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iPad Pro Home Button Replacement Dubai

Apple iPad Pro Home Button Replacement

The home button in the Apple iPad Pro is the most used component of your device. We press this button hundreds of times a day. Most of the functions are controlled with this button. So, if continuous use of the home button has damaged it, you can have it replaced.

We deal with several Apple iPad pro devices daily for home button replacement. Instead of wasting money on the new device, you can have the old button replaced by the professional repair experts in Dubai. Pressing, again and again, can affect the quality of the Apple iPad pro home button if the home button in Apple iPad pro is not working perfectly. My Celcare JLT Dubai is the best Apple repair shop in Dubai.

Why is Home Button Replacement Essential?

As the home button of the Apple iPad Pro has the fingerprint sensor, you cannot perform tasks normally without a working home button. From opening the device to going back to the main menu, everything is done with the home button.

If you are frustrated with the problems of the home button in your Apple iPad pro, My Celcare offers the original home button replacement for Apple iPad pro.

Do you need Apple iPad Pro Home Button Replacement services?

The sensitive button of the Apple iPad Pro can be damaged due to the use of any kind of metal. There are many other reasons that can because of Apple iPad pro replacements like:

• The sensitive touch is not working properly in Apple iPad pro

• The fingerprint sensor is not detecting the prints

• The button is loose or damaged due to continuous use

• The button gets stuck and moves freely in the hole

Process of Apple iPad Pro Home Button Replacement

Every repairing process at My Celcare is carried out by professionals and expert teams. The process of Apple iPad pro home button replacement involves:

• Checking of the Apple iPad pro for possible reason of damage

• Try to repair the home button Apple iPad pro to avoid replacement

• If the replacement of Apple iPad pro home button is the only solution, removing the old button

• Installation of the new home button from the original manufacturers for the best quality services

• Carefully assemble the device that you won’t even notice the repair

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