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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement in Dubai, My Celcare JLT,

iPhone 8 plus Battery Replacement Services

No doubt, batteries are easily prone to damages and has a shelf life. The hardware or the software of your phone can remain last long, but not the case with your iPhone Battery. It’s not about iPhone battery; every cell phone model can easily prone to damages. However, so just like car batteries, phone batteries performance can be affected due to multiple reasons. That just doesn’t mean you need to change your phone, but can get battery replacement services. Especially if you are living in Dubai and your Apple iPhone 8 Plus battery is troubling you, then contact My Celcare JLT as soon as possible.

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with a long battery time, the capacity of 21 hours of talk time and 13 hours internet use roundabout. But just like many other smartphone batteries, the iPhone 8 Plus battery share own problems like.

• Fast draining or extremely low battery life.

• Slow charging or doesn’t charge.

• The problem of over-charging, overheating while charging

• Bloating

• Leakage and the list go on.

What Are The Possible Solutions?

• Well, if your phone’s battery is draining fast, you can check the power-consuming apps and turn them off.

• Always use the original charger, because 3rd party chargers are not as efficient as the genuine iPhone 8 Plus charger.

However, if the problem is more than your expectation, then simply contact My Celcare, and we would be there for your help.

is the iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement worth?

Yes, and absolutely yes, It worth it because batteries usually have a shelf life and they can leave your hand within a couple of years. So rather changing your cell phone, you can consider battery replacement in Dubai. The reason is battery replacement is affordable, and cheaper as compared to buying another iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, batteries can live longer than you expect them to do, so why investing in new models, when the problem is the same with all.

Why Choose My Celcare for iPhone 8 Plus for battery replacement?

The reasons are simple; we are fast, efficient, and offer the best rates for replacements.

• 20-30 Minutes!

What else could be more satisfying than to have battery replacement in just 20-30 minutes? Yes, you have heard it right. Now you don’t need to wait for hours to get the iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement. Our technicians have professional tools and genuine battery parts. We can understand how much it could be frustrating to deal with 1% battery status just after the full charge. It directly indicates that there is a problem with your iPhone 8 Plus battery. But don’t worry, we can work for your whole day and night.

• Instant Repairs at the doorstep

We value your time, and that’s why offer the immediate repairs for iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement and let you assure that if you don’t have time to come and visit our office, then we can send our technician at your place.

Note: Not always, the symptoms are about battery problems, maybe the motherboard is faulty.

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