MyCelcare at Jumeirah Lakes Tower, has a dedicated team of specialists to provide you extra ordinary macbook air repairs and upgrading services for 11-inch and 13-inch notebook. Our ultra fast services make us prominent among the best Macbook Air service centers in Dubai. Our company features with facilities to provide maximum satisfaction. Different problems faced by MacBook users such as cracked screen, battery replacement, command-less shut down, OS installation, keyboard replacement or liquid damage repairs are handled skillfully with extra care of your data.
Our company provides same day response services for you and your macbook air.

MacBook Air Camera Repair
    MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement
      MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement

      A logic board of MacBook Air is similar in characteristics to the motherboard of a PC. This means that the logic board is the main circuit board of a MacBook. It contains central processing unit, main memory system and circuit which controls disk drive and all other components like keyboard, trackpad and monitor etc. No matter how much you spend on buying best available electronic devices from the market, the damage is always possible. There are typically three reasons behind the problems arising in functionality of the logic board which are heat, solder and static. The problems may arise right after a few weeks of purchase due to manufacturing problems which are then compensated or repaired by the Apple Company but many systems experience failures after the warranty time expires or years of usage.
      MyCelCare is a one stop solution for all logic board problems and our technicians are experienced in dealing with various kinds of problems associated with MacBook Air logic board. In the cases brought to us, certain generations of MacBook turned out to be having serious graphic board problems. The heat is an enemy of almost all computers and thus it causes solder on the logic board resulting in inappropriate functionality due to problematic electrical connections. Furthermore, the lead-free solder used in MacBook Air is weaker than lead solder and notably it increases the chances of whiskers. These can cause problems in electrical connections especially when the system gets heated. Some users don’t have technical knowledge and all they understand is a non functional MacBook Air due to problematic logic board. MyCelCare caters all its clients in UAE and especially Dubai and we are proud of satisfying our clients through our services.

      MacBook Air Mousepad/Track Pad Replacement
        MacBook Air Mousepad/Track Pad Replacement

        Typically known as mousepad or touchpad, the trackpad of MacBook Air is featured with efficient capacitive sensors which enable it to respond right with the touch. The trackpad senses the touch of finger and moves the cursor in the position the user wants. No matter how much you spend on buying a macbook Air, the things can go wrong anytime. If you use your Macbook Air for work or use it for most time of the day, it is a possibility that the trackpad can get malfunctioned which is the one of the most common fault that happens with macbook users.
        Apple has been bringing up innovation in trackpad with each new model and so far there are multiple types of trackpad introduced with macBook models. Interestingly, we have received complaints for almost each type of trackpad whether you have a model with trackpad, magic trackpad or magic mouse. Even the latest model of trackpad introduced, “force touch trackpad” can also get faulty due to various reasons. The force touch trackpad allows clicking with force and enjoying multiple functions. The malfunctioned or non functional trackpad can be a big problem and needs immediate replacement or repair but it is essential to take assistance of professionals to avoid further damage to the device. MyCelCare has been serving their clients with best trackpad replacement services in Dubai, UAE.
        MacBook Air TrackPad Specifications
        Multi-Touch trackpad for precise cursor control; supports inertial scrolling, pinch, rotate, swipe, three finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities

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