iPhone 6S Repair Dubai

iPhone 6s Repair in dubai,

Same Day iPhone 6s Repair at your doorstep

Our iPhones are always with us for almost the whole time to get information or stay in touch with others. That might result in the dysfunction of the cell phone due to exhaustion or malfunctioning. You become restless! You started to search for iPhone 6S repair at one of the best friendly prices along with constructive and encouraging results.

The iPhone is a very delicate and sensitive gadget. Your gadget's battery can exhaust, screen damage, water damage, or any other software or hardware issue that may occur at any time. Only experts with skillful hands can refurbish and rejuvenate it. Your single mistake while selecting an amateur or apprentice might jettison your gadget in the scrap room.

You must be worried about the repair cost! It's good news to know that repair costs have the upper hand over to purchase a fresh one or to replace it. We offer repair at the best price, never to put burden on you.

My Celcare has delivered and devoted non-stop and continuous services for more than a decade in Dubai. You are at the right stop to benefit from it.

Our Services:

We have a towering line of satisfied customers, and we've repaired hundreds of thousands of impaired devices to work again.

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Free diagnosis to recognize the core factor causing trouble
  • Practical and satisfactory rates
  • Use of high-quality equipment
  • Strictly follow time limit and do repair on time
  • Three months warranty
  • Restore data & upgrade software swiftly and smoothly
  • Using Original OEM Spare Parts
  • 12+ Years of trust in Apple Repair
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep
  • Always ready to support and answer customers' inquiries.


Why do the charges fluctuate?

Each repair is priced, depending on the type of damage and any parts needed. Until we assess or examine the damage, we can not know the true cost of repair.

How much time is required to fix or repair my iPhone?

If your device covers Apple warranty, you can avail service free of cost, but accidental damages are not covered under it. We repair your device in less time as quickly as possible, most of the time less than an hour, but if there are multiple failures, it may take more time.Who do I call if I need to have an objection?

If you are displeased or disappointed with our services, your gadget starts to trouble again after repair. Please contact us. We deal with complaints very seriously without any objection, and we always try to analyze and untangle any hitch and glitch smoothly and professionally.

How can I send or deliver my device if unable to visit personally?

Our carrier man will pick up your device from your place and deliver it to you after repair. However, you can send it via courier services also.

If I send my mobile, how will I be updated?

After receiving your iPhone, we will examine it thoroughly and stay in touch to keep you updated. If there is a requirement for further recommendations, we shall take permission from you to proceed further.

Say goodbye to the inexperts and avail reliable services from the network of our experts. We deliver iPhone 6S Repair services with transparency in reliable hands in Dubai, a symbol of a powerful technology repair platform.

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