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iPhone 8 Plus Repair Dubai

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Dubai

Released in 2017, iPhone 8 Plus was an elite addition to the iPhone family. With two rear-facing cameras, this smartphone was a gift for photography lovers. This was originally the 11th generation of the iPhone. But it was the superior and the better variant of the iPhone 8. Dubai market welcomed this amazing phone with open hearts, and Apple made record sales in Dubai only.
  My Celcare is a renowned and trusted iPhone repair center near you. While working with the clients, we realized the biggest issue faced by Apple users. The issue was the long waiting time for iPhone 8 Plus service center in Dubai.

We Provide Instant, Quick, and Same-day iPhone Repair.

An experienced iPhone repair team will fix your iPhone display within few minutes. Yes, we are talking about 20 minutes for simple Screen Repair and replacement. Repairs like iPhone 8 Plus water damage repairs take more time. Still, we make it quick so you can get back your device the same day. You trust us with your expensive device, and we value your time.
  If your iPhone is under the Apple Warranty, you can get it repaired from the Apple Store, but the Apple store might take days to repair your Apple iPhone. If you want to get your device fixed in no time, My Celcare is the best option for your iPhone. We're a private iPhone repair service in Dubai.

Common Issues You iPhone 8 Plus Face:

If you're facing any of these issues, you should get your iPhone repaired from a trustable iPhone repair service center near your location.

Why Choose My Celcare?

Years of Experience

My Celcare has been providing iPhone repair service in Dubai since 2012. With years of experience in the iPhone Repair industry, we have gained a lot of trust and reputation in the Dubai market.

High-Quality OEM Parts Replacement

Battery replacement for iPhone 8 Plus is a common service that we offer. Most of the users complain about the poor performance of the replaced battery. The issue happens due to the use of cheap quality batteries. In terms of quality, our iPhone repair store is second to none.
  We offer OEM battery replacement for iPhone 8 Plus. The same goes for iPhone 8 Plus LCD screen replacement. The aim is to provide the best repair services without making you wait. You are going to love what we do at this amazing place.

Our Technicians do Awesome Job

Every member of our iPhone repair service team is chosen after the rigorous screening process. We ensure to hire only qualified and certified technicians. Technicians are also provided training about repairs for the latest models. They are the best in the town.

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Are you facing unknown troubles with your iPhone 8 Plus? We can diagnose the real issue with your iPhone. Visit us for iPhone repair or replacement anytime.

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