If your MacBook motherboard is damaged, we can fix it!

A motherboard is an important part of the computer that connects all the components together. But in MacBook Pro, it is called a logic board where all the components like CPU RAM, etc are connected. Manufacturers work tirelessly to make the logic board durable as it is the foundation of the device. Most of the MacBook Pro logic board failures we've seen are caused by overheating and liquid exposure. A new Apple MacBook usually has built-in storage on the motherboard to help improve the speed of the machine It also has the disadvantage that if our motherboard fails, we can lose years of hard work. If you are also facing any problems with your Mac then don't worry! My CelCare JLT has a team of professional technicians who have been providing MacBook Pro logic board repair service for years.

These are the common highlighted issues generated after circuit board failure:

  • Not accepting battery
  • Battery not charging
  • graphics card issues
  • Not turning on
  • Rebooting
  • No backlight/image on the screen.

My Celcare JLT team of professionals

We started MacBook Repair in Dubai in 2012, conducting the latest electronics courses over time to enhance the knowledge and skills of our team. Their advantage is that our team of experts is capable of repairing MacBook logic boards from minor to major issues. Be it a MacBook Pro short circuit or a component malfunction, our team of experts do their best to fix it in the shortest possible time. If you are facing any problem with your MacBook Pro right now, contact us without delay, our team of experts is here to help you.

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MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair in Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to repair a MacBook Pro motherboard?
This is determined by the problem with your MacBook Pro motherboard. Some problems like charging IC which are easy to diagnose can be repaired in one to two hours. And some hidden problems that can take hours or even days to diagnose and fix. Whether it's a minor or a major MacBook Pro motherboard problem, we have the ability to fix it all.
How much does a MacBook Pro logic board repair cost?
Pricing is based on your MacBook Pro model and issues. Although we do not charge any diagnosis fees. Estimated MacBook Pro logic board repair costs start from AED 250. We charge up to 30% lower prices than our competitors in the UAE.
What causes MacBook Pro logic board failure?
When it comes to Apple's Mac motherboards, they use the world's most advanced technology to manufacture them. Regardless, there are some common causes that lead to MacBook Pro logic board failure, including liquid spills, overheating due to clogged fans or poor ventilation, power surges or lightning strikes, and physical damage from drops or impacts.
How much does it cost to replace logic board on MacBook Pro?
We've all types of original MacBook Pro logic boards starting from AED 525. The price may vary depending on the model. If you need to replace the MacBook Pro motherboard, contact our customer service and share your machine details and they will give you the exact price.