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iPhone 8 plus Screen Replacement in Dubai at your doorstep

When you have a fractured and fissured screen that has been fragmented, sometimes it is a superficial crack that breaches the glass at the corner, or sometimes it is a spider web that shatters or ruptures the glass. A chipped glass is when precisely a glass chip has been removed and broken. These cracks are intimidating and irritating. You started to find a countermeasure by locating the shop for an iPhone 8 plus screen replacement with authenticity at a reasonable cost or without paying through the nose.

It is Worth to be Conscious

In general, you'll get the money if you replace your iPhone 8 plus screen before you sell it. If you spend for professional repair, you'll still reap more than selling it broken. However, the extra cash might not be enough to be worth it if a non-technician handles it due to a lack of experience.

Never to Use Cracked Screen

A cracked phone screen is a fire risk for a start, and secondly, you could be exposing yourself to radiation. Even the Health and Safety Warranty Guide declare that if your phone screen becomes compromised, you should stop using the gadget as it could cause injury.

We Care about your Cell!

Our Out Class Services:
We have been serving our near and dear customers for more than ten years, and if your device is out of warranty, we provide good screen restoration to save your money.

  • Competent and licensed technicians
  • Screen repair within an hour without wastage of time
  • Economical repair cost
  • Pick and drop services at your threshold
  • Use of OEM screens
  • Use of top quality tools
  • Scrutinises every device with care and responsibility

When do you Need Screen Replacement

  1. Even if your cell phone is working perfectly, dust specks accumulate within the cracks or underneath the screen. It would be beneficial to replace it as soon as possible before damage to the LCD.

  2. Phone overheating alone cannot cause the glass on your smartphone screen to crack directly. It can, however, affect the glass to be more susceptible to breaking, especially when you move scorching glass into a frigid environment quickly.

  3. Dropping your iPhone onto a hard surface can cause devastating screen damage along with the device's internal components damage even if you escape the incident with a slight and single crack on the screen. You might have damaged the logic board, which has connectors and other components fused to it.

  4. You will observe immediate effects after water exposure as water can cause mild to severe damage depending on severity level.

  5. If your phone takes a tumble, try to remove it from the liquid immediately with the help of an expert. The longer it stays there, the more droplets will seep into the crack around your screen or various inlets.

Every screen replacement comes with our standard one year warranty that protects your newly repaired parts from the unexpected. Feel free to visit or call your local My Celcare JLT for an iPhone 8 Plus screen repair.

  • Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.
  • Contact Number: 044211494
  • Email: [email protected]

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