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Super fast OEM iPhone 6s plus battery replacement in Dubai

If you have had your phone for a couple of years, then your battery could be starting to wear down, as it is common to hear that the iPhone battery drains fast without any reason after some time. You might be surprised why your battery is draining without any apparent reason. Sometimes it drains overnight, and you cannot even make it through the day without charging the device. My CelCare provides happy service for iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement in Dubai at its best with gratification.

After a detailed study, I have penned the most common battery issues that you have to face while using iPhone 6 plus are as follow:

  • If your phone heats up gradually while charging, it causes severe damage to the battery.
  • Sometimes, the iPhone 6s plus battery dies all of a sudden.
  • iPhone 6 battery drainage occurs fast after upgrading this device due to abnormal lousy battery life.
  • There may be other possibilities that the battery is depreciating with age.
  • The system is draining your battery power more than usual.
  • Another main reason for the battery drainage might be that you are a heavy user.
  • A malfunctioned or defective battery.
  • Swelling of battery
  • iPhone turns off now and then, even if it shows the sign of enough battery.
  • Slow charging
  • There may be a guilty or background app responsible for your iPhone battery drainage. If you find this problem, you can update the app first. If it still causes problems, then you can eventually remove it.

Our valuable services:

If you have a malfunctioning or damaged cell phone and can’t seem to find a reliable and trustworthy technician, don't panic! Our unimaginable dedicated services will prove to be a blessing for you:

  • MyCell Care has skilled technicians possessing extensive experience in iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement. We are doctors of cell phones by giving them new life. Our experts have a professional approach and hands-on experience in repairing and restoring services with the highest level of success rate, allowing them to fix and do it right on the first attempt.
  • Our technicians will successfully check the device to run it smoothly during the testing phase, we shall have the item shipped to you, or one of our riders shall have it delivered to your doorstep. At the time of delivery, the charges are collected on a COD basis.
  • We try our best for the minimum turnaround time correctly and promptly. The repairing duration varies, but we strongly follow the given timeline to avoid hassle and save you precious time.
  • Our Professional technicians offer repair services for your phone with advanced tools at an affordable price if you’re at risk of further damage and data loss related to battery or other damages. We handle your device with care and concern.

We are here to nip the evil in the bud!

MyCelCare is up for the task and offers a vast range of iPhone repair and restoration services at the best price. We are here to serve and preserve what you deserve.

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iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

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