iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair

Same day iPhone 7 Water Damage Repair

Nowadays, iPhones are normally water-resistant, but the prospect is moisture can reach any mobile, even if it is made of good water-resistant material. Water damage is the worst thing your phone can face. By ill luck, even it can suffer water damages due to splashing in a pool, flush, mud, a cup of tea, or coffee despite the fact they cost through the nose and on the up and up smartphones. The good news is that a credible shop can bring iPhone 7 water damage repair in an easy way.

Lots of absurd information is here, especially the rice. Rice does nothing except keep you occupied for a day while the power in your phone's battery corrodes your phone's circuit board, and connecting the charger results in continued damage. So, to avoid further damage, it is important to seek help from an expert rather than to use DIY gadgets.

Observations of a Water Damaged Device:

Three cases are likely going to occur if your cellPhone falls into water or liquid:

  • Corrosion can materialize on motherboard wiring and short other wirings.
  • Some of its materials other than motherboard parts can deteriorate. Those parts include a power button, battery, screen, and a few more.
  • Components on the iPhone motherboard can short-circuit with water damage and make it completely useless.

Our on the Dot Services:

  1. Water damage services at a reasonable price.
  2. Provision of a warranty for three months.
  3. Use of OEM parts
  4. Availability of highly skilled technicians
  5. Water damage repairs within an hour depending upon severity.
  6. Use of good quality tools.
  7. 12+ years of committed service in Apple Repair.
  8. Offering free pick up and delivery from Saturday to Thursday for your convenience at your doorstep.


What is the cost of iPhone water damage repair?

Usually, your iPhone will have to be examined first. After that, the technician will confirm the total costs for repair or replacement if needed. That depends on what has been harmed. The problem with water is that it gets anywhere. If one component, say, the charging port, is damaged, sure, it can be repaired. With water damage, though, it's usually easier to count what's not been damaged.

What is IP rating?

While IP ratings indicate the water-repellent nature of phones, taking most phones for a swim will land you in deep trouble. The salt content in oceans and swimming pools can spoil your device and cost you a heavy replacement.

What to do when your iPhone 7 faces water damage?

If your device is water affected, switch it off and remove the battery and visit our shop as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

What should  I do before handing over my device via pick and drop service?

We advise you to set up your device and reset it to the original factory settings. This way, your privacy is insured, and we are proficient in fully testing the device for restoration.


Our services are beyond imagination as we always stick to solving them at our best level with trust and care. If you are in great need of an iPhone 7 liquid damage repair, visit our store to give a new turn to your phone as we know the rhythm and pace of your cell. We are here to serve!

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