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Greetings from our team! When it comes to repairing your iPhone 7, we know how necessary it is for you to choose a reliable and affordable service. We are here to offer you just that in Dubai. Our dedicated and expert technicians specialize in iPhone 7 repairs, using only OEM parts and advanced tools to bring your device back to its original glory.

Here's a rundown of some familiar hardware problems:

  • Microphone Issues: One frequently reported difficulty with the iPhone 7 pertains to the audio. Problems with the microphone, speakerphone, and voice memo application have been noticed. These issues arise from an unstable solder joint on the audio IC chip, which may disconnect over time due to pressure or accidental falls.
  • LCD Problems: Many iPhone 7 users report screen issues. Problems include unresponsive touch screen, random flickering, and a bright white line around the display edge.
  • Battery Life: iPhone 7 users have noted a quicker battery drain or shorter battery lifespan than expected. You can often solve this issue by updating to the latest software version or replacing the battery.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity: For instance, a handful of users have encountered Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity disruptions on their iPhone 7. This disruption might result from software glitches or hardware faults. Specifically, this could be due to a damaged chip or antenna.
  • Home Button: The iPhone 7 brought in a solid-state Home button that utilizes haptic feedback to mimic a button press. However, a few users have come across issues with the Home button becoming unresponsive or ceasing to work altogether.
  • No Service: A common iPhone 7 issue is the 'Searching' bug. It prevents network connection. It's often due to a logic board flaw, recognized by Apple. They have now started a repair program for affected devices.

Our iPhone 7 repair process

The integrity of your data is of great importance to us. We adhere to strict privacy protocols and ensure all your data remains safe and uncompromised during the repair process. With our service, you can rest assured that your iPhone 7 is in skilled and secure hands. Let us help you keep your device working perfectly. To learn more about our iPhone 7 repair services in Dubai, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at +971-4 4211494.

is it economical to repair or replace an iPhone?

In general, my opinion is that repairing your Apple iPhone 7 is more productive and money-saving. Most common fixes are way cheaper than replacing the gadget or purchasing a new one for the money part.

Why do phone screens crack so easily?

The issue is that smartphone screens are getting larger while overall lesser weight, meaning that glass damage is becoming a growing problem. Manufacturers respond to consumer desire by developing thinner smartphones, but their design makes them more susceptible and vulnerable to screen damage.

How much time is required to fix or set up my iPhone 7?

We do our best to provide same-day repair service with a warranty; we sort out and clear up the problem in less than an hour, depending upon the complication.

Who do I call if I need to make a complaint?

If you are unsatisfied with any prospect of our service. Please get in touch with us. We deal with objections and complaints and try to decipher any complication and inconvenience swiftly and professionally.

Our nuts and bolts plans and services are reasonably priced and never to disappoint until the final resolution and Repair. We'll happily provide iPhone 7 Repair in Dubai to suit your budget and provide extraordinary convenience.

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