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My Celcare is the name of trust and quality iPhone 6s Repair in Dubai.

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S may feel identical, but the latter has 3D touch-enabled. Released on 25 September 2015, this iPhone 6S proved to be a nightmare for the repair centers. They were not ready for 3D touch as it made the LCD screen replacement more difficult.
Being the pioneer in the Dubai smartphone repair market, we always had the right services. We not only offered complete support at that time, but we still offer the same services. Your iPhone 6S can be repaired at our store within minutes.

Older Device, New Skilled Technicians

Our certified professionals are qualified to repair all older and newest variants for your device LCD Screen, battery replacement, or any other services we offer. As per the Apple repair guidelines, only recommended tools are used. With safer iPhone 6S repair practices, we ensure the integrity of your device. You can trust our professionals for iPhone repair.

What Services do we offer?

There is no such repair job that is new to our experts. From hardware repair to chip-level faults, we repair and replace everything. You can also contact us for iPhone 6S water damage fix, battery replacement. Our packages are customized. Users who have been disappointed with the specific services can try our service center. We have a vast clientele in Dubai that trusts us.

Customized Repair Service for you

Can’t you afford to spare a few hours to visit our shop? We can arrange to pick and drop services on demand. Book the pickup and get the repaired device within few hours. Invest your time and money in services that are quick and made for you. We also offer iPhone 6S repair services in Dubai without an appointment. Walk-in customers are also more than welcome at My Celcare JLT.

Guaranteed iPhone 6S Maintenance and Service

repair or replace parts for your Apple iPhone 6S are backed with a limited-time warranty. My Celcare is the name of trust and quality.

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