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iPhone 7 LCD Screen Replacement Dubai

iPhone 7 LCD Screen Repair Replacement

The screen of an Apple iPhone 7 may get damaged due to several reasons. The iPhone is no exception. If you accidentally drop your iPhone 7 from your hands onto the ground, the body of the device, including the screen, may get damaged. The impact of the fall can crack the front glass or even shatter it into pieces.


The shock can also damage the delicate internal electronic components of the mobile and cause malfunction. The screen may not turn on or become unresponsive. In some cases, the screen may turn on but display colorful lines which cover the whole screen. The touch response may not work accurately, as well.


What services does My Celcare JLT provide?

At My Celcare JLT, you can expect the best smartphone repair service. Our service includes screen replacement, professional installation of iPhone parts. Our company has certified iPhone repair technicians who are fully trained to fix your iPhone 7.


Whether your iPhone 7 Display got cracked, broken, damaged, or even shattered, we can fix the device. The iPhone 7 LCD screen module has four parts - The LCD screen, the front glass, the touchscreen, and the plastic frame. The whole setup is assembled in the factory. Thus, if any part gets damaged, you have to replace the whole structure.

Our service includes - 

● Full phone check-ups to detect any underlying issues. If we notice any other problems with your device aside from the screen damage, we will let you know about it beforehand.

● Replacement of damaged iPhone parts by new ones. A professional iPhone repair technician will install the new OEM parts.

● Full phone test after repair to detect any additional issues

● 1 warranty on the repair LCD Screen.  


Do you want to fix your iPhone 7 onsite? 

 if you are busy in your day & you are not able to visit our service center, pick the phone & Dial 04 421 1494 Or Whatapp 055 484 7909 to book your Appointment for   Onsite fix your iPhone 7 LCD Screen, but you need to schedule at least 1 hours ahead so our technical team could kit up for your job. No additional cost for onsite service. 

Customer satisfaction is our focus at all times, and we have achieved this over the years of service. We dedicate all our resources to make sure our clients are given the best services available. Contact us today on 04 4211494, Email: [email protected]

You can visit or drop off your device at My Celcare JLT location.

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