmi in detail, keeping in mind specifications:

The "Mi" brand series phones have High-end specs, Better Hardware, and have a higher price. For example, Mi5, Mi4, Mi3, etc. Xiaomi's economical smartphones come under the "Redmi '' brand series category. Redmi Phones have comparatively entry-level or Mid-range specs and have lower prices. For exampleRedmi 2,Redmi 3s,Redmi 4 ,Redmi Note 3/4. We are going to throw light in detail about Mi vs. Redmi.


Both Redmi and Mi are operating on MIUI 10. The Redmi series is for informal users who use mobile for everyday necessities. The Redmi series uses Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek processors' quad-core or octa-core middle class.

While the Mi series is for high-end consumers, the Mi phone series use upper-class processors like quad-core or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series. Such processors are also used in high-end smartphones from other reputable manufacturers.


The Mi smartphone increases high-end camera specifications like Hi-Fi, Optical Image Stabilization, dual-tone flash, and manual mode. The Mi smartphones have a minimum camera resolution of 13 MP.

The Redmi phones offer adequate camera results that are perfect for taking selfies. The average camera resolution of the Redmi phone is 8 MP.

RAM size:

The red phone has less RAM size. At the same time, the Mi phone has an extra-large RAM size due to massive processors.


The Redmi phone uses plastic, not giving it a special look. Compared to Redmi, MI phones seem to feel more premium while using. MI Phones are made with extra software and hardware level, which gives a decent user experience. The Mi phone has a blend of plastic and aluminum or stainless steel. That makes the Mi phones look gorgeous and gives an extraordinary feel while in hand.


As mentioned earlier, the Redmi series is thrifty and economical. In contrast, the Mi is costly as it comprises some high-end features.


Which series is better: Mi or Redmi?

The Mi phone series has more design and artistry while the Redmi series has the cheapest price. Sometimes Mi phones and Redmi phones have identical hardware parameters, but Mi phones have better material and design. But in general, the Mi Phoneseries uses better hardware.

Why is Redmi so popular?

One of the biggest reasons for success is Specifications. The company provides high-quality specifications such as camera quality, processor, memory, display, etc.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

Yes, they are. Taking care of your phone can easily last more than 7 years, but it will last only 4–5 years on rough usage, as I don't mean heavy usage. It is well eligible for heavy usage and is really of high quality.

How successful is Xiaomi?

Stimulating its growth rate, Xiaomi transformed into the world's largest consumer IoT (Internet of Things) firm by 2020. Its income surpassed $37 billion.

Why do people prefer Xiaomi?

Their cutting-edge technology and attractive software controls have become the prime choice for day-to-day camera users. If there is one thing more than the MIUI that Xiaomi phones are known for, it's their latest camera technology. Redmi phones come with basically MediaTek Helio, Snapdragon 800 below process. Still, MI phones are quite a quality full, so it comes with a big and powerful processor and strong hardware.

Is Xiaomi safe for privacy?

Even with Xiaomi devices, you can protect your privacy without worrying about the data on your smartphone. You have to remember a few things. Stay away from Xiaomi's default apps. Monitor Android app permissions.

Are Mi phones safe?

Yes, the original Xiaomi phones with stock Xiaomi os are entirely safe. If you encounter any software-related problem, you can ask in their forum en.miui.com. You will get your explanation in minutes.

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