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iPhone 7 Liquid Damage Repair in Dubai

Did your iPhone 7 get Liquid? Fall in the ocean? A pool? Or on the other hand even a can? Our master specialists have an incredibly high achievement rate at settling water harmed iPhones. On the off chance that your gadget gets to a My CelCare JLT area that day it gets wet, we can fix it in over 95% of the cases!

iPhone water harm ranges from shallow to extreme. In a portion of the cases, your iPhone 7 simply needs cleaning in an ultrasonic shower utilizing unique synthetic substances and a watchful hand cleaning that will stop further erosion to your motherboard. In serious cases, there can be different regions of harm on the motherboard and it needs at least one of the chips or connectors to be supplanted or reballed. Regardless of what sort of harm the fluid has caused to your gadget, we can, for the most part, fix it!

For the most obvious opportunity for your Apple Device to be fixed, you ought to promptly convey your iPhone 7 to the nearest My Celcare JLT area. The more extended the fluid remains inside your iPhone, the more erosion will happen and will diminish the odds of an effective fix.

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Liquid Damage Repair

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