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iPad Pro Back Cover Replacement Dubai

Apple iPad Pro Back Cover Replacement in Dubai

Due to professional and entertainment use of Apple iPad Pro, the back cover takes a lot of beating. The glass back of the Apple iPad Pro can be damaged easily due to shock or any other reason. Having a good back cover not only adds to the beauty of the Apple iPad pro but offers you increased protection too.

If, due to any unfortunate event, you have damaged the back cover of Apple iPad Pro, we are the best Apple iPad pro repair shop in Dubai. From back metal to the back cover replacement of Apple devices, we have everything covered for our customers.

Repair Time

With quick Apple iPad pro repair services, most of the devices are repaired in a few hours of the arrival in our labs. If you visit My Celcare JLT Service Center in Dubai, we will have the back cover replaced in less than an hour*.

What is Included in Apple iPad Pro Back Cover Replacement?

If the only external cover is damaged due to accidental fall or shock, we will remove the broken cover and then have the new one installed.

If the back metal of the Apple iPad Pro is also damaged and has some cracks, we can also replace the back glass of Apple iPad pro. The cost of Apple iPad pro repair is minimum at My Celcare JLT Dubai.

Get Apple iPad Pro Back Cover Replacement

If you are a fan of perfection, the damaged back cover or broken metal of Apple iPad pro can be really irritating for you. Visit us at My Celcare JLT Dubai, one of the best Apple iPad Pro repair shops in Dubai, if:

• The back cover of Apple iPad is damaged

• You can contact us to replace the Apple iPad pro back cover with the new one

• Due to an accidental fall, the back cover and back glass is damaged

How do we replace the Apple iPad Pro Back Cover?

• Check the Apple iPad Pro for the possible damage

• Carefully remove any kind of Apple iPad Pro back cover so we can adjust the new one

• Perfectly install the new Apple iPad pro back cover

• In case the Back metal cover is damaged, replace the broken glass with the original Back metal

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