iPhone X Repair in Dubai, UAE

iPhone X Repair

Get your broken iPhone X screen repaired right away!

Our iPhone X is more than just a device; it’s an essential part of your daily life. Whether it’s accidental drops, a cracked screen, battery issues, or software glitches, any damage can disrupt your routine and cause frustration.

Are you currently experiencing any issues with your iPhone X? Is the screen cracked, or is the battery draining faster than it should? These problems can make your phone unreliable and hinder your productivity and connectivity. Finding a trustworthy and efficient repair service in Dubai is crucial to get your device back to optimal performance quickly.

You've found the perfect destination! My Celcare JLT is your go-to service center for iPhone X repair in Dubai. Our skilled professionals are experts at handling all kinds of iPhone X issues, from screen and battery replacements to water damage and motherboard repairs. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we ensure a thorough inspection and accurate repairs.

Most common problem with the iPhone X:

  • iPhone X screen repair: Cracked or shattered screen due to accidental drops or impacts.
  • iPhone X water damage repair: Exposure to water or other liquids causing malfunction.
  • iPhone X hardware repair: Issues with internal components like the battery, camera, or buttons.
  • iPhone X software repair: Software glitches, freezing, or performance issues.
  • iPhone X charging port repair: Charging port malfunction due to dirt, debris, or hardware failure.
  • iPhone Face ID Troubles: Some users experienced difficulties with Face ID not working consistently or failing to recognize their face.


We prioritize same-day repairs to minimize your downtime, providing prompt and affordable service at your convenience. Trust My Celcare JLT to restore your iPhone X functionality and keep you connected. Visit us today for reliable and efficient iPhone X fixing services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is data privacy assured during the repair?
Absolutely. We follow stringent data privacy protocols. Your personal information and data remain secure throughout the process.
How long will my iPhone X repair take?
While minor repairs like battery or screen replacements often take a few hours, more intricate repairs might require a day or two. Always check with your repair provider for an accurate timeline.