Same day iPhone 6s plus Water Damage Repair

Your mobile bounced into the swimming pool! This dramatic and heart-wrenching moment puts you in awe. What will happen? Can it be repaired? What will be the cost? Where to find the authentic place to repair this damage. To locate a well-founded iPhone 6s Plus water damage repair shop, proposing a reasonable cost is challenging and taxing for you. Many of the non-artistic artisans have taken charge of repairing iPhones. Their incompetence might put you in more trouble.

No Need to Worry!

You might be worried at the thought of losing your important information and ravaging an expensive smartphone. But there's no need to be nervous or disturbed just yet, as My CelCare JLT has a technical and expert team who can remove water from A to Z and recover your valuable data simultaneously.

Time to Seek Advice!

Once your phone has become wet, it's important not to charge it or try to dry it out by using a blower. Instead, turn off your iPhone and seek repair. In the meantime, it's better that you avoid jerking it. That can result in the water spilling over into other components, worsening the damage.

Our Credible Services:

  • Three months warranty
  • Low-cost water damage repair in the area
  • Data recovery by following privacy measures
  • Water damage repair within an hour depending upon the severity
  • Pick and drop services at your doorstep
  • Use of OEM and original parts
  • Use of high-quality and sophisticated tools
  • Handles every device with care and responsibility
  • Expert professional technicians beyond expectation

Why and When do you need to Repair the phone:

Liquid penetrating a smartphone can affect the device in several ways.

  • Moisture under the screen
  • The rusting of internal parts
  • If moisture gets trapped in the camera lens, you can perceive blurry photos
  • Waved audio, or no audio
  • Incapable to charge
  • An incremental end to all functionality.


Will Apple repair replace water-damaged iPhones for a price?

Water-damaged iPhones are not covered under the factory warranty (AppleCare), and accidentally water-damaged phones will not be entertained by Apple.

Will I be charged for any parts installed in addition?

As part of our water damage repair service, we deep clean logic boards and components. You will be charged for any auxiliary parts if required to be installed. We will inform you about the cost before the process starts, only after your agreement.

Will my iPhone data be lost?

With our credited and entrusted iPhone water repair service, there is less than a 10% chance of data loss after the repair. We try to get it to work without losing the data. Sometimes even if the restoration fails, you might be able to acquire the data.

Do DIY experiments help to revive iPhones?

Basically, after experiments, it has been evaluated that evaporating water through rice is just a myth. It gives no advantage. If it works for a limited time, it has long-lasting detrimental effects. Only an expert can help you with it.

If iPhone 6s Plus Liquid damage repair is needed, turn your phone off right away and visit or contact us. The sooner you bring your phone for water damage repair, the better. To serve is our honor.

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