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The iPad Pro is an incredible device, marrying both function and aesthetic in a sleek, modern design. However, like all gadgets, it isn’t immune to occasional mishaps. Whether it’s an accidental drop or a minor bump, the screen is often the first to bear the brunt of these accidents. Don’t let a cracked or non-functional screen hinder your iPad Pro experience. Opt for the best iPad Pro screen replacement service in Dubai and bring your device back to its pristine condition.

Why Choose Our iPad Pro Screen repair service

  • Quality Workmanship: Our technicians are trained with the latest iPad Pro repair techniques to ensure your device is in safe hands.
  • Competitive Prices: Get the best iPad Pro screen repair price without compromising on the quality of service.
  • Fast Turnaround: We understand how essential your device is, and we aim to get it back to you in no time.
  • OEM Parts: We use only genuine parts for replacements, ensuring that your iPad Pro runs as smoothly as it did when it was new.

Common iPad Pro Screen Issues

It’s not just about cracks. Sometimes, screens can have other symptoms of wear and tear or internal damage. Here are some signs that you might need our iPad Pro screen replacement service:

  • Unresponsive touch areas or dead spots on the screen.
  • Vertical or horizontal lines appearing without any physical trauma.
  • Ghost touches, where the screen registers a touch even when you haven’t interacted with it.
  • Dim backlight or uneven brightness across the screen.
  • Discoloration or strange tints appearing on the display.
  • Broken LCD glass a complete blackout, along with broken iPad pro glass.

iPad Pro Screen Replacement Cost

One of the primary concerns of every customer is the iPad Pro screen replacement cost. We pride ourselves on providing the best services at competitive prices. The exact cost might vary depending on the extent of the damage and the model of the iPad Pro. Reach out to us for a detailed quote tailored to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the iPad Pro screen replacement take?

Typically, our technicians can complete the service within a few hours. However, the exact time can vary based on the severity of the damage and our current workload.

Will my data remain safe during the replacement?

Absolutely! Our primary task is the screen replacement. We do not tamper with your device’s data. However, we always recommend our customers to back up their data as a precaution.

What if I have other damages along with the screen?

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic service. If there are additional issues with your iPad Pro, we will inform you and discuss the potential repair options and costs.

Is there a warranty on the screen replacement?

Yes, we provide a warranty on our screen replacement service. The duration and terms might vary, so please get in touch for detailed information.

In Conclusion

A damaged screen doesn’t have to signal the end of your iPad Pro’s life. With our premier iPad Pro screen replacement service in Dubai, you can ensure that your device is back to looking and working its best. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to get more information on the iPad Pro screen repair price.

iPad Pro Models

iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th generation 2021






iPad Pro 12.9-inch 4th generation 2020








iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd generation 2018








iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation 2018








iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd generation 2017




iPad Pro 10.5-inch 2nd generation 2017




iPad Pro 9.7-inch 1st generation 2016






iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1st generation 2015




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