iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Super fast OEM iPhone 6s battery replacement in Dubai

"The old is gold," but this quote doesn't work in the case of mobiles. The older it is, the more issues it has to resolve. After using an iPhone for more than a year, there's a good chance that the battery starts to deteriorate.

According to Apple, after 500 complete charge rotations, the iPhone can have 80 percent of its actual capacity. So, if you charge your iPhone 6s frequently, more than once a day and night, the battery may need to show signs of wear and tear.

If you face any battery or other issues with your cell phone, you are at the right place to stop! My Celcare provides the best iPhone 6s battery replacement in Dubai.

Major iPhone 6s Battery Issues

  1. Your iPhone Shuts Down instantly:

    When the battery still has a reasonable charge and your iPhone 6s shuts down unexpectedly. It isn’t a good sign due to a worn battery.

  2. Your iPhone Works Only When Plugged In:

    Your iPhone functions when it's charging and dies within no time when you unplug your device.

  3. Your iPhone is heated up to the Touch:

    When you pick up your tablet and feel any heat, it means your battery is causing trouble, and it might damage your cell phone.

  4. Charging is too slow:

    It is a significant indicator that your cell's battery is not effective anymore as it takes a lot of time to charge the device.

We are here to serve!

  • If you live in Dubai or UAE and need to replace your iPhone battery, turn to the repair experts at My CelCare.  so you can easily access our destination conveniently.
  • We provide services keeping in mind your hard-earned money as we do not charge a single penny extra. Our transparent pricing for battery replacement and other services is our pride for satisfied customers.
  • With the right iPhone repair specialist and machinists, you can get a new battery installed, and you won't have to keep away from your device for a long time. Depending on technical issues, the process takes less than an hour.
  • If you cannot squeeze time due to your busy schedule, we are here to provide services at your doorstep. We pick and drop your gadget on time after service. As your convenience with trust is our priority.

Our Estimable and Commendable Services!

To know more about our iPhone repair services or for a professional opinion on whether it’s time to replace your iPhone battery, contact My CelCare today. We provide iPhone 6s battery replacement services beyond your expectations.

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