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Apple released iPhone X, the 11th generation iPhone, in 2017. It was available for purchase for Dubai consumers on November 3, 2017. This was the first member of the iPhone family to get the bezel-less design; iPhone X became the first iPhone without the home button and the first iPhone with the face id.
Users loved it, but it also posed some serious issues with the durability, Bezel-less phones look great, but they are more prone to damaged and screen cracks. Apple did a fantastic job with a better and more reliable LCD screen in the iPhone X. This device is also known as iPhone 10 or iPhone X Ten in general.
However, nothing lasts forever. Like other devices, iPhone can also start acting up, And you don't need to worry because My Celcare is always ready to help.
We are the fastest and the most affordable service center in the United Arab Emirates. We have been in the service industry for over 12 years, we have gained reputation and trust in the Market.

Bezel-Less Design needs Flawless Repairs.

My Celcare team is always prepared for new challenges. We ensured to provide the latest tools and equipment for further iPhone X repairs. Sooner or later, water damage repair for iPhone X was inevitable. So, we also included remarkable water damage repair for iPhone X in our menu.
In simple words, you will find us ready for every new model by Apple. There is no endpoint for the learning, so our technicians received training sessions. They are familiar with the recent trends and technologies.

Can iPhone X be repaired?

Yes, Your iPhone X can be repaired with the original OEM parts at My Celcare. We provide the best service for iPhone X in Dubai. Our qualified and expert team of technicians is at your service no matter wherever you are, So wait no more and get your device repaired from our repair shop.

Track Your Warrant After The iPhone Repair:


My Celcare JLT became the first-ever iPhone service center to provide the warranty tracker. After getting your iPhone repaired from Us, you can easily track your warranty. This process will make it much easier for you to follow your iPhone warranty.

How to check the iPhone X warranty?

  • All you need to do is visit our website and click on the "Track Your Warranty" Button.
  • Enter your warranty ID 
  • This is how to track your iPhone X warranty.

Here is a list of common faults faced by many iPhone X users:


iPhone X Screen Repair: Screen broken, cracked, or touch malfunctioning
iPhone Back Glass replacement: Back Glass broken or cracked
iPhone X camera lens replacement: Blurry lens, doesn't focus or cracks on the camera lens.

iPhone X Screen Repair and Replacement at your DoorSteps!


You can get your iPhone X screen replacement and repair right at your doorsteps by our trained and professional experts.
You don't need to worry about visiting our iPhone x repair shop in Dubai, But instead, you can get your job done near you, at your doorsteps. All you need to do is contact our customer service or fill the inquiry form down below.
We have an expert team of skilled technicians who can fix iPhone issues quickly and hassle-free. Using original iPhone quality parts sourced from the Apple Store, we ensure that all our phone repairs are long-lasting and completely satisfying.

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Years of Experience:As we've experienced for years now, we have gained reputation and trust in the Market. We have always aimed to satisfy our customers with the high-quality repair. For minor and significant iPhone X repair services in Dubai, we have the right person for the right job. My Celcare will serve you with the best services in the best iPhone repair labs.

Expensive Devices need Premium Parts:

  Nothing matters, but the quality

product does. Using cheap and low-quality parts for iPhone X would be unfair. If you don't know where to get high-quality Apple OEM parts, we can help you. Only OEM and genuine parts are used for iPhone X replacement. *We can diagnose your device in just 20 minutes*

Most Affordable iPhone X Repair Cost:

  What makes us the most affordable and

fair repair center in Dubai is our most reasonable iPhone X repair pricing with a warranty. If your cell phone is still in contract with Apple Repair, you can get it repaired from the Apple Store. For more details about the iPhone X repairing cost, contact our customer service.

Free Pick and Delivery Service:

  1. We provide free pick and delivery service to our customers.
  2. You can either get it repaired on-site or contact our service center.
  3. We will pick your device and fix it on the same day.
  4.  We will pick your device at your convenience and take it back to our iPhone service center in Dubai. And will drop it back at your location.

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