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iPhone X Battery replacement

Your Apple iPhone X battery is draining quickly?

If you're currently, in the UAE and experiencing battery problems with your Apple iPhone X there's no need to worry. You can breathe life into your device by getting a battery replacement. The iPhone X is well known for its design and powerful features. Over time its battery performance may decline. To tackle this issue you should consider opting for an iPhone X battery replacement service in Dubai.

Trusted service providers, in the city offer efficient battery replacements that will ensure your iPhone X runs once again. Skilled technicians carefully replace the battery with a brand one restoring your phones optimal performance. This is a cost solution compared to buying a device and can significantly extend the lifespan of your beloved iPhone X.

With competitive prices and convenient locations available getting your iPhone X battery replaced in Dubai is an easy and hassle free experience that will allow you to fully enjoy using your device once more.

When does the battery need to be replaced?

The battery of an iPhone X usually requires replacement when it begins to exhibit signs of performance. Some common indications of this include;

  • Reduced Battery Life: If your iPhone X is not holding a charge for long as it used to and you are finding yourself needing to recharge often it could indicate that the battery is becoming less effective.
  • Sudden Shutdowns: If your iPhone X unexpectedly powers off particularly when the battery level isn't significantly low it might indicate that the battery is not performing at its best.
  • Slow Performance: As a battery gets older it can result in decreased performance causing apps to respond sluggishly or the entire device to feel less responsive.
  • Overheating: If your iPhone X starts getting unusually warm during usage or while charging it could indicate that the battery is deteriorating.
  • Battery Health Indicator: You can find the Battery Health section, in the Settings app. If you notice that the Maximum Capacity is considerably lower, than what it was when you first got the device it could be a sign of battery wear. Getting a replacement might be an idea.

If you experience any of these issues, it's advisable to consult with My Celcare JLT to assess whether an iPhone X battery replacement is necessary.

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iPhone X Battery Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iPhone X battery price in uae?
The OEM iPhone X battery price varies, but with our service, you can get it replaced for just 315/AED*.
How long will the replacement take?
We pride ourselves on swift service. In most cases, you can get your iPhone X battery replaced the within 30 minutes However, based on the influx of service requests, there might be slight variations.