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iPhone 8 Plus Repair at doorstep

We know that manners shape man, and we also know that man shaped machines. And sometimes, machines curbs man, agitated and frustrated. The iPhone has inconceivably made our lives just a bowl of cherries, but it doesn't come without occasional complications and hitches like all other machines. It is mind-numbing! Such drawbacks force you to find an iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Dubai with the greatest possible dispatch.

Dealing with the iPhone requires high expertise as it is not a fool's game. By selecting the right spot for Repair ranging from battery damage to screen damage, covering all aspects, you will find the best of both worlds at this platform. Why compromise!! When you can benefit from manufacturer-grade services. My CelCare has been providing dedicated services for years and years.

Step into the world of choices and options, and avail experience of quality services at a reasonable cost with us. We furnish a one-stop solution for all your technical worries, from maintenance to data recovery. We provide a free diagnosis to comprehend what's wrong with your gadget. We provide services as quickly as possible.

Our Reputable Services:

We’ve repaired hundreds of thousands of impaired devices

  • No Hidden Charges or extra charges
  • Free diagnosis to recognize the root cause
  • Practical and reasonable rates
  • Use of top-level quality equipment
  • Strictly embraces time limit and do water repair without delay
  • Three months warranty
  • Restore data & upgrade software, keeping in mind privacy
  • Using Original OEM Spare Parts
  • Always ready to support and answer customers' inquiries
  • 12 Years of trust in Apple Repair
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep

Most Common Problems:

We've assembled or raised some of the most common problems users face with the iPhone, and we are one dial or a click away to contact:

  • Battery Exhaustion
  • Back Glass damage
  • Water damage
  • Shattered screen
  • Data loss or outdated software
  • Camera/speaker issues


1. How much time will it be required to repair my device?

Depending on the knottiness and intricacy of your device, the restoration time can fluctuate from as little as 30 mins to one hour.

2. How do you return my device?

If you avail of pick and drop services, our carrier will pick and drop your device after Repair with responsibility, or you can avail of courier service. But pack it properly in a box before sending it via courier as we will not be responsible for any damage in this case.

3. What is the battery life cycle?

Batteries' life cycle is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can complete before forfeiting performance. The life of Li-ion batteries is impacted significantly by the amount of discharge. The amount of discharge is the amount of a battery's storage capacity that is operated.

4. Can the camera on an iPhone be repaired?

If you desire to replace your iPhone camera, it's significant that a certified technician will repair it who uses genuine Apple camera parts. Only technicians who have attained Apple service training and use Apple genuine parts and tools should replace iPhone cameras.

5. Can Apple tell if I dropped my iPhone?

Unless there's some apparent or obvious damage or malfunction, there's no method to tell, and probably even if you take it to the Apple store, they couldn't tell any more than you can. The most tricky part is probably the glass back and front.

We dive deeper inside the mobile Phone to know the cause inducing trouble and extensively repair. You can count on and trust us for the iPhone 8 Plus Repair process as we are the most truth-worthy repair service center in Dubai.

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