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iPad Pro Headphone Jack Repair Dubai

Apple iPad pro Headphone Jack Repair

The headphone jack was taken off the iPhone X and later versions. For Apple iPad Pro, the headphone jack is a great thing that provides you facility of listening to music anywhere. Due to continuous use, the audio jack can start showing some problems.

If you feel that pin is not adjusting properly in the headphone jack, it’s time to get the Apple iPad pro’s audio jack repaired from My Celcare JLT. For stereo sound and amazing feel of Apple iPad pro, you need to have the Apple iPad pro audio jack repair services as soon as possible.

Time for Audio Jack Repair

Repairing audio is a little bit risky task, and only a professional can handle this stuff. For better quality services regarding Apple iPad pro audio jack repair Dubai, we analyze the complexity of the problem, and it can take a few hours.

We offer to pick and drop phone repair services too. So, we will pick the defected device from your doorstep and then have it delivered at your location after repair.

Repair the Apple iPad pro Audio Jack

If you feel that the sound quality is not good for all headphones and audio devices, there is something wrong with the audio jack of your Apple iPad pro. Here are some cases when you need to go for Apple iPad pro audio jack repair services in Dubai:

• The audio port is not holding the speaker pin tightly

• The headphone pin is ejected automatically

• The music stops randomly due to losing grip on the pin

• The headphones are not working in the audio jack

How do we Repair Apple iPad pro Audio Jack?

• We ensure that there is no dust and other particles in the audio jack

• We clean the audio port for possible dust, and if the problem is still there, we go for the next step

• The replacement of the Apple iPad pro audio jack can be risky that’s why we to repair it

• Most the time, Apple iPad pro repair services solve the issue perfectly

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 iPad Pro Headphone Jack Repair

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