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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 screen Replacement in Dubai at your doorstep

We use mobiles regularly, and sometimes it slips from our hands or splashes into the water to defect the screen. You start to find a remedy, where is the iPhone Repair near me and where to go to put it into safe hands. Do not tantalize yourself; we are here to resolve it. My CelCare is the iPhone 7 Screen replacement doctor at an affordable price.

Save Your Valuable Money

Your iPhone 7 screen is shattered or smacked, and you’re not sure whether to fix it or sell it; start by comparing its broken device price versus its net value repaired. It is worth repairing it rather than shopping for a new one to save your valuable money. The cost of repair is comparatively less than to have a new one. My CelCare is the best option to repair a damaged screen at reasonable iphone 7 screen price to save your banknotes.

Why Do Customers Love Us?

In Dubai, we play a leading role in mobile iPhone repair because of our top-notch work at a meagre cost. We have many satisfied customers, and they have even called us the best iPhone service centre in Dubai, which boosts our confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Repair and return on the same day within an hour
  • No Hidden Charges, never to change a single penny extra
  • Affordable iPhone 7 display price
  • OEM Replacement Parts
  • Use of refined and sophisticated tools
  • Handles devise with care and concern
  • Give one year Warranty
  • Always ready to support and answer customers inquiries
  • 12+ Years of Trust in Apple Repair
  • 5 Million Smiles and Counting
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep

A Point to Remember

If your gadget is still under warranty, your best option may be to take it for repair without spending money. However, this is not the other side of the coin if you have opened your device to repair the screen or if your cellphone has water damage, as these both will invalidate and nullify the warranty.

Reasons to Screen Damage

The most common reasons are as follow:

  • Water or liquid damage:
  • If accidentally, your mobile falls into a pool, toilet or simply in a puddle. It may damage slightly or poorly depending on the intensity of how much water is absorbed in the gadget.
  • Heat Exposure:
  • Exposing your phone to continuous severe heat can also result in hardships to display or LCD phone crises.
  • An accidental fall:
  • An accidental fall on a hard place may cause severe damage, causing cracks on the whole screen from one corner to another. However, sometimes, there may be minor cracks on the sides, but they can lead to further damage as they expand with time.
  • Dust Particles: Cracks provide space for dust particles to enter through these crevices, proving more damaging, so immediate repair is necessary.
  • Poor Replacement Service:
  • Suppose you observe a black screen or a few lines on the screen after the replacement procedure. It might result from using a low-quality screen by an unauthentic mechanic.

Visit our store or place your order online to fix your iPhone 7 Screen Repair in Dubai at excellent competitive prices. Our highest distinction is our quality that is remembered forever.

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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

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