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iPhone XS Max Water Damage Repair

Presenting you iPhone XS Max Water Damage Repair Center

Electrical devices cannot function properly after water damage, or some devices become useless. In the case of mobile phones, Water Damage is not the end of its life if it is handed over to a skillful person for repair. At My Celcare JLT, the region's most experienced team is ready for your iPhone XS Max water damage repair at a very reasonable price. Punctuality is our top priority, and we don't compromise on it. 

Our engineers know how to figure the issue out. We have spent a lot of time looking for the best ways and keys to be used effectively. We have the most up-to-date equipment and tools. They are experts in repairing Apple devices and know the engineering used. They are so skilled that they can repair a mobile phone even if it is completely dead.

The trust of our customers gives us the confidence to do even better in every task. A large family of happy customers is proof of our top-notch work, and by trusting us, you can be one of them.

Things You Need to Know about iPhone XS Max Water Damage.

Some people put the liquid-damaged mobile phone in the rice or other warm place to fix it, but nothing happens. Placing it in rice or silica gel can absorb moisture but does not repair the damage to IC's or other parts. Even placing it in rice makes it worse because the dust gets into the phone. For its repair, you need to visit a trustworthy center.

Leading Center to Repair:

In Dubai, My Celcare Center has a professional team that has experience of over 10 years. They put all their efforts into repairing your valuable device. Their efforts and dedication make them unique and the first choice of customers.

  • Limited Time Warranty
  • No Hidden Charges

Cost to Repair iPhone XS Max Water Damage:

As you know, no one can say how much damage has been done, and predicting the cost is a little bit difficult, but we assure you that the cost of repairing water damage is not more than buying a new or second-hand phone. We charge a very reasonable amount and try not to impose any burden on your wallet. Our labor fee is very low and is mostly charged only for replacing parts.

Our Special Offer

Busy schedule, Tired you! Don't worry; we have come up with a solution. We offer a free pick-up and drop facility for your device. For any query or help, you can visit our service center or contact us.

  • Location: Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai.
  • Contact Number: 044211494
  • Email: [email protected]

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